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“E? You ready?” Andrea shouted at the bottom of the stairs. They had decided that he was going to be Ele’s date for the Movie Awards, so now he was, waiting for his sister.
“COMING!” she shouted back, getting out of her room.
“The limo’s waiting outside…” he informed her, watching her take her purse and check that everything was inside.
“Ok, let’s go…”
They got out, and sure enough a very black limo was parked right in front of the house.

The two arrived at the Movie Awards thirty minutes later. There were a lot of fans and paparazzi too, and when she got out of the limo she was welcomed with thousands of cameras’ flashes.
They posed together for some official pictures of the show, then started walking on the red carpet, approaching the main entrance.

Aaron was posing with his siblings on the red carpet of the annual MTV Movie Awards, when suddenly he heard fans screaming much louder. Turning around he saw yet another limo pull up, and the door open. His heart almost skipped a beat when he saw Ele get out of the limo with her brother. She was beautiful, with a very simple — yet stylish — pale-pink dress.
“Heart to Aaron…” Nick tried calling him, automatically looking in the same direction his brother was looking, well… staring.
“Isn’t that Andrea?” he asked noticing his friend.
Aaron turned back around, facing his older brother once again. “Yeah…”
“Who’s the girl with him? His new girl?”
“That’s… That’s Ele…” he blushed. “His sister…”
Nick watched his little brother getting red in the face and smiled, very much amused. “Oh, I understand…”
“Can we get inside, please?” Aaron asked nervously, trying to change subject.
“Sure bro…”
Once inside, Aaron kept looking around. And a couple of minutes later, he finally spotted her. She was standing all alone and looked kinda bored.
“Guys, I’ll be back in a minute…”
Nick nodded, so Aaron patted his brother’s back, leaving.

“Hey Ele!”
He approached her.
“Aaron! What are you doing here?” she asked, smiling.
He couldn’t help but notice that she seemed genuinely happy to see him.
“I am attending the show with my siblings… we need to shoot a couple of scene for our reality show…”
“Sounds fun…”
“Yeah… what about you?”
“I am one of the performers…”
“Then I can’t wait to see you out there…”
She smiled. “Thanks…”
“Where’s Andrea?” he asked.
“He went looking for the crew… we’re shooting MTV Diary of…”
“So it’s like… I see your show on TV and you see mine…”
“Exactly…” They both laughed. “But I guess I won’t have to wait till your show premiers on TV, right?” she asked, flirting a bit.
“And why’s that?” he asked flirting back.
“Because I’m your favorite girl… and every ‘favorite girl’ got to have something special…”
He smiled, ecstatic about hearing her say something like that. “Yeah, you definitely are…”
She tried to hide her excitement, knowing he cared so much about her. “So, I’ll provide exclusive footage of my show and you’ll let me have a sneak preview of yours in return… whatcha think?”
He gazed deeply in her chocolate brown eyes. “I could never say no to those eyes…”
She smiled bigger. “Ok, then we have a deal!”

“… So you’re shooting MTV Diary, right?”
Ele was sitting with Andrea doing an interview. The show was to start in half an hour so her manager had set that interview to promote the show they were shooting.
“Yes, it’s gonna be mainly about me, but Andrea will be in it as much as I will…”
Andrea smiled.
“Cool… I heard you manage a club in LA downtown…”
“Yep,” he said. “The club is actually mine, so I pretty much do everything… she helps me, though…”
“Yeah, when I’m not busy I like to help him out a little bit, but you’ll see that on the show…” she added.
“Are you guys living together?”
“We are, for the show… but I just bought my own house, so once we finish with the shooting I’ll probably move there…”
“Are you excited about performing here tonight?”
She smiled nervously. “I am… because I’m performing in front of very important people and some of them, like Christina Aguilera, are going to perform too… so I just hope I won’t mess up…”
“Well, don’t worry about it, we know you’re gonna do just fine… good luck!”
She smiled looking straight at the camera and waited for the little red light on it to turn off. That was her cue to say goodbye and leave.
Then her manager came up to escort them inside.
Getting in the arena she could see Aaron talking to a very beautiful girl with long brown hair.
“That’s your place guys… I’m gonna come take you when you have to be on stage, girl, ok?” her manager told her. She smiled and nodded.
“See you later…”
They sat down and started chatting, waiting for the show to start.

“Angel, will you stop it, please?” Aaron asked his sister in frustration.
“I wanna know!” she whined.
“I’ll tell you later, ok?” he looked behind her and noticed Nick, BJ and Leslie approaching them.
“Hey, let’s go sit…” said Nick walking towards their seats.
He looked at the names on them, but when he looked up he recognized Andrea.
“Yo, man!” he told him, while Andrea stood up to shake his hand.
“Nick… how are ya doing buddy?”
“Same old, same old…”
“Oh, hey… this is my sister Ele… Ele, meet Nick Carter…”
She offered him her hand, and he accepted it immediately. “Nice to meet you Ele…”
“You too…” she smiled.
… that’s when Ele noticed Aaron coming by and once he saw her, his face lit up.
She automatically blushed… because that was the only thing she could do.