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It was 2pm when I get to lunch. I was sitting at the break room watching news. They were talking about dead woman found in Playboy mansion same morning that Nick was brought here. I put volume little louder and listened.

“Hugh Hefner had party of Playboy mansion celebrating it for being 80 years old 3 days ago. One of the Playboy Bunnies found Tori Cole’s dead body next morning. LAPD says that they don’t know yet cause of death. According to Hugh Hefner, his one of the guests got missing. He counted all his guests when they left that night, but there wasn’t sight of Mr. Carter. No one see when or where he gone. Nick Carter has been missing since that day. LAPD or any Police Apartment asks to let them know if you had any sight of Mr. Carter.”

I looked at TV in shocked. I couldn’t move. Did someone kidnap Nick and tried to kill him? What was going on? I took my lunch and ran to nurse booth. Everyone looked at me like I was lunatic.

“Jacob? Got the numbers of the 4 guys yet?” I asked.
“Yes. Sorry I didn’t let you know. It’s been crazy.” Jacob said and started to look for paper.
“I know where You Know Who was that morning.” I said and whispered to him.
“Really? Where?” Jacob asked and gave me paper.
“Don’t you watch the News?” I asked every worker near the nurse booth.
“Patients want to watch other things than news.” Nurse Heather said.
“Great. I’ll tell you when I’m done with these phone calls.” I said and fast walked back to break room.

I dialed first number that belonged to AJ McLean. I waited and waited, but no answer. I dialed next Howie Dorough. I was getting relieved when I heard his voice, but it went to voicemail. I left him voicemail and dialed to Brian Littrell. Someone answered the phone, but it sounded little boy.

“Hewwo?” I heard in the other line.
“Hello. Is your mom or dad home?” I asked I didn’t hear anything he must’ve nod or shake.
“Can you say yes or no?” I asked and waited.
“Wawwy Cawol!” He shouted. I heard woman’s voice walking closer to phone.
“Hello? Who is this?” Woman asked other line.
“Hey. I’m Rebecca Nolan and calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Who am I speaking to?” I asked.
“Oh I’m Carol Swiss. Baylee’s nanny. What is this about?” Carol asked.
“I’m looking for Brian Littrell. Is he home?” I asked and hoped she would say yes.
“No. He and Mrs left to some kind of meeting.” Carol said.
“Great… This is kind of important. Could you say I called and ask to call Mr. Dorough?” I asked.
“Of course I will.” Carol said and we said our goodbyes and hang up.

I dialed one more phone number and it belonged to Kevin Richardson.
I tried to call him before when Nick arrived here, but it was old number.
I need to ask Nick if he has called to his mother.

“Hello?” Man voice answered.
“Mr. Richardson? Kevin Richardson?” I questioned to be sure.
“Yes that’s me.”
“Hey I’m Rebecca Nolan calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa.” I said.
“Is this about Nick?” Kevin asked.
“Yes. He was brought here 2 mornings ago.” I said.
“Is he okay?” He asked.
“Yes. He is okay. I can’t say more on the phone. Doctor rater talk in person. Any possible that you can come here?” I asked.
“Yes. Does other guys and his family know?” He asked.
“I called to his mother Jane, but she doesn’t seem to care. And I did leave voicemail to Mr. Dorough and Carol Swiss, Littrell Family’s nanny knows and will tell message to them.” I said and read my notes I write to paper.
“Thank you for let us know. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Kevin said.
“Alright. I let Mr. Carter know.” I said and we said goodbye and hang up.

I walked to nurse booth and looked at Jacob. I told everyone at the nurse booth what has been happened, but not telling everyone or things might go crazy. I told him I will be going to see Nick and tell him that his bandmates knows. He nodded and went to take care of patients. I get to floor where Nick is staying and walked to greet Bonnie.

“Hey, Bonnie.” I said smiling.
“Hey, Becca. Back to see You Know Who?” She asked smiling.
“Yeah. I kind of know what happened to him.” I said.
“Oh? Do tell.” She said smiling.
“Doesn’t anyone watch News?” I asked and just walked to direction of Nick’s hospital room. I knocked and walked in when he said to come in.
“Hey, Nick. How are you today?” I asked smiling and walked closer to him.
“Better actually.” He said smiling.
“Good. I got good and bad news.” I said and sat to chair where I sat this morning.
“Uh oh… What is it?” He asked.
“Which one you want to hear first?” I asked.
“Good of course.” He said.
“I called your bandmates and Kevin was only one that answered.” I said when looked at him.
“Well at least one of them knows. What about others?” He asked.
“Howie’s went to voicemail so I left him voicemail. Nanny Carol Swiss will tell Brian and AJ never answered.” I said.
“Okay so what about bad news?” Nick asked.
“Does Hugh Hefner say anything to you?” I asked and looked at him.
“Playboy Mansion owner?” He questioned and I nodded.
“Umm… I can’t think of anything…” He said and looked thinking hard.
“Well seems like you were there celebrating mansion’s 80th Birthday.” I said and he looked at me.
“Oh My God… Yes! I do remember that now… Yes… How this is bad news?” He asked.
“Well… Tori Cole is dead.” I said and he looked at me shocked.
“No way? That’s awful.” He said and sighed.
“And seems like you’ve been kidnapped.” I said and sighed too.
“Okay… This is… This is too much.” Nick said.
“I’m really sorry Nick. I wish I could do something.” I said and stood up.
“Rebecca? Can we be friends again?” Nick asked and looked at me.
“You need to earn it.” I said smiling.
“Go to rehab and start eating healthy.” I said and touched his foot.
“I have no idea I used cocaine… I told you that. Someone must’ve force me to do it. Maybe the one who kidnapped me.” He said when pointed at me with his fingers.
“How would someone force you to do it?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Must’ve been some kind of spell or magic… Alien!” He said loud.
“Alien? Those are not exist, Nick. Only in sci-fi movies.” I said smiling.
“You think I’m crazy. How else I could’ve left that mansion anyone not spotting me?” He asked.
“Professional ninja maybe.” I joked and he looked at me confused.
“I’m kidding. It must’ve been someone from the inside. One of the Playboy Bunnies, maybe.” I said and started to think.
“I can’t remember damn thing. I just walked in and met Hugh… I walked to pool, had few drinks.” He said and tried to think so hard.
“Did you ever talk to Tori that night?” I asked.
“Umm… I don’t know…” He said and looked at me.
“Okay, Nick. I need to go back to work. I still got 2 hours left for my shift.”
“Could you do something for me when your shift is over?” He asked.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I never had chance to call my mom.” he said and looked at me.
“You want me to call her again?” I asked and Nick nodded.
“If it’s not any trouble?” he asked.
“Only this once. If she hung up on me, I won’t call her anymore.” I said.
“Thank you, Rebecca.” he said smiling.
“Yeah, yeah…” I said smiling and walked out his room.

I walked to Bonnie and sighed. She looked at me worried. I said I’m going to call Nick’s mother again. She asked why and I told her that Nick asked me to. So I got to the phone and dialed Jane’s number. I beeped few times and she answered.

“Hello?” She said when answered.
“Hello Mrs. Carter. It’s Rebecca Nolan. We spoke on the phone two days ago.” I said and looked Bonnie and she just rolled her eyes.
“I told you to call his father.” She said, but I wasn’t giving up.
“Listen to me you old Hoe… We don’t have his number.” I said and Bonnie looked at me shocked.
“What did you just call me?” Jane asked defended.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Carter. Nick asked me to call you and ask his father’s number.” I said and sighed and I saw Bonnie just shaking her head.
“Well you can tell Nick that I don’t have his dearest father’s number.” Jane said and hung up on me once again. I put handset down and looked at Bonnie.
“Hung up again?” Bonnie asked and I nodded.
“Did you get the number?” Bonnie asked again and looked at her.
“Did I just call her as Old Hoe?” I asked and ignored her question.
“You did. No wonder she hung up on you.” Bonnie said chuckling.
“Yeah well… She doesn’t know his dad’s number.” I said and sighed.
“Does someone know he’s here?” she asked ad I nodded.
“Nick knows that someone knows. I need to go back to work.” I said and walked back to my floor.

When time was 4pm, I still stayed to overwork. It was chaos in here. I might not get home until 7pm. So I needed to call my friends that I wasn’t able to get to kickboxing today. We scheduled it to some other day. After my overwork shift was over, I get to home. I asked Bonnie to tell Nick that I called his mother, but not any luck. I get to home and greeted my rats and fed them. I made myself mac and cheese and decided to watch TV.
Another long day done and more to come. Tomorrow my shift starts not until 6pm. I could stay home to sleep long or wake up in the morning to make breakfast and go to spend whole morning with Nick till to 6pm.
I could just decide it in the morning when alarm goes off 8am.