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I woke up next morning 3:30am before my alarm went off. I was suppose to wake up 4am. I did my morning routine as always when was workday. I took long shower and decided to do some coffee to myself to work and decided to make more of it to give some to Nick. I fed my rats that I had as pets in my apartment before I walked out of my apartment. I walked to my motorcycle that I only use it on Fridays and it’s perfect Friday morning. I stopped at the 24/7 McDonald’s to get some breakfast. Not healthy choice, but I eat unhealthy food once a week. That won’t kill me.

Time was 5:45am when I get to work. I got 15 minutes before my shift starts. I decided to go check on Nick and bring him the coffee I promised. I notice that Jacob isn’t working today and walked to Bonnie who is in the morning shift.

“Morning Bonnie.” I said when walked to nurse section.

“Morning Becca. How was the day off?” She asked smiling.

“I was here for 1 hour, but I had few things to do. Now I’m here to check on one patient.” I said when left most of my stuff to desk.

“You got patient on this floor?” Bonnie asked shocked while I look for Nick’s file from file cabinet.

“Yeah. Well he’s old friend of mine, but I’m not his nurse.” I said and took my coffee and bag of breakfast.

“Who is this guy?” Bonnie asked curious.

“I’m not allowed to say his name, but he’s in room number...” I was about to say, but she lifts her hand up.

“Don’t say it. I maybe know who you are talking about.” Bonnie said smiling.

“Oh really? Well then. I’m going for having nice breakfast with him. I’ll be back soon.” I said smiling and walked to direction of Nick’s room.

I opened the door quietly and looked if he was awake already, but I notice him to be sleeping. I walked in quietly as possible to not wake him. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. I walked to window curtains and opened them quick and cheered.

“Rise and shine!”

“Whatta…” he groaned and tried to open his eyes.

“Morning. I got the coffee I promised.” I said and sat on chair next to his bed.

“Oh you are amazing. What time is it anyway?” he asked and got up to sit position.

“It’s almost 6am. My shifts starts at 6 so I came to give you coffee I made myself this morning.” I said and took canister and pour to 2 cups some coffee.

“Thanks. What’s in the other bag?” He asked and pointed McDonald’s bag.

“Just my breakfast. McMuffin and chicken sandwich.” I said and smiled to him when I took sandwich.

“Sounds very good. May I have half of the chicken sandwich?” he asked and looked at me with his puppy eyes.

“No. I need to eat all of this. Who knows when I can have lunch break.” I said and opened wrap off of the sandwich.

“Please Rebecca… I hate hospital food. I’m starving also and I get hospital food not until…” Nick said and started to think when they bring it.

“They bring it 8am if I’m correct. And hospital food is not that bad.” I said chuckling and took a bite of the sandwich.

“You have no idea how bad it is. Pudding though is good.” he said and looked and stared at me eating my sandwich.

“Stop staring while I’m eating.” I said when notice him looking at the sandwich.

“Are you letting me get starved to death?” he asked and I gave him a look.

“What? What did I say?” He asked and looked at me.

“You must be joking about death thing… 2 days ago you almost get yourself killed.” I said and put sandwich down to bag and notice him still staring the sandwich.

“I’m still here, am I?” He asked and turned to look at me, but still kept eye on sandwich.

“What’s going on with you, Nick? I don’t remember you as suicidal.” I said and sighed.

“I’m not suicidal! You don’t know anything about what happened!” He yelled and looked hurt.

“Then why we find drugs in your system? Cocaine mostly.” I asked curious calmed to not yell at him.

“What? No… I’m not using any cocaine… Anymore.” He said and looked shocked and surprised.

“How you then explain all the cocaine we found in your system?” I asked and stand to check his file that I took with me from nurse station.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember to take any of it.” Nick said and sighed.

“Were you with someone that day?” I asked and took a zip of my coffee.

“With my friends and few of their friends I haven’t met before.” He said and looked uncomfortable.

“What do you remember about that day?” I asked and looked at Nick.

“Are you allowed to ask me these questions?” he asked and looked at me curious.

“Yes. Everyone wants to know what happened. You almost died Nick.” I said and looked at him.

“Sounds like someone tried to kill me, maybe.” he said and sighed.

“This is very serious Nick. If you are not telling me anything then tell to Doctor Smithe.” I said and sat back down to chair.

“There’s nothing to say.” he said and looked at me.

“What is the last thing you remember?” I asked to just get something out of him.

“I don’t know. Maybe when I was in the club with my friends and met their friends there. Had few drinks, but I don’t remember taking any cocaine.” He said when he looked like trying to think.

“You got any enemies or people who want you dead?” I asked and his eyes got big.

“I don’t have enemies, Rebecca. Everyone loves me. You should know that.” he said when looked at me shocked.

“Should I? I’m not fan of you, Nick. I don’t know how people are acting around you.” I said and put file down.

“Oh right. You said that yesterday. You must’ve heard of us.” He said and hymned little familiar tune.

“I recognize that tune. Maybe way too many times.” I said and smirked at him.

“Tell me why, Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache, Tell me why, Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake, I never want to hear you say…” He sang and looked at me.

“What?” I looked at him when he looked at me after he stopped singing.

“Come on… Sing it.” He said smiling and I sighed deeply.

“I Want It That Way.” I sang quietly and smiled.

“Nice. Need to work on your voice though.” He said chuckling.

“Right, thanks a lot. If you had notice I’m nurse, not a singer.” I said laughing and took last bite of my sandwich.

“So… When I can see you again?” He asked and looked at me when I was getting my stuff.

“Wow… After 20 years you never called or visit, now you want to see me again?” I asked and looked at him.

“Well you know me. I’m busy guy. I’ve been touring around the world. Working my solo stuff 2002.” He said.

“And you released last album with guys 2005. What’s it called again? Never Gone?” I asked and looked at Nick.

“Yeah. So you have followed my career.” He said smirking.

“Was hard not to. Your face was everywhere when you started tour last year.” I said and looked at the time.

“I have to go now. Try not to be doing anything stupid.” I said.

“When you get off?” He asked and looked at me.

“4pm. I got 10 hours shift. Why?” I asked and looked at Nick curious.

“I just thought maybe you could come back here and hang out.” He said and drank his coffee.

“I have other plans to do. I only come here when they need my help, but that’s it.” I said.

“Did I do something to hurt you?” He asked and gets off the bed.

“Please Nick don’t get off the bed.” I begged and walked to him.

“I don’t know anyone in here. Does my family know that I’m here? How about other guys?” He asked and kept standing up in front of me.

“Nick please… I’m late from my work. I had to go. Doctor Smithe will come tell you everything you need to know.” I said and touched his shoulder.

“Becca please… Tell me even something.” He begged and touched my face.

“I haven’t been able to contact no one except your mother, but…” I said and sighed.

“She doesn’t care… Sounds like my mom.” He said and let his hands go down off my face.

“Do you remember any phone numbers that we can call to?” I asked.

“No, but you can check them from my cellphone.” He said when sighed and sat to edge of the bed.

“You didn’t have your cellphone with you when they brought you here.” I said and looked at Nick.

“That’s just fucking perfect. I could try to talk to my mom and ask her to tell dad at least or to my siblings.” He said pissed, but looked be able to control his anger.

“I have her phone number in your file. I can write it down to you.” I said and took pen from my uniform pocket and started to write the number to small piece of paper.

“I can’t believe that my cell phone is missing. Where did they found me?” He asked and looked up to me when I gave him the paper.

“They never said that to me and anonymous called us about you.” I said and squeezed his shoulder gently.

“Please find out where I was and if they had found my phone.” He begged.

“I see what I can do. I have to go now. I’m 10 minutes late.” I said and turn to walk at the door.

“Becca?” He called me before I walked out.

“Yeah?” I asked and turned to look at him.

“Thank you. For this.” He said smiling and holds the paper in his hand.

“That’s part of my job, Nick. Here…” I said and gave him the McDonald’s bag.

“Eat it. You need it.” I said when he took the bag.

“Thank you, Rebecca.” He said and looked at bag in his hands.

“Get rest and take care of yourself.” I said and looked at his blue eyes when he looked at me smiling.

“I will. You take care of yourself too.” He said and I smiled at him.

“Bye, Nick.” I said and opened the door.

“Bye. Becca.” He said and waved at me when I walked out his room.

I walked to nurse section where Bonnie was writing on the computer focused. I sat down chair next to her and sighed. She turned to look at me and then I suddenly felt tear on my cheek. I don’t know why I was crying. I looked at Bonnie and took deep breath. I gave her Nick’s file and just take my stuff before I walked to floor I was working saying no word to Bonnie. I knew she must have thought what happened. Was I going to see him after my shift? I didn’t know. I did have plans for tonight. I’m going to gym doing some kickboxing with my friends. Maybe Nick needed me now more than my friends. I could say to them that I needed to stay work. No I couldn’t do that for my friends. I don’t even know him no more. Do I?