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Brian stared at the door for what seemed like forever, sighing. He had finally found Nick, the one reason he had allowed himself to be in this prison all this time.

He knew Nick didn't know their special connection, or even remember what brought them together in the first place, but he knew that they couldn't be kept apart forever. Their powers only strengthened when they were one. He had even tried to tell Nick when they fled Earth in the beginning, but the escape made it difficult to explain in such a short time. Their situation was getting more and more perilous the longer they stayed captive by Sienna's people on this ship. Brian just hoped it wasn't too late.

Nick stopped in the hall after leaving the room, wondering what the peculiar sensation that overcame him was. He felt cold, as if something had gone missing from inside himself. He turned, looking down from where he had come. When he was with Brian he felt warm....but now he seemed to be lost. It was like a fog had entered his brain, he felt the memories that just resurfaced fading already.


He raced back, his heart beating with each step he took. He didn't know how but he found the room again and pounded on the door with urgency.

"You came back..." Brian smiled, looking relieved. Nick took his hand and felt the warmth come back, he felt whole again.

"I couldn't let that woman hurt you. She's done enough." Nick said. Brian felt the fear in Nick, the anxiety over getting out of this place.. the uncertainty of their situation. He wanted to tell Nick, but before he could do so Nick pulled him out of the room.

"Shh. I'll get us out of here." Nick assured him. Brian knew he actually had no idea what he was doing but allowed him to think otherwise. He was an empath, and he could feel everything Nick was feeling. He knew that he was tired and scared, running on pure adrenaline.

It was like when they fled Earth. Only this time Nick was leading and he was following.

They'd gotten word that Sienna was coming, and they had to act quickly. The army was on it's way to Earth and time was running out. People on the base were scrambling to prepare for battle.

"The two of you need to go. You need to go ahead of everyone else, your safety is the most important." Brian was told by his cousin who led the army. Kevin was his only family he had that was involved in the war against Sienna's planet. They'd been fighting for years over natural resources, but when one of Sienna's soldiers killed a soldier...it was war.

"But where will we go?" Brian asked, as they entered the room on the base where they stayed. Nick was packing the little belongings he had, Brian and Kevin whispering in the doorway. He looked up and smiled, Brian smiling back.

"You need to seclude yourselves where nobody will find you. Help him develop his powers. We will need the both of you....it's the only way we will win this war. I know how much he means to you, but he is our last hope of winning. If we lose this war it's up to the two of you." Kevin had told him. Brian had never told Nick... Not even when they found the island. They'd lived there happily, not worrying about the war or their loved ones, only having each other. Brian knew that was selfish but he'd rather have stayed there with Nick than come back. Coming back was a mistake....


Nick's voice jarred him from his own thoughts, they'd stopped in another hallway lined with windows.

"Where exactly are we?" he asked in awe. Stars were as far as the eye could see, distant galaxies twinkling. Nick's eyes grew wide.

"I'm not sure, but I assume by now you figured out that escaping will not be easy." Brian chuckled. Nick rolled his eyes, still staring at the sky. He never felt more lost in his entire life.

"What are we going to do? How will we get home now...."

"Don't give up hope yet, Nick. We have each other. I'm sure we will think of something." Brian said. He knew they couldn't stay here much longer. Sienna was looking for them and it wouldn't take much time before she did.

"First of all, we need a ship."

Sienna paced the floor, she was getting more and more impatient as the minutes passed.

"Your highness, we have some news about the prisoner."

She turned around and gave the guard permission to speak further.

"The other one has also escaped, we have reason to believe they are together. However they have not left the ship yet so we are actively searching."

"What kind of news is this? I told you to FIND HIM!!!!!" Sienna screamed. She moved swiftly and broke the guard's neck, killing him instantly as the other two guards jumped back.

"Do NOT disappoint me again. I want you to find him and bring him to me. Alive, understand?! Now go!!!"

Sienna felt the rage taking over her and took a breath, calming herself. This was not going to help. She couldn't rely on the guards alone to find Nick.

"If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself."
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