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Chapter 66 – Decisions

“La-La and Angel are napping with Moth. Vivian took Baylee out to get supplies for the baby shower. And Howie is probably going to be napping with his women… So, I officially get you all to myself. Would you like to do some wedding planning?” Kevin murmured as he found Austin sprawled on the couch, barely watching the TV. She had just got off the phone with Cheyanne’s mother, who promised to stop by for a visit in a few days, anxious to see her first granddaughter. But, Kevin didn’t want to think about that now, crawling on top of Austin to greet her with a soft kiss. “I love you, Princess.”

Wrapping her arms around him, Austin held him close, lightly tracing his lips with her tongue. "I love you, Pretty Boy… What kind of wedding planning do you have in mind?" she murmured, shifting beneath him so she could get to the remote. Flipping the TV off, she turned her attention to him. He was more important than the dopey movie she'd been watching.

“I guess you could tell me any honeymoon ideas you had… Or we could go over whatever else you’re missing,” Kevin offered, slipping down once more to find her lips. “Ma wants the whole binder filled out before we get back on tour so she can start calling and booking and planning…”

"If I tell you where I want to go on our honeymoon do you promise not to laugh? …And we still need to go over the guest list, 'cause you were supposed to crank yours down to about fifty, remember?" she murmured, reaching blindly onto the end table for her laptop, so intent on kissing him that she dropped it. "Damn, Pretty Boy… Stop kissing me or we'll never get this wedding planned…"

“Alright, alright,” Kevin assuaged, offering her one more kiss before climbing off her lap. Reaching, he retrieved the lap top for her, setting it on the coffee table before helping her into a sitting position. “Where do you want to go for our honeymoon? I promise not to laugh.”

Leaning forward to open the laptop, Austin hit the button to power it up before leaning against him. "…DisneyLand," she murmured softly.

“Is this when you ask me to dig out my Aladdin costume for kicks?”

Austin groaned, pulling away from him. "Damnit, Kevin--"

“What?! I didn’t laugh!”

"You smirked. And no offense, but you in your Aladdin costume doesn't do a thing for me…"

“Me either, it caused a rash like nobody’s business.”

Shaking her head with a laugh, Austin pulled her laptop closer, opening the list of guests before pushing it into his lap. "There… Work on your guest list while I paint my toenails," she murmured.

“I have to kick out fifty people?” Kevin whined playfully as he glanced down his list, trying to decide who wasn’t important enough to invite. Though, he figured he might be in a bit of trouble if he nixed Nick. Exhaling, Kevin glanced sideways to his fiancée, leaning to kiss her. “I like your suggestion for the honeymoon.”

"You do? 'Cause I was thinking it'd be nice to go there for a few days… Then you can whisk me off to some exotic island in the middle of nowhere…" Lightly kissing his neck as he turned back to the laptop, she watched his brow screw up in concentration. "And you can knock out some of those Hollywood bigwigs…"

“Oh no, it’s either an exotic island or Disney Land. Not both, you spoiled Princess.”

"Surprise me…" Pointing to a name on the list, she raised a brow. "Surely you can jack the Bitch's parents off the list?"

“And her as well, but Vivian would need added--”

"You invited the Bitch?!"

“She was attached to Brian for the time being!”

"But still! Any other bimbos you have on that list I need to know about?"


"Is Nick still your groomsman?"

“Hell no,” Kevin seethed with disgust, pushing the lap top onto the coffee table so he could turn to Austin. “Do you know that fucknut got caught drinking and driving the other day? Like I want him plastered to all Hell, trying to force himself on Angel, while I’m trying to get married!”

"He did what? When was this?!"

“Did I not just say the other day?”

"Are you saying that he left Chey and went home and got plastered? What the fuck was he thinking?!" Growling in frustration, Austin threw her bag of pedicure supplies across the room. "What are you going to do about it?"

“Why does everyone assume I’m the one that has to do something about it?”

"Because you're the big, strong, wonderful Daddy?"

“Who already socked the asshole for saying that he was tired of fucking my daughter six ways from Sunday.”

"Is that why Brian's gone to Florida?"

“I guess. I said I’d call Nick, but what the Hell am I going to say to him? Hearing Angel leaving a message for him was pitiful enough…”

Sighing, Austin flopped back down on the couch, shaking her head. Resting her feet in Kevin's lap, she looked up at him, worried. "He's going to end up killing himself, isn't he?"

“As long as he doesn’t blame Angel in his note and make her die inside along with him, I could honestly give a rat’s ass.”

"Well… Put an asterisk by his name for the wedding… If he's dead by then, we can find someone else to take his seat…"

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Pulling him down over her, Austin offered the softest of kisses. "You still haven't chosen the flavor for your groom's cake," she murmured, gently kneading the tenseness from his shoulders.

“Can I have it taste like you?” Kevin murmured softly, smiling against her skin before offering another few kisses. “’Cause you are Heavenly.”

"I haven't had a shower today and I think the last time I brushed my teeth was night before last…"

“You still taste good to me.”

"How about red velvet?" she suggested softly, wanting to make at least one decision about the wedding before he distracted her completely.

“That’s fine…”

Smirking against his lips, Austin tangled her legs with his, enjoying the comfortable closeness of his body. "With fish-flavored frosting?"

“Whatever you want…” Kevin murmured, smirking against the side of her face. “It’ll remind me of where I want that next piercing.”

"Oh… That… Didn't I tell you? When I went to town this morning to get bread and milk, I stopped at McLeod's…"

“You did not, you pissfucking liar,” Kevin growled as he nipped playfully at her neck. “’Cause you would have been bitching hysterically.”

"I have a very high threshold for pain, damnit," Austin hissed, shivering. "And we can't do anything here…"

“Who said you should be doing anything like that? Angel would complain about a risk of infection,” Kevin teased, drawing himself away from her.

"What Chey-Chey doesn't know…" Austin trailed playfully, rolling off the couch to head into the kitchen.

“Then it gets infected and we can’t have children? Oh…” Kevin stopped, peeking into the kitchen with a look of utmost seriousness. “You really didn’t get it, did you?”

"Why would an infected boom-boom make it impossible to have children?" Austin questioned. A moment later she returned, an armload of clean clothes in her arms. Dumping them on the couch, she caught his hand and pulled him up. "And why don't you come in the kitchen and find out?"


“You should let me drive,” AJ announced with a cheshire grin as he watched Brian load the gifts for the baby shower into the back of the rental car. They had spent the last few hours on a plane with a brooding Nick, who had practically been dragged to the airport by his hair. Brian had been in no mood to deal with AJ’s antics as Nick sulked and swayed. And though AJ recognized the signs of Nick’s steady downfall, he chose to stay out of the situation. It was Nick’s fault that he had gotten himself involved with Cheyanne in the first place. He never stayed with women for long. Just a few good fucks and that was it. Cheyanne had been a completely different breed that Nick could never have handled. Not to mention Howie was AJ’s best friend. To sympathize with Nick seemed treacherous. Or perhaps maybe he just didn’t want bothered with the emotions. He was steady and faithful in his sobriety and Nick’s whirlwind of emotions might make him unstable. “I could get us to the house in half the time.”

Shutting the trunk with a grunt, Brian shook his head, jangling the keys in his hand as he glanced at his friend. "That may be, Aje… But would we make it to the house in one piece?" he questioned with a smirk, glancing over at Nick, who leaned sullenly against the front of the car. Arms folded, eyes narrowed in a glare that warned anyone within view that he was not to be messed with. Looking back at AJ, Brian grinned. "Besides, we're not in a rush or anything. I called Snook-Vivian while you and Nick stopped in the bathroom, and she said she and Scooper haven't finished setting everything up, so… Would you stop pouting?! It's not like I told you that you have to sleep with Austin or anything…"

AJ suddenly offered quite a wicked grin. “I have no problem taking one for the team and sleeping with Austin--”

"You seem to forget that you'd be sleeping with Kevin as well," Brian interrupted with a chuckle.

“He’s kind of snuggly at night…”

"And if he rolled over thinking you were Austin?"

“I’d pray to God his morning breath wasn’t too kicking?”

"I believe Austin was telling Vivian that he doesn't wake her up with a kiss--"

“Well, I’ve always needed a good blow job--”

"I'm surprised you haven't figured out how to give one to yourself," Brian mused with a laugh, stepping around to the driver's door. "Hey, Nick… C'mon, man."

AJ was halfway inside the passenger side when he realized that Nick wasn’t moving from the front of the car. Popping upward to lean on the hood of the car, AJ glanced sideways toward Brian, arching his dark brows. “Want to be a hood ornament, Nicky? ‘Cause that’d be entertaining for what? An hour drive?”

Pushing himself off the hood, Nick looked towards the rental office. "I'm going to drive myself… You two can be alone and discuss how good or bad a blow job from Kevin first thing in the morning would be--"

“Don’t be such a dickwad!” AJ exclaimed in the middle of Nick’s decision. “Get the fuck in this car so we can be one huge happy family for this shindig with your ex-lover!"

Shaking his head, Nick refused to meet AJ's eyes. "I can drive myself. I'd rather be alone, anyway. You two go on ahead, I'll meet you there--"

“We’ll wait for you and drive behind you,” Brian suggested, leaning on the hood of the car, not wanting to give Nick a chance to get into anymore trouble. It had been hard enough sobering the youngest before getting him on the plane.

Rolling his eyes, Nick dug into his pocket for his wallet, taking a step towards the office. It was as though Brian had elected himself Chief Babysitter, and Nick was getting tired of it. "Isn't it bad enough you're making me come to this fucking party? I could be out on my boat with Aaron and our new friends--"

“You mean supplying alcohol to minors and probably becoming involved in statutory rape? Don’t you think you have enough on your plate with that recent DUI and back lashing you gave to the police?” Brian snarled, jutting a finger toward the back seat. “Get inside, Nick.”

"For your information, Aaron doesn't drink," Nick lied, becoming angry. "And the girls are way over eighteen. Give me some fucking credit," he spat. Meeting Brian's eyes, he willed himself not to give in to his friend's instructions. "I need time to myself, okay? Can't I have one fucking hour on the road? What damn damage can I do?"

AJ smirked. “Knowing you…”

"Look, whether you like it or not, I'm going to rent my own damn car."

“Then we’re going to follow you to make sure you don’t make any sudden stops at some dingy liquor store,” Brian decided, refusing to let his authority sway. He was the only one who had made the choice to help Nick stumble back onto the right path.

As Nick stormed away, cursing under his breath, AJ sighed. Glancing at Brian over the hood of the car, he shook his head. "Better let me drive. 'Cause we both know your slow ass can't keep up with Nick…"

He left Cheyanne, not the other way around,” Brian growled with disgust as he tossed the keys, wanting to throttle Nick. “It was his choice.”

Spinning to catch the keys, AJ muttered a curse. "Ever think he did it for a reason?"

“He told Kevin he was tired of fuc—of screwing her.”

"Well, yeah, a chick going into labor right after you tie her to the bed is a turn off," AJ sighed as he slid into the driver's seat. Glancing over at Brian, he saw his friend's incredulous expression. "What?"

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Brian blurted, slamming the passenger door shut, never letting his gaze leave AJ’s.

Oh, shit. Realizing he shouldn't have told Brian what Nick had shared, AJ gulped nervously. "Oh… Nothing… I didn't know when he borrowed my shit that he'd be using it on Chey, honest. I thought he was going off to meet some bimbo or something, and-"

“Don’t bullshit me, AJ. Not now. Not when you’re going to a baby shower for Kevin’s adopted daughter.”

"Ah, shit… Do I gotta tell you?" AJ whined, tearing his eyes from Brian's to look out the window. Craning his neck slightly, he saw Nick was still inside.

“Either me or Kevin. Take your pick.”

Weighing his choices, AJ nodded. "Okay. Last week Nick asked if he could borrow some of my stuff to try it out with this chick… And I didn't know until this morning on the plane, when you went to use the bathroom, that he tried it out with Chey…" Trailing off, AJ worried his bottom lip between his teeth as Brian sucked in an angry breath. "Well, things got rough, but he insists it was all good, y'know? Hot as… Well, afterwards she's bleeding."

“And he acted like it was some big fucking joke that he almost killed her…” Brian trailed with sheer disgust, slamming a hand hard against the dashboard.


“Don’t talk to me.”

"I think he really loves--"

“Don’t even finish that fucking sentence!” Brian exploded sharply, having to fasten his seatbelt when he watched Nick climbing into an expensive car. “Ties her up to have sex with her. Then makes her bleed. Doesn’t tell anybody about the bleeding. Damn near kills her. Then leaves without even muttering some kind of goodbye? If that’s the kind of love he offers, Cheyanne needs to stay far away from him. And he’ll be damn lucky if Kevin doesn’t bury him alive.”

Eyes wide with shock, AJ meekly nodded, starting the engine. Watching Nick for a moment, he felt a flicker of worry when he saw the younger man rummaging through his carryon luggage for something. "Are you going to tell Kevin?"

“No, you’re going to tell him and I’m going to hold down Nick when he attacks.”