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Author's Chapter Notes:
Back with a new chapter. Let me know what you think!
Brian hid behind Nick, waiting until the last of the line of guards had passed. It was kind of thrilling, being with him again. Almost like old times.


Brian missed the island almost as much if not more than Nick did....he knew it existed and was a very real place. He knew getting back there wasn't an option but saw no need in telling Nick that. He wanted to get out of there as badly as Nick did. Brian sometimes hated being able to read Nick's feelings. He knew Nick was excited to get home, but he knew lying to him was also wrong.

Right now, he had no choice. He'd tell him eventually. When they escaped. If that ever happened. It seemed like a pipe dream at this point, at least to him it did. Nick had no idea what was really at stake in all of this mess. Brian preferred that because the less Nick knew, the better off they'd be. At least one of them could play dumb when they were caught.

"Okay...go, go, go!" Nick whispered. He pulled Brian by the hand and they ducked into another corridor.

"Do you even know where you're going!?"

"Brian, I'm trying not to be seen."

"I mean...this is a big ship. They're not exactly leaving the front door open for us. Surely you have a plan?" Brian whispered. Nick was silent for a few moments.

"Do you know where we can find a ship? That's our best bet to get out of here."

"Before you woke up, they did give me some freedom and I was allowed to wander the ship. Of course, I didn't know you were there because I thought you had died. Sienna lied to me and as long as I didn't try to escape she'd give me leeway. I just had to tell them when I left my room. There is a holding bay not far from here, I'm sure we would find a ship docked with a full fuel tank." Brian explained as Nick stared. He thought he had died? Nick wondered what else Sienna had lied about, she'd told him that Brian wasn't real...he was a figment of his imagination. Nick was relieved to find out otherwise, but now their lives were in danger. He had to get them home.

"Lead the way." he said. Brian smiled and they went down the corridor on their right. Nick didn't remember much of their past and he had so many questions, but that could wait. Once they'd gotten the ship, he could ask anything he wanted.

Their lives on Earth had been relatively normal. Well, until the attacks on Earth began. It all began in 1999....

"I can't believe it's New Year's already. I am so excited." Nick said as they watched the television patiently for the countdown.

Nick had come to stay with them after being abandoned by his family when he was a young child. The Richardsons took him in and he bonded with Brian almost instantly. They were the best of friends. Two peas in a pod.

"Happy New Year!" everyone cheered. Kisses and hugs were exchanged throughout the room until they heard an explosion on the television. Times Square was on fire. People were running, screaming in the streets. Buildings crumbled. Panic took over everyone's faces. Nick stared in disbelief, as an air raid siren began to ignite its warning. Brian almost wet himself when his cousin ran into him knocking him down. He grabbed him by the wrist, shoving him towards the door as others were desperate to find their loved ones.

"They're attacking. You have to go now!" Kevin shouted urgently. Brian took Nick by the hand and they raced to grab the little belongings they'd packed.

"What's going on, Brian? Who is it?" Nick asked. Brian threw the bags into a small cargo ship. He'd been packed for a few days, in case anything happened....but he didn't know they'd attack tonight.

"Nick, we don't have time. They're gonna be here any minute for us. We have to go, I'll explain when we get there. Please just trust me."

Nick nodded but felt unsure, felt sick to his stomach. Brian looked at him with concern.

"We will be all right....I am gonna take care of you..I promise."

Brian sighed and opened his eyes as the resurfacing memory came to an end. He had failed in his promise, and even though Nick didn't know, he was still paying for his mistake. He was supposed to guide Nick, supposed to teach him about his abilities to prepare him for what was coming. Yet here they were, captured by the very enemies they'd fled from so many years ago.

Brian looked at the cargo ship in the holding bay, shaking away his failure and taking another breath.


Nick's eyes met his own and he felt somewhat calmer. He wondered if Nick could sense what he was thinking.

"It's clear. We should try for the ship before anyone else comes."

"Right. It's just over there. The one nearest the bay opening. It would be easiest to get because no other ships are in the way. Nobody would have time to stop us."

Nick nodded and the two of them quietly raced for the ship, hoping nobody had seen them.

"They're where?"

Sienna pushed the guard out of the way and looked at the monitor in front of her, seeing the infrared scanner. Two figures crept amongst the parked cargo ships.

"How did they get into the cargo bay?"

"Shall we dispatch them, your Majesty?"

Sienna went for the guard's throat.

"No, I have a better idea. Let them go. They might lead us to the location of the remainder of the human race, something we have been searching for. The ships have tracking on them, we won't lose them."

"Let them go?"

"Make sure they don't think their escape is an easy one, but do not kill them unless I command it."

Sienna smiled at the scanner, perhaps this would all be worth it in the end.

"Brian, do you know how to fly this thing?" Nick asked once they'd boarded.

"It's been a while....but yes." Brian told him with a smirk. Nick looked uneasy.

"That doesn't sound too reassuring. Do you even know where to go?"

"It's like riding a bike."

Nick sat down in the seat next to Brian and put on the seat belt, taking a nervous breath and closing his eyes, trembling slightly.

They were on their way home finally and it felt great, but Nick wondered what they would find once they got to Earth.

Something told him it wouldn't be anything good.
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