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Small whispers and footsteps echoed around in the courtroom. AJ whirled his head back and forth as he tried to figure out where Nacho might be. AJ did a slow yoga breath as he closed his eyes and opened them again. Suddenly, before his eyes, a bulky build man was standing in front of him. His suit looked of a deep blue silk that shined just right in the little bit of sunlight that was glowing from outside.

“Hello Mr. Mclean, I’m your new attorney. My name is William Fisk.” He said extending his hand for AJ to shake.

“My new attorney? Where the hell is Nacho?” He asked not shaking the man’s hand.

“Mr. Rodríguez believes that his services could be used elsewhere, he said that he will see as soon as he can.” AJ wanted to ask the man another question but before he could have said another word, the judge slammed her gavel onto the table and said that court was now in session.

As the courtroom as now filled with people, AJ had a cold chill run down his spine and as he looked around. He then saw Nick in the back of the courtroom with a huge smirk on his face. Within that second, AJ turned his attention back to the front of the courtroom. Mr. Fisk arose first.

“Your honor, I would like to call my client Alexander Mclean to the stand.” At that moment, the police officer removed AJ’s chains and walked him towards the stand. He placed his hand on the Bible.

“Do you swear to tell the trust, the whole, and nothing but the truth. So help you, God?” The officer asked, staring blankly at AJ.

“I do.” AJ then sat in a booth and stared ahead, with his eyes now focused on Nick. AJ’s new attorney, Mr. Fisk, then strolled in front of jury.

“Good Morning, people of the jury. Today you are going to hear a lot about this man. But I want to tell that the past is the past for a reason. We as people can change over the course of time. Today will start to help decided what kind of man you think Mr. Mclean is. Yes, he was in a famous 90’s boyband and yes he did some things that he wasn’t proud of but who hasn’t?” Mr. Fisk slowly rotates his body towards AJ and began to speak. “Let’s start off easy. Mr. Mclean, where were you the night your wife was murdered?”

“I was working a modern day Romeo article to read for one of my classes.” He said leaning closer into the microphone.

“Ok, how did you know that your wife was killed?”

“Mr. Carter ran into my room said that something was wrong with my wife. So I ran downstairs, and she was covered in so much blood I didn’t even know where she had been hurt.” AJ rubbed the back of his neck as he was trying not to remember the horrifying day.

“Speaking of Mr. Carter, is it true that you believe that he killed your wife?” The crowd was hushed as they waited for AJ to respond.

“Yes, I do.” Whisper then grew loud as everyone started to talk amongst each other.

“Order in the court!” The judge proclaimed, banging her gavel on the table. “I said order in my courtroom.” She slammed her gavel once more. “Mr. Fisk, there better be a point to this.”

“There is your Honor.” He said, now turning his attention to the jury. “Here in my hand, I hold proof that Mr. Mclean was indeed framed. And with this evidence, I believe that he should be allowed to make bail and go under house arrest for sixty days to find out who is really behind this.” Mr. Fisk then walked over to the large-backed, black TV and put the tape into the VCR. Fisk continued to speak as the video was continued to play. He started to talk about a lot of things that AJ didn’t understand. Then in a second, Fisk pointed his finger at the screen. “Now if look closely at the right arm of supposed Mclean, you notice that the man had a tattoo of a rose on his right wrist.” In that moment, he turned towards AJ. “Mr. Mclean could you please fold up your right sleeve.” AJ did just that. Fisk then point to AJ’s right wrist. “As you can see, Mr. Mclean he has a pointed object displayed on his wrist. Which doesn’t match the man in the video.” Whisper now turned into louder chatter. Once again the judge slammed her gavel on the table. The judge waited for everyone to finally quiet down before she made her next statement.

“Mr. Mclean, if this new evidence checks out, then and only then, will I grant you sixty days of house arrest.” She then looked at him with a stern look on her face. “I hope in that due time Mr. Mclean; you can find me a good explanation for all of this.” Fisk then walked back to his seat. But not a beat later, an unfamiliar slender man walked in front of AJ and placed his hands behind his back.

“Your honor, my name is Jack Rhodes, and I believe there is more to this story. If you would allow me to ask Mr. Mclean some questions…” He was then interrupted by the judge.

“I’m sorry Mr. Rhodes but who are representing here?” The broad-shouldered man cleared his throat and looked in the direction of Nick.

“I am here to represent my client, Mr. Nick Carter.” The judge seemed confused but yet unfazed by the statement.

“Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Carter isn’t the one on trial.”

“You are correct, please allow me to explain.” She thought about it for a moment.

“Fine, go ahead.” She said waving her hand.

“Before the trial, Mr. Carter went to visit Mr. Mclean. After talking to my client, Mr. Mclean then believed that my client had killed his wife. Thus, is why Mr. Carter hired me.” The judge then looked in the direction of Nick and then at Mr. Rhodes.

“Mr. Rhodes, I will allow your questions but if you can’t give me any real proof that Mr. Mclean actually killed his, then I will have to let me go with house arrest.”

“Thank you, your honor.” Mr. Rhodes motioned his body towards AJ. His glare was ice cold as he looked at AJ.

“Mr. Mclean, you told an officer that at the time that your wife was killed you were in your office working on paper for you Literature class, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.” He said leaning into the microphone once again.

“Ok well then please explain to the courtroom why there were two eyewitnesses that say otherwise?” AJ’s mind began to race. Could this really be happening; why would Nick go through all this problem? He then looked across the room and saw someone on their phone. He didn’t understand what triggered the thought but he remembered seeing someone with Nick outside of his house earlier that day. He also remembered taking a picture of car’s licenses plate. But he knew he wouldn’t have to time to catch him that way. So decided to go big or go home.

“Would those two eyewitnesses just happen to be you and Nick Carter?” Eyes darted to the back of the room as everyone started to look at Nick. “I have a picture of the licenses plate to prove it.” Suddenly the roomed filled with an angry and confused voices as the judge then slammed her gavel on the table.

“Order in the court!” She darted her eyes towards Jack.

“Mr. Rhodes, I must review this new evidence but your questioning is now over.” She then looked at the jury.

“Please strike this previous questioning from the record. Please do not let this be a deciding factor in your final decision. This trial with continued two months from this date.” The judge slammed her gavel on the table and AJ let out a sigh of relief. AJ now only had one goal to shoot for and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy.