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Author's Chapter Notes:
Back with a new chapter. Hope you enjoy!!!
Sienna stared at the monitor in front of her, a broad smile across her face. They went to Earth just like she knew they would. Brian couldn't resist going back. He had no idea what was waiting for him, the fool….she thought, still grinning as she pressed the tips of her gloved fingers together. They were both fools. Especially Brian, who had defied her the minute he was captured. He'd spit on her, punched the guards and screamed as they took Nick away.

Nick had no idea just how valuable he was. When they found him, he had put up a fight too…but a swift blow to the head rendered him unconscious for several days. They'd tried to brainwash him but he resisted even though he was in a coma, a coma they'd put him into to turn him to their side. His mind was very strong. Stronger than even Sienna wanted to admit. It was then that she knew she had to keep the two of them apart. Together they were dangerous.

“Your highness?” a voice called from the doorway.

“I told you never to disturb me here! What is it?” Sienna shouted at the guard, who looked startled.

“Shall we follow them down to the planet?”

She smiled again, watching the ship land on the monitor. Of course they'd chosen this place to go. So predictable.

“Not yet. Let's wait. I'll give the command. I have them right where I want them.”

“Where are we, exactly?” Nick asked as the ship shook slightly, entering the atmosphere. Brian took a breath, he hoped that he didn't make a mistake. He hoped that what he was looking for was still there. Hoped that it wasn't too late.

“You don't remember this place, do you?”

Nick squinted. It looked like a space port. There were other ships around, from cargo ships to destroyers.

“Should I?”

Brian was relieved. Nick didn't remember anything before the accident. He was glad for it. The space port, upon further inspection was pretty deserted. They'd walked for a whole hour or so without meeting any other people. Brian seemed uneasy and he kept stealing glances at Nick.

“Where is everyone? If this is a port you'd think there would be more people around.” Nick commented. Brian knew Nick was feeling just as nervous as he was if not more. Taking a short breath, Brian spotted a person lying on the ground near a fighter jet.

“Hello?” Nick called. He'd noticed the man too and was now running over. He let out a small scream when he turned the body over. It was black, burnt to a crisp. Nick jumped and started screaming, clinging to Brian’s leg.

“This is not good. I think we should get out of here…..but we need supplies and fuel. I don't think we have enough to get anywhere if we don't stock up. Come on…” Brian said softly, helping him up. Nick was quiet the whole way into the port until they found more bodies. Everyone was dead. Dozens of corpses littered the ground. Men, women of differing ages, all dead. Nick was horrified. Brian could feel his panic rush through his own body and hated himself for it. He hated feeling everything Nick felt. Hated knowing Nick had no idea what had happened. Brian urged him to follow, taking great care not to tread on the corpses.

“I don't like this, Brian.”

Brian privately agreed. He wondered if they could get any supplies here because everyone they came across was dead. He knew that Sienna’s army had done this. They'd killed all of these innocent people. Brian fought off tears as they walked. This was his fault…

“Hey.. I think I found something.”

Brian had been so deep in thought he hadn't realized that Nick had wandered away. He was pointing at some crates on an abandoned delivery vehicle. It had been sitting there lopsided due to the wheels being blown out. Brian called out to Nick as he stood up from checking one of the bodies nearest him. The body had been ice cold, dead for some time. He only wondered how all of this happened, but he had a pretty good idea they shouldn't stay. It was already risky just being here.

“Be careful. Let me make sure it's not explosives.”

“I am pretty sure it's food, help me open it.” Nick said, pulling on the lid of the crate nearest them and grunting.

Brian was amazed. The crate was full of food rations… and all looked okay to eat. Nothing was spoiled. Rations were designed to last a long time, so it was incredibly lucky. Brian supposed that this was one of Nick's powers showing itself, but he said nothing. Nick stood there grinning at him as if to say “I told you so”. The two of them grabbed as much as they could carry and headed back to the ship.

“What are the odds I'd find one in the first place we looked? I mean that has to be some kind of cosmic fate or something, right?” Nick said, his mouth full of food. They'd made a good meal out of the rations, saving the rest for later. His stomach was very content and he let out a burp, patting his stomach. Brian felt his happiness wash over him and smiled.

“That was very lucky. But onto more pressing matters, we should really find somewhere to stay for the night. It's getting dark and I don't think we should stay in the space port. It doesn't feel safe here. We have fuel now, we can go somewhere else.”

“What exactly happened to all of these people, Brian? How did we end up leaving?” Nick asked. Brian set down his fork, trying to think of an excuse or a reason to change the conversation.

“You really don't remember, do you?”

“No. I mean…I only know things from when I came out of the coma.”

Nick watched Brian carefully as he lowered his fork and set it on the table before taking a drink of water.

“How much did you see when we first found each other? You said you keep dreaming of a beach.” Brian said as he set the glass down and licked his lips contentedly.

“Yes. But I also saw us fleeing. We were running away from something that was attacking us. You grabbed my hand and pulled me to the ship. That's all I remember. I remember seeing our house on the beach and every time I saw you in my dream you asked me to find you and bring you home. I just want to go home, Brian. I don't want to run anymore.” Nick said softly.

“Nick, I hate to tell you this…but..I'm not sure that home is even there anymore.”

Nick's eyes widened and all Brian could do was sit there in silence. He'd been lying since Nick woke up and he had to stop. He had to tell him the truth.

He just didn't know where to begin.
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