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The doorbell rang at 5 past 5, and Ele came downstairs running and opening the door as quickly as she could.
“Hey,” she smiled at Aaron. “Come in…”
“What? No cameras around?” he asked looking around suspiciously.
She shook her head. “They are shooting some footage at Andrea’s club cause now there’s no one there and they need like… samples of each environment they’re filming in so yeah, don’t worry about them…”
“Cool… hum…” he looked at her nervously. “Ready to go?”
Ele nodded. “Just let me grab my purse… I left that in my room… I’ll be quick…”
“’S okay!” he called after her.
He looked around the room again and suddenly he saw something ran in the room. It was a cat… running after a dog. There was something wrong with the picture.
The dog immediately tried to hide behind Aaron’s back while the cat stopped short to stare at this new figure.
“E? Your cat is staring at me?” he yelled for Ele to hear him.
“She doesn’t bite you know? It’s just a cat!” she answered coming by the stairs.
“Yeah, but she is staring… like, really staring and I don’t like that…” he told her, melodramatic.
Ele rolled her eyes, laughing, all the while picking up the small animal that started to purr content of being in the arms of its owner.
“You see, she likes to cuddle!” she told him sweetly, showing the cat mewing while looking at Ele.
“That’s because you’re a girl and maybe she want something more from me… Gotta talk with Andrea and see how he handles those kinda things…”
Ele laughed settling the cat on the ground again.
“You’re a perv…”
He smiled proudly. “I do ma best!”
“So… are we going or do you want a room you can go play with Miný in?”
“I definitely like you much more than the cat!”
“Wow, I feel special now…”
He smiled coyly and blocked her against the door, kissing her on the lips.
“So,” he whispered against her lips when they parted. “Did I make you feel special enough?”
“You’re getting there…”

They arrived at Craig’s house it was 5:30 PM. Aaron had introduced her to everyone but she couldn’t remember half of the names because there were too many.
“Hey, if you’re hungry Josh’s making burgers outside…” Craig told them nodding towards the back door who lead to the pool and the beach.
“Cool, thanks…” Aaron answered taking her hand and escorting her outside.
“Watcha want Air?” a tall brown haired guy asked flipping burgers on the barbecue near the pool.
“Gimme a hamburger…”
“There you go…” he handed him one. “… And what can I offer to the pretty lady?” he flirted with Ele and Aaron immediately smacked him in the head.
“Don’t even try…”
Ele laughed at the two. “A hamburger will be fine, thanks…” she said sweetly.
The guy handed her one too, smiling at her. “Here you are pretty one…”
“Josh, I’m warning you one last time…”
“Air, I’m just being nice with the pretty lady…”
“Well, she’s MY pretty lady, so go find yourself your own girlfriend!”
Ele’s heart skipped a beat when he said the word girlfriend. Was she hearing things?

They took a blanket from Craig and then settled on the beach, overlooking the ocean, to eat their dinner.
“This is good…” Ele commented taking a bite of her hamburger.
“Yeah, pretty good…”
“Will you stop it? He’s not the first guy that calls me pretty… A girl needs to hear that sometimes…”
“And who are the other? I should have the exclusive right on you…” he told her with a serious expression on his face.
She smiled. “And why that?”
He put his hamburger down and looked at her. “Because… I wanted to ask you something…”
She did the same, putting the hamburger down and swallowing hard. Here we are, she though…
“Ok,” she wanted to keep her cool. “Shoot!”
“Ele…” he started, unsure of the words he wanted to use to ask her nicely. “Will you… God, I don’t wanna sound like a 13 years old, but… Ele, will you be my girlfriend?”
She smiled and she kissed him. Their smiles were evident in their kiss.
When the kiss was over he gazed deeply in her eyes and softly caressed her face with his hand. “You know, you’re the most beautiful girlfriend I ever had…”
She blushed and looked away. “That’s not true…”
He took her face in his hands again forcing her to look him in the eyes. “That’s ABSOLUTELY true!” he told her kissing her sweetly on the lips.
She smiled. “Thanks…”