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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks so much for the feedback so far on this story. I really appreciate it :)
Sienna walked down the hallway after she left Nick, her face expressionless. Nick was asking too many questions...he was suspicious and that was not good. She went into the control room, and the guard saluted her.

"Commander, he's still asking questions. You said he'd trust me after I fed him."

"He'll come around."

Somehow she didn't think he would. Nick was hard to gain trust with, and he was correct not to especially with everything they'd been through. She was relieved when Nick didn't remember anything that happened, it had worked out to her advantage. After leaving the control room, Sienna took the left hallway...going down a few passages before she reached her destination.

Pressing the door gently, it opened revealing a room similar to Nick's containing her other prize. They would be so useful if she could control them properly.

"You....I know he's here. Why are you keeping him from me?" the young man spoke, his temper rising. He'd been a problem since he'd awoken, at least Nick didn't try to fight back.

Sienna smiled at him, he was angrier than when she visited earlier.

"So much anger...it's a shame I don't associate with your kind." she said, her hand brushing against his cheek. He pulled his head back, his blue eyes burning with rage. If he wasn't human she might be attracted to him. Humans were disgusting creatures- but thankfully, it wouldn't be a problem much longer.

"Bring me to him... I know he's hurt. What have you done?"

She didn't answer, she simply left the room as he yelled after her.

Sienna was shocked by this, he could still use his ability even though they were not together. The commander would be very interested in hearing about this new development. Nick didn't seem to have awoken fully yet, but that was all part of Sienna's plan. As long as they were apart, neither were a threat to them....

Nick lay in the bed, staring up at the ceiling and thinking about his latest dream. He'd dreamt of Brian again but this time they were preparing to flee wherever they were. There was an explosion and Nick woke up sweating. What could all of this mean? The dreams were becoming more frequent and he felt sick. Maybe the nausea came from not accepting any food from Sienna, but he didn't trust her at all. Something was lurking behind her kindness.

"There has to be a way out." he said to himself. He got up and stretched before doing some small exercises, something he started to do just to pass the time. Nick was fit, and he found that the cardiovascular activity stimulated him. He knew if he just laid about it wouldn't benefit him at all.

As Nick jogged around the room, he tripped over a shoelace that had come undone. He fell, tumbling to the floor and hitting the door.

"Fuck..." he muttered, his head throbbing from the impact of his head against the metal door frame. He had a small cut but it didn't matter, no harm had been done. Nick looked up, his eyes wide.

To his surprise the door was open. Nick felt his heart beating fast, his pulse racing..did he dare?

Sienna had just entered the control room, sitting down at the desk in front of her. She sighed, feeling tired. The last few weeks had drained her but at least things were finally working out the way she wanted them to. They had both of the humans captive and apart...and she was close to achieving what her race had been trying to do for years. Trying to eliminate the remainder of humans in the galaxy. Humans had been infiltrating for too long and it was time they finally paid for it.

Nick walked quietly down the hallway, trying to see if there was a way out. Many of the doors required a password as they had keypads. He wondered why his room had opened so easily but attributed that to his head hitting. He almost laughed at the thought of Sienna allowing him to escape. Would she come looking for him?

He brushed those thoughts aside as his journey continued, peering around each corner and hoping he didn't encounter anyone along the way. So far he'd been lucky. As he rounded a corner a strange sensation washed over him. He stopped, seeing a door at the end of the hallway. His heart was racing again...beads of sweat forming at his temples.

"Hello?" Nick called out for no reason in particular. Who would answer?

He was shocked to hear a muffled voice calling out. There was someone in the room calling for help. Throwing his weight against the door...Nick fell into the doorway, knocking over whoever had been on the other side. He looked up and felt his breath catch in his throat.


Nick did not answer him but he was met with another pair of blue eyes.

Eyes that held confusion and pain. Eyes that held relief.

"But how.... How is this possible? You're not real..." Nick whispered. He backed away, still on the ground. The man stood up and held out his hand. Nick felt his heart beat even faster, it had to be a dream. He'd hit his head too hard and was still in his room unconscious. There was no way it was possible.

Brian was looking at him, standing there as if he'd walked right out of his dreams and became real overnight. Nick trembled, waiting for himself to snap out of it... Waiting for the lie to become true. There was no way.

"I can't believe it's you..." Brian said as his eyes watered with happiness.

"You're not real,"

"Of course I am. I'm really here...I've been looking for you everywhere. I thought I'd never see you again, Nick. I thought you were dead until I found out that witch had you."

Brian continued holding out his hand to help Nick up, but Nick wouldn't take it. He was frozen in place, still not believing any of this was happening.

It couldn't be real, could it?
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