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It was June 20th, 1987. I live in Tampa, Florida with my parents David and Margaret Nolan. My name is of course Rebecca Nolan. Everyone calls me Becca. I was drawing in my yard to drawing pad that my parents gave me on my 5th birthday last year. Every day 3pm I sat in the porch drawing my pad so I can see him. He rides his bike past my house every day. I call him as The Lonely Boy because I don’t know his name and he doesn’t have friends. June 20th, that day something amazing happened. He past my house 3pm as always, but this time he stopped next to my house. He waves to me and smiles. I wave back.

"What are you drawing?" he asked.
"I like drawing butterflies and flowers.” I said little shy.
"My name is Nick by the way. What is your name?" he asked.
“My name is Becca. Nice to meet you, Nick." I said.
"Nice to meet you too, Becca. Do you want to play with guns?" he asked.

I pause it for the moment to think and answered friendly.

"Sure why not, But I want best gun you have.”
“I only have 2 and both are kind of same.” he said smiling.
"Then I take one and you to same" I said smiling
"That sounds fair. I can't play now. I need to go home. We can play tomorrow." he said.
“That’s deal we can play tomorrow" I said as smile softly
"Alrighty. See you tomorrow again. Same time?" he asked.
I nodded my head to him.
"Yes the same time." I said.
"Great. Bye Becca." he said and drove away with his bike.

I was about to say bye to him, but he and his bike were already gone.
After that day we were starting to be friends for 3 years until he told me something shocking.
His family is moving to Orlando. We promise to be best friends forever, but it was impossible and we never write to each other.