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They got back to the Apartment a little after 9:00, deciding on a 7 o’clock showing of A Nightmare before Christmas. At first Nick had argued, insisting they see The Piano and Kevin had almost agreed, impressed that Nick wanted to see something that critics had given such rave reviews for, but as they got to the theater, right before Kevin asked for the tickets he asked the man at the counter if there was anything offensive for a thirteen year old.
Kevin’s eyes went wide as the man briefly described some of the scenes in the Piano and Nick looked on disgusted about Kevin even asking.

He grabbed the Nightmare before Christmas tickets instead. “Nick trust me you wouldn’t have wanted to see that movie anyway” He told the kid as they stood in line for popcorn and soda.

“Yes I did want to see it”

“You would have been bored out of your mind and begging me to take you home within thirty minutes”

They approached the counter and Kevin placed his order, “Hey can I have milk duds too?”

“But you just had three slices of pizza. You want popcorn AND Milk Duds?” Nick nodded, “I like putting the Duds in the popcorn” The lady behind the counter smiled and Kevin rolled his eyes and got him what he wanted.

They decided to sit right in the middle of the theatre and had almost the entire place to themselves. Nick was quick to place his feet up on the chair in front of him as he dumped his Milk Duds into his popcorn. “That is about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen” Kevin said taking a sip of his small Mountain Dew, pretty much the only thing he could afford.

Nick passed him the bucket, “You won’t think so after you try it”

“There is NO way I am eating that Nick”

“Okay fine… then you have no room to criticize me”

They pretty much sat in silence the rest of the time as they waited for the movie to start. There were plenty of times that Nick looked over at Kevin but the second Kevin returned the look, Nick quickly looked away.

Feeling the still uncomfortableness that existed between the two.

“That was a kick ass movie wasn’t it Kev?” Nick said bouncing into the living room and jumping over the couch just to land on it.

“Whoa there! Relax. Let’s not break the furniture okay?”

“Sorry…but it was neat wasn’t it?”

Kevin wasn’t really that into it and would have preferred go see Schindler’s list which was playing on about four screens at the megaplex. That was a movie he did not want to sit with a child through.

“Yeah it was good”

"Good? That’s all you have to say? Man it was AWESOME! I LOVED those songs…and that Dude that was made out of worms! How cool was that!”

“Yup really cool” He said half heartedly trying to focus on the news.

“And that mad scientist that looked like a duck…” Kevin was trying to will him to shut up. He found himself always wishing for super powers when it came to Nick. The power to put someone on mute. He also found himself getting a headache and all he wanted to do right now was watch the news and possibly call his girlfriend.

“And the Santa with those tiny feet…”

“Uh huh”

“God and when Sally ripped her legs off and sent them down to Jack…boy that Sally was pretty hot”

Kevin looked at Nick, “She was hot?”

“Yeah…you know for like a puppet and shit”

“Actually it’s stop animation but…okay”

“I’m kind of glad we didn’t see The Piano now”

“Yeah I would think so” Kevin said sighing as he flipped from the news to anything that would make Nick stop talking.

“I only wanted to see it because I heard that there were boobs”


“I heard someone say that one of the chicks showed her boobs”

Kevin laughed, “Boobs huh? You wanted to go see The Piano because of boobs?”

“Well, yeah” Kevin rubbed his eyes, “I didn’t even think you cared about that stuff”

“Hello? Kevin I’m not a kid, I just kind of wanted to see…you know”

“Yeah I know…” He grabbed Nick and started to tickle him, “boobies!” He finished as the kid broke into a fit of laughter.

Nick sat up, “So what are we going to do now?”

In Kevin’s mind he was done. His good deed for the day, pat Kevin on the back for being a good guy. “Well, I was just thinking of maybe calling Kris and seeing if she wanted to come over for a little while”

Nick’s smile quickly faded, “Oh…yeah okay…that’s cool”

He realized Nick was disappointed but what did the kid want from him? He never got a chance to spend time with Kris especially when he had the apartment to himself. Well almost to himself, but he could always plant Nick in the living room in front of the TV.

As he stood up to get the phone he never expected to hear what came out of Nick’s mouth next, “Kev…what’s it like to you know…um…have sex?” That stopped him short, almost stopped him completely. Once again wishing for those super powers, this time being able to fast forward himself the hell out of the room before that question was asked.

He turned around and looked at Nick who was sitting on his knees backwards with his arms on the back of the couch waiting for an answer to his question.

“Um…maybe it’s something you should talk to your dad about”

“I don’t think I want to know how sex with my mom is Kevin” He said it so innocently that Kevin couldn’t help laughing out loud at that.

“No…I mean having the sex talk…have your parents had the sex talk with you Nicky?” God please say yes he was thinking to himself as he asked the question.

“Yeah dad has kind of gone over stuff, but I’m not asking you what it is, I’m asking you what it feels like?”

Kevin just stood there probably with the stupidest look on his face, at least judging by the look that Nick was giving him. “Ummm…” He paused again looking up at the ceiling trying to find the right words, “Um…okay…well…” He stopped again this time Nick raised his eyebrows watching his band mate struggling.

The best sound he could have ever heard happened at that moment. The ringing of the phone. “Thank God!” He said, “Um…I mean I’ll get it” He ran to the phone and picked it up happily while Nick watched amused.


“Hey baby it’s me” Kristin always had that link to him, “I was just going to call you” He said turning away from Nick and walking into the bathroom to take the call.

“You were?” She sounded surprised but in a teasing way.

“Of course, I miss you and wanted to see if you wanted to come over”

“Aww I wish I could but I cant, I have to help mom clean for tomorrow. It’s their big anniversary party”

“Oh that’s right”

“Can you come?” He was so tired of disappointing everyone he loved.

“I wish I could baby but…”

“It’s okay” She said cutting him off. “I understand”

“No really Kris, I feel bad but we have a packed schedule…”

“Kevin I know… it’s really alright” But he could tell by the sudden coldness in her voice that it was far from alright. She was pissed and there wasn’t much he could do about it.

“How about I come over tonight and help you out” She paused for a second, “Aren’t you busy?”

“No, we got off a little early tonight and now I have some extra time”

“I’d love that!”

“Great” Then he remembered, “Oh shit!”

“What?” She asked flatly ready to be disappointed once again, “Well it’s just that I’m kind of babysitting Nick”

“You are?”

“Yeah he’s been staying with me”

“Well, maybe another time then…”

“Kris I’m sure he can stay by himself he’s 13. Look I’ll talk to him and then be over even if it’s just for a little while. I miss you and want to see you”

“You can bring him along if you want”

“NO thanks. The boy is already asking me questions about sex” She laughed, “The last thing we need is him asking to watch an example”

“Why Kevin Richardson…you think I’m having sex with you tonight?”

“Uh…no just some smooches” She laughed, “I’ll see you in a little while baby”


When he got off the phone he opened the door and jumped about a foot when he saw Nick just standing there waiting for him.

“Whoa Nick, you just scared the crap out of me”


“Were you eavesdropping?”

“Not really, just wondering who you were talking to. If maybe it was my Mom” Kevin walked over and tousled Nick’s hair, “No buddy sorry. That was Kristin actually”


He moved back to the living room to put on his shoes and Nick followed like a little shadow, “Actually Kris kind of invited me over to her place for a little while”

“Oh” He sounded sadder this time.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen her in a long time Nicky. You understand right?”

Nick nodded, “But you still haven’t answered my question yet”

“The sex thing?” Nick nodded again.

“Okay well…I’m not sure what you want to know really”

“Is it squishy?”

“Pardon?” He turned his body to face Nick.

“You know squishy? I just pictured it feeling squishy”

“Hrmmm…I guess it is a little yeah”

“Cool” Kevin gave him an odd look not wanting to laugh and embarrass him, “you’re not thinking of having sex with someone are you Nick?

The blonde’s face seemed to blush to a ruby red, “No…I was just curious you know for when I do”

"Oh okay because you’re young you have plenty of time buddy”

“How old were you when you first had sex?”

“About 17 or so”


“Why are you asking me this anyway? I mean I would think you’d ask Brian about this stuff”

“I did. He told me to ask you”

“Oh…remind me to thank him for that” Nick laughed.

“You think Howie has had sex yet?” Now Kevin stood up and tucked in his shirt, “Probably but there ya go. That’s a good question to ask him when he gets back. I’m sure he’d love to tell you all about it”

“So you’re leaving me alone then?” Kevin looked at Nick and swore he was staring at a sad little puppy dog. He wondered how often that cute little face of his got him out of trouble.

“If you think you can handle that?”

“Oh please Kevin. My parents leave me alone all the time and usually in charge of the kiddies”

“Well just do me a favor and don’t burn my house down or anything okay?”

“I’ll try not to”

“And don’t answer the door for anybody”


“And…wait I’ll leave you Kristin’s number just in case there’s an emergency”

“Kevin I’ll be okay…just go” He looked up surprised about the permission he received from a kid he was sure would cry about being left alone.


“Yeah it’s okay besides I want a full report about Kristin’s boobies when you get back” Kevin bopped him on the head playfully.

“Sorry, you’ll just have to use your imagination on that one”

“Don’t worry I already do”


“Jeez relax I’m just kidding”

“You sure you’ll be okay? Howie should be coming home soon”

Nick scooted close to Kevin and gave him an unexpected hug, “I’ll be fine. Thanks for tonight”

“You’re welcome I had fun” Once again he ruffled Nick’s hair.

“Have fun Kev” he said while Kevin opened the door.

“Oh and Kevin…” Kevin peered back inside, “Yeah?”

“Don’t forget to wear a condom!” He shook his head but laughed as he shut the door.
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