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Aaron found it difficult to concentrate while he was listening to Lou Pearlman, his manager, talk about something.
“Aaron? Did you hear what I just said?”
Aaron snapped back to reality and finally looked at the older man sitting in front of him.
“Yeah, whatever…”
“So, do you wanna go the Movie Awards with your siblings?”
He thought about it quickly. “Yeah, sure… Nick wanted to go, so I’ll go too…”
“Ok, good… Since you seem really out of it today, go home… I’ll call you tomorrow to give you details for the limo and such…”
“Ok cool…”
“Oh, and Aaron?”
Aaron turned around. “Yes?”
“Stop thinking about girls… we have work to do!”
He rolled his eyes at him then left the office in no time and went straight for his car. He started the ignition and drove home, thinking that maybe he needed to find a new manager. All Lou was worried about was making money… But he was 18 after all, and girls were definitely in his top three priorities.
Everyone was already home: Nick, BJ, Leslie, Angel and of course the crew for the reality show. He put on a happy smile and went inside.
It was nice living with his siblings again, all together. He knew he was gonna have a blast at the Movie Awards with them.
After telling them he was going to the Awards with them, he excused himself and went to his room: he desperately needed a shower… maybe it could have helped him take Ele off of his mind.

“… and then… oh, thank God Aaron came and rescued me…” Ele finished explaining her brother what had happened earlier.
“He did?” Andrea asked surprised.
“Yeah… we made Josh think we were together!!” she smiled evilly.
“Ele, can I ask you a question? And promise me you’re gonna answer honestly…”
“I’ll try! Now, shoot!”
“Do you have a crush on Aaron?”
She looked at her bother, her eyes opened wide. “What?”
“I don’t know, it’s like… ever since you met him, that’s all you can talk about… Aaron here, Aaron there…”
“Are you jealous?” she smirked.
“No, I’m not… I just wanna know if I need to worry about him or not!”
“Why should you? I mean… just yesterday you were all like “maybe you should date a celebrity” and now you’re telling me this? I don’t understand…”
“I didn’t mean it like that… I’m you’re older brother, ok? No matter who you’re gonna date, I will always have to make sure that guys know they’re gonna be in so much trouble if they mess up with my little sister!” he answered softly.
“So, if I told you that maybe, just maybe, I’d wanna go out with Aaron…”
“… I’ll make sure I’m gonna have a talk with him…” he ended her sentence, causing her to laugh.
“Well, we met yesterday… it’s not like we’re dating…”
“… yet…” he finished her sentence once again.
“Will you stop it?” she asked laughing.
“I’m sorry… but if he doesn’t ask you out it means that he doesn’t know what he’s missing…”
Before she had a chance of telling him how much his support meant to her, a crewmember from MTV entered the living room to announce that they were able to start shooting again.
The show MTV Diary was going to have a special about Ele, so now everywhere she turned she could only see cameras and people behind cameras. It was kinda scaring in a way, to have so many people in her house… but she knew her fans would have been happy to see her on TV, so she let cameras follow her and did her best to look happy about it.
“You know who’s shooting a reality show?” Andrea asked, and to Ele, he sounded like a little kid who just wanted to annoy people.
“Who is?” she asked rolling her eyes.
“Aaron Carter…”
“And your point is?”
“Never mind… you really need to start joking more…” he feigned of being insulted, and Ele laughed one more time following him back to the kitchen.