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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey I hope you guys are still with me.. Hope you enjoy the update. Feedback would be awesome. I'd really appreciate it!
Nick stared at Brian across the table and watched him squirm, wondering what he was hiding from him. He knew it was some kind of information that was important, but why would he keep it to himself?

"Please tell me, Brian. I have a right to know why I ended up unconscious and why we left here. What's happening?" he asked. Setting down his cup, Brian looked down at the table and was thankful Nick did not know telepathy and couldn't read his thoughts because he had a big secret that he was hiding.

"It's a long story."

Nick got even more anxious.

"Just tell me."

"Well, a long time ago my cousin Kevin adopted you. I don't know how that happened, but you and I were basically thrown together. He said they found you or you found them. I'm not sure, but for some reason you did. He says it was fate." Brian said, folding his hands together. Nick looked even more anxious and Brian could feel his confusion.


"Well, for some reason when you and I are together, things happen." Brian whispered as if he didn't want anyone to hear. He looked around nervously. Nick sat back in his chair, thinking. Now that he thought about it, he did think it was odd when he met Brian on the ship and their hands touched. What was that sensation that went through their fingertips? It wasn't natural. It was like a feeling of some sort, a feeling of connection to him that went beyond friendship. Something powerful.

"What kind of things?"

"I don't really know how to explain this, but there is a reason we were kept apart from each other on Sienna's ship, Nick. Every minute we are together we are in mortal peril."

"Why, though? There has to be a reason." Nick demanded, his eyes turning a dark blue. Brian looked thoughtful.

"I failed you, Nick." he said softly. He knew he couldn't lie or keep lying any longer and it felt good to have the weight lifted off of his shoulders. Nick stared and Brian could feel the tension rise rapidly.


"I was supposed to teach you about your power-"

"My power?" Nick interrupted, and Brian ignored his question, talking over him. The whole time Brian could feel Nick's resentment.

Nick made a face, now getting angry. It was almost scary to see the amount of anger he was hiding. Brian didn't like that at all. He couldn't push it away. Nick's anger flowed through him.

"-So lying to me was how you were teaching me? You lied about everything. Everything you've told me since I've laid eyes on you in that room has been a lie, hasn't it?" he shouted, interrupting him again. Brian felt his head hurt. There were too many emotions happening at once and it was clogging his thought process. He knew he had to get Nick to calm down so his own brain could function. The anger was just too much, it was deafening.

´┐ŻNick. Just listen to me. I did it for your safety. Sienna wants you...dead, alive, I don't know, but she's been after us for several years. When Earth was attacked we fled. I took you somewhere safe. That beach was our sanctuary. The island was far away from the war. I was supposed to teach you, guide you and help you find your powers, to use them. I have powers too. But they only work when we are together...this is what makes us so dangerous to her. She wants us apart. So every day I'm with you your life is in danger."

Nick's brow furrowed, thinking. Brian could see everything that was going through his mind. Flashbacks.. Flashes of light. Visions of their home..their happy days together on the island. He longed to be there but Brian knew it wasn't possible. The same visions flashed in front of his eyes. He blinked, his breath catching in his throat as if he were dunked into cold water. His body shook and Nick's emotions quickly turned to fear. Fear surrounded Brian and paralyzed him.

"Brian, are you okay?" Nick asked suddenly. He was calm, the rest of the room stopped spinning. Brian blinked again, feeling dizzy. He had no idea how much time had passed. This worried him. He was about to speak, but the monitor from the control room was beeping.

Incoming transmission

Nick followed Brian and stood in the doorway, watching carefully.

"What is it?"

Brian frowned. There was no way his cousin could still be alive.


Brian ignored him and hesitated over the transmission. It was trying to reach them, but how did Kevin know that he was there? This wasn't the same ship he left Earth in. Something was wrong.

"It's a trap. We have to get out of here."

Brian punched in some coordinates as Nick took the seat next to him at the control panel, watching the monitors. He didn't understand any of it, never having flown a ship before. Brian obviously had a lot of experience with it. Nick was still lost in thought after their conversation, but he was curious anyway.

"Where are we going?" he asked. He didn't care where they ended up as long as they were going home. Home was something he longed for more than anything, the word seeming strange and unfamiliar. Nick didn't know how he would find it but knew it was out there. He knew it in his heart.

"I don't know, but we can't stay here."

Brian put the ship in stealth mode, hoping it would throw off whoever was tracking them. He cursed Sienna in the back of his mind, how had she followed them all the way here? He knew it had been too easy of an escape. He also knew that something was very, very wrong. Being around Nick was consuming his mind. He just wished it would stop, but shook it away, burying it deep inside to stay strong for him. He knew this was key to their survival. If Nick was to stay happy and comfortable, he couldn't show fear.

The ship traveled for what seemed like hours, the two men sitting in silence.

Incoming Transmission...


Oh, how he hoped Nick would just leave it alone. But the computer's steady beep said otherwise. Flipping a switch, the transmission stopped.

"Who would be trying to reach us?"

"Nobody you remember."Brian said softly. Nick rolled his eyes and turned away as Brian tried to figure out where to land. Hoping that he didn't have to find out the answer to Nick's questions.
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