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They finished their meal a couple of hours later. Aaron, being the gentleman he was, had paid for both even though she insisted that she wanted to pay her own thing.
Then, they hopped again in Aaron’s car and reached the club.
Again, they walked inside hand in hand, and this time it was Ele who dragged him around trying to find her brother.
“I can’t see him…” she told Aaron looking around.
“Maybe he’s in the VIP section or in his office…”
She considered it. “Ok, let’s go check VIP first…”
They easily slid into the VIP section but Andrea was still nowhere in sight.
Ele decided to ask one of the bodyguard, who told her he had just went away but was to come back in probably an hour. She thanked him then joined back Aaron on the loveseat.

“He’s not here…” she sat down. “But he’s coming back… so we have like… an hour before he’ll play third wheel to annoy us…”
He nodded. “I wanna dance!” he suddenly lifted himself up dragging her along on the dance floor. She squealed and giggled, following him suit.
They started dancing immediately, and she had to admit that dancing with Aaron was quite and experience, because he was very good at it. That’s why at one point she started grinding back to show him she had some moves too.
… and dancing was starting to really get to them, because Aaron pulled her closer and leaned in, kissing her softly on her lips.

“So… hum… thanx for tonight, I really had a good time…” Ele said to Aaron. He had brought her back home and now they were standing in front of the door, facing each other.
“Me too…” he told her leaning in to see if it was okay with her if he kissed her one last time. But she smiled and actually kissed him before he had a chance to.
They parted a couple of minutes later, desperately in need of air.
“One of my best friend is throwing a party at his house tomorrow… and since camera’s won’t be there… will you go with me?”
“Sure… what time?”
“I’ll pick you up at five cause it’s more like a beach party… so we’re eating there…”
“Cool… now if I ask you how to dress you can say…”
She left the sentence unfinished because smiling, he added… “Bikini baby!!” laughing happily.
“Don’t get too excited though, cause that’s not the only thing I’m wearing, ok?”
“I know… that sucks!” he tried to make a sad face, but erupted in laughter when she hit him lightly on his arm exclaiming “Hey!”
“Just joking… anyway, we need to talk, so hopefully we can do that peacefully…”
She looked at him confused. “Oh…” she then told him floored.
He kissed her cheek to reassure her. “Don’t worry… I just gotta ask you something, privately…”
Ele smiled. “Ok then…”
“See you tomorrow babygirl…”
He leaned to kiss her one more time before he headed back to his car and drove away.

“Damn, girl! Just chill already! He said he just needs to ask you something... probably it’s no biggie...”
Ele sighed deeply holding her telephone tighter. It was only 10 in the morning and she hadn’t got too much sleep because she kept thinking about Aaron.
Too afraid of what he might wanted to ask her, she had decided to call one of her best friends, Sar. She was an actress and they had known each other for a year now. They had met at Andrea’s club because she was having her birthday party there. They met and clicked immediately. So now Ele was turning to her for help.
“I don’t know… what if he tells me that he has a girlfriend or something?”
“E!!!!!!! Are you listening to yourself?? He’s gotta ASK you something… maybe he just wants to know how you want to handle the media… everyone has their own say in whatever’s going on between you and Aaron, and maybe he just wants to clear up all the rumors… who knows…”
“Exactly! Who knows…”
“Let’s do this… I have to go now cause we’re starting filming soon… he said he was gonna call you so wait for his call, get ready, go to the party and once he asks you whatever he has to ask you call me…”
“That’s not a big plane, you know that?” she rolled her eyes.
“E, you really need to stop worrying so much…” Sarena told her softly.
“You’re right, you’re right…”
“Cool, now just relax and chill, k?”
“Call me tomorrow, so you can tell me what happened, aight?”
“Aight… Bye Sar…”
Sighing once again she hung up and threw the phone on her bad…
“It can’t be that bad, right?” she thought to herself.