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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry it's been so long! Hope you enjoy the update. Let me know what you think!
Nick lay in the bunk on the cargo ship, feeling the soft vibration from the engine below. He closed his eyes and allowed his breath to steady into a deep slumber. As the sounds around him faded, he wondered what Brian was hiding from him. Why was he so hesitant to go to Earth? Wasn't it home?

Brian felt Nick worry and his chest tightened. He knew it would be a long night ahead staying awake, but as long as they were free it didn't matter. Sienna was behind them�they'd gotten away. It just seemed a little too easy. Brian didn't let this deter him. It was something else worrying him as he continued to plot their course. He wondered if anything was left, if his cousin was even alive. He and Nick had fled when the attack began, and he felt like a coward for doing so. It was his responsibility to teach Nick. He'd failed. Brian closed his eyes, feeling Nick fall asleep. Nick had no idea whatsoever about his powers, or his destiny. He was a pawn in all of this. Maybe he could change their course and they could find a new home�.

The thought left as quick as it had come. He knew he could not hide the truth from Nick for much longer, but he knew he had a little more time. Focusing on the control panel in front of him, he relaxed knowing the younger man was asleep.

�Just a little longer.� he whispered, hating himself.

Nick didn't sleep long, he felt a shudder and bolted upright, but he was put off by the smell of the ocean.

�Brian?� he called�.only hearing the distant cry of seagulls. He slowly got up, feeling the sand beneath his feet. His heart pounding, he walked down the beach calling Brian�s name only to receive no response in return.

�What the fuck is going on?� Nick said out loud. This beach seemed familiar to him, but something felt different this time around.
No, something was definitely wrong.

He happened upon a small hut, that looked to be handmade of bamboo and leaves. It was well crafted, as if someone had spent a lot of time building it. The hut felt comfortable to him so he walked towards it, his heart easing a little. It even smelled like someone was cooking. Smoke gently wafted out from the open door.


When he went into the hut, he almost fell tripping over a body at the doorstep. Panicking, he turned it over and fell to his knees�.gasping for breath. Brian was motionless, his eyes open and still. The hut was on fire. At this point adrenaline seemed to take over Nick�s body and he picked up Brian, throwing him over his shoulder. He carried him outside and lay him on the grass, his chest heaving with sobs.

He was alone.

�Brian�.Brian!!!!!� Nick wailed, trying to wake him up. Tears rushed down his cheek as the hut burned in the distance, their home destroyed. All because he wasn't there.


He felt himself being shooken awake and the beach faded, the fire drifting into darkness.

�Nick, speak to me�.are you okay?�

Nick's eyes opened, blinking through tears at Brian's face. Brian looked worried. Nick felt his chest loosen up, and he blinked again. Brian stopped shaking him and they looked at one another for a moment before Nick clung to him, sobbing.

�I thought you were dead!�

Brian let go of him and sat down, letting Nick sob into his shoulder.

�Why would you think that, Nick? I'm right here. I'm not leaving you.�

Nick told him everything and Brian looked away as if he were hesitating on some information.


�It's nothing Nick. Just a nightmare. See? I'm fine. No worries. I heard you crying and came to check on you. We are almost to our destination.� Brian smiled. Nick wiped his eyes and nodded. He didn't think he'd be able to sleep now. No way in hell.

Nick followed Brian to the cockpit and sat down, trying not to think of his stomach rumbling.

�Do we have any food?� he asked, and Brian smiled at him. They poked around and managed to find some supplies, food and water. They ate and Nick looked out at the stars, still thinking about the dream.

�Brian, can I ask you something?�

Brian felt his stomach sink. He hated Nick asking too many questions.


�Why do I keep dreaming of that beach? Did we live there?�

�Yes. At one point we did.�

�Well, why did we leave?� Nick asked.
Brian was really not ready to answer that question right now. Luckily, he didn't have to. He opened his mouth to speak, but the console began to make noise.

Incoming Transmission.

Brian flipped it off. He was practically pissing his pants. Had Sienna followed them here? This was the last thing he needed right as they were about to land, he didn't need any more problems than the ones they already had. What were they going to do when the food ran out? He didn't know how many supplies they had or how long it would last. He knew that they had to find food and shelter and it was a mystery whether or not this planet was still safe if at all. Nick looked on at him, watching for a while before be spoke.

�Why didn't you answer it?�

�Not now, Nick. We are here anyway, I don't want to chance us being followed.� Brian said softly, flipping switches on the control panel... his eyes stern. Nick didn't back off, he kept going. Brian had forgotten how inquisitive Nick was and secretly hated it. One word answers would not pacify him. He had to think quickly, because he knew Nick could not handle the truth right now. Brian was worried. Worried they'd die soon if they didn't get help.

�Where is here?�

The blue planet in front of them loomed ahead, the ship shaking slightly.

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