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*Hey these two chapters are for you WHite Diaomonds and everyone else. I really am sorry I have been so bad at updating!! It's gonna be like that for December :(*

If I thought that girl who won was crazy at the TRL studios it was nothing compared to the limo ride over to the restaurant. The two of us sat very close to each other because the camera crew needed enough room to film us. She didn’t say two words to me the entire time; just stared with this crazed smile on her face. Whenever I tried to make conversation she would start to cry so I tried to not even look her way. I couldn’t help but feel that maybe this was actually more of a punishment for this girl then a reward. She made it seem torturous and I felt bad.

The MTV people riding along with us pressured me to do something for her. They said it was bad television to just watch two people sit next to each other without even making eye contact so I had no choice. I had to speak.

“…so...Tammy was it?”

“Oh my God…you said my name” She screamed. I laughed, I couldn’t help it. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

“Yes I did, and it would make things go a lot smoother if you realized I am just a normal guy”

“You’re not normal…you’re Nick Carter”

“Okay you have a point there….relatively normal then” She started to cry and I placed my hand on her arm, “Come on Tammy, don’t you just want to have some fun tonight? How can we have fun if you are going to do nothing but cry?”

“I’m so sorry…God I’m such a bad fan”

“No you’re not. You are one of the best” I laughed and pointed to my name on her face, “And one with impeccably good taste”

That made her smile. Yes ladies and gentlemen I still have it. Even when I don’t want it.

“SO why don’t you start by telling me how old you are” She was still shaking but happily she calmed down a little bit.

“I’m 18” I have to admit, I was a bit surprised about that. I thought she was younger.

“Very nice”

“Thanks” She started fanning herself and once again tried not to cry.

The producer person gave me a look; I guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job for her standards. I’m not sure what she wanted exactly. Maybe she wanted us to start making out. Who knows? One thing I did know for sure was by the time we had arrived at the restaurant, I was ready to go back to the hotel.

John continued to stagger through the crowd of teenage girls trying to make his way to the hotel he was sure they were heading towards. He had a hard time keeping up but luckily there was such a huge mob scene by the time they reached the hotel that he was easily able to not lose the crowd.

He stopped and just took it all in for a brief moment. The screams, the signs, and the pictures of his son plastered all over banners the girls had made for him. If the guys from prison could see him now, they would hardly believe it. John the failure, ending up with a filthy rich son; rich and famous to boot.

A woman holding a jacket of one of the screaming girls was standing there right next to him, she smiled “Kids huh?”

“Yeah seriously” John answered.

“My daughter, I told her to put her jacket on but she insisted that she didn’t need it. She said that she wanted Nick to see her I love Nick pins all over her shirt”

John laughed. The lady looked around, “So where’s your kid? Did she get lost in the crowd?”

“No actually Nick is my son” He said proudly. The lady looked surprised and her demeanor changed slightly. “Oh I see, well I guess I should go find my daughter”

“You don’t believe me do you?” Now he was angry. Why was it that no one ever listened to anything he said?

The woman pretended not to hear him and continued to walk forward. That was it, he grabbed the woman’s arm, “Damn it woman! I am Nick Carter’s father! Of course his name’s not really Nick Carter at all. His real names, Nick Alexander!”

“Get off of me!” She yelled causing many people in the crowd to turn her way.

“Yeah that’s right Nick Alexander. His stupid bitch of a Mother changed his name on me”

By now men were coming to help this woman who was crying out in desperation while hitting John with the jacket she was carrying. Three men descended on him and knocked him down to the ground while the woman made her escape.

“Get the fuck off of me dammit! You have No idea who you’re dealing with!” The guys let John up after a few minutes of struggling. “Now I think you better be on your way mister before someone decides to call the police”

Hearing the word police made John calm down and put up his hands in defeat, “Okay fine…sorry”

He started to push away from the crowd and was about to turn the corner when he was stopped by a camera crew.

“Excuse me sir…we are with MTV and saw what just transpired there, did you say you were Nick Carter’s Father?”

“Damn right I did” He said still slurring some of his words. The camera crew thought it was pretty funny and were whispering amongst themselves, “Do you mind if we film a little mini interview of you for MTV?”

“Will I get paid?”

“No…sorry, but you’ll get air time”


“Great I’ll just need you to sign this consent form for me” She said placing a piece of paper in front of John’s face.

“Fine I’ll sign anything you want” He said quickly jotting his name down.

“Is this live?”

“No…but it will air later on today on one of our news segments”

“Excellent. It’s time the whole world finds out who Nick’s real daddy is. But do you mind of I have a cup of coffee first? I’ve had a rough day”

“Sure thing” The lady said still smirking.

“So Tammy, what do you like? It looks like they have a pretty huge selection of stuff” When there was no answer, I looked up to find her staring at me once again.


“Um…whatever you’re having. Not like I can eat in front of you anyway”

“Sure you can. I plan on eating in front of you”

“Nick you can do anything in front of me if you’d like” That made my eyes widen; my oh my.

“Okay well I think I am going to have the stuffed shells”

She started to cry again, “Okay maybe not? How about the Chicken parmesan? Will that make you stop crying?”

“I am just so happy. I can’t believe this. This is the happiest day of my life”

“Oh honey, you will have many happier days I’m sure then going out to eat with me”

“No way Nick…this is the best” She made me smile. Sometimes in my little bubble I just get so upset with the fans. I don’t get the big picture, all I know is they are a big reason why I no longer can have a normal social life. Most of the time I am bummed by that but things like this, seeing how much of an impact one stupid dinner could have on one person, enough of an impact for her to say it is the best day of her life, that makes me realize how much I do take the fans for granted. After realizing that, I decided to stop dreading this day and start having fun.

We ate…well I ate, she watched and mainly picked at her food and then I insisted that we split a dessert. I asked her if she had anymore of that face paint and when she said yes, I decided to put her name on my cheek, now that made the MTV people happy. She cried a few more times, well okay about a billion more times but by the end of our dream date I have to admit I had a pretty good time.

We took a bunch of pictures and then it was back to the MTV studios where my van would bring me back to the hotel.

“Good job today Nick” One of the TRL producers said to me as I was getting ready to leave. I was standing by a mirror in one of the dressing rooms taking the paint off of my face.

“Thanks, I had a good time”

“I have a question for you”


“Was your dad in Times Square today?”

“No. He’s in France with my Mom why?” She smiled, “Let’s just say that we have a very interesting interview planned tonight. You need to watch it; you’ll get a kick out of it. Some people are just kooky”

I didn’t think about it, it should have clicked really. I was so used to only having one father that my real one never once popped into my head.

“Okay well you have a good night” I said walking into the small but still kind of big crowd gathered outside the Times Square studios and jumped into my awaiting van.

When Mike made his way home his dad was sound asleep on the couch, the smell of cigarette smoke reeking through the apartment. “Fantastic” He said as he clicked on the light.


“Hi dad…busy day?” He asked sarcastically.

“Actually yes” He sat up and yawned.

“Did you find a job?”

“No... I tried but no one was hiring”

“No one huh?”

“I was on TV today though”

“You were?”

“Yes. MTV”


“They just were interviewing random people and out of the crowds they just picked me”

“That’s a weird coincidence. You didn’t mention Nick did you?” John’s face fell into a scowl, “And why the hell would I NOT mention Nick. He is my son you know!”

“Shit dad! Tell me you didn’t tell the MTV people that”

“You’re damn right I told the MTV people that”

“What were you thinking?”

John stood up truly mad and pushed his son against the wall, “I am thinking that’s my son and it’s not fair for this other jerk dad of his to get all the limelight now… is it?” Mike winced; it had been a while since his dad had done anything like that to him. “You haven’t changed at all have you dad?” Upon hearing those words, he loosened his grip on his son. “Yes I have changed, I’m so sorry Mikey, it’s just that it’s hard for me you know? He’s my son and I love him. I just wanted to share that with the world”

“What are you up to old man?” Mike said suspiciously.

“I’m not up to anything Mike. I swear it. The old dad is gone oh and I bought you something” He said walking over to the bag he had gotten earlier in the day. He was glad that he hadn’t lost it in his numerous fights.

Mike cautiously took the bag and was surprised when he opened it. “Dad how did you afford this?” he asked holding up the baseball.

“They lowered the price for me”

“Thanks dad”

“I love you Mike” He said grabbing his son into a hug. As Mike returned the hug he felt that ever present sense of dread.

“Now let’s watch MTV and wait for my interview” He said switching on the channel and taking a seat while Mike bit on his fingernails.