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“Do you like her?” He asked.

“Of course” The other answered

“No, I mean do you 'Liiike Heeer' ” He asked again. I can actually imagin him doing the same quotation sign with his hand, like Brian.

“You look and sound so funny ,dude” The other laughed

“AJ you know what I mean?” Apparently he was losing his temper. Which was something new and unexpected.

“Well, Howie, I like her as a sister” His answer brought a smile to my face.

 We were on the bus going to the next unknown city on our schedule. They thought I was sleeping and that nobody can hear them. Those boys are so funny, or they must have thought that Nick’s snoring won’t make me hear them. Well that was a possibility.

“Why?” Howie asked. What a weird question?

“What do you mean “Why?” I think of her as a sister. How hard is that to comprehend” AJ replied.

“AJ, you never liked a girl like a sister. You always want something from them”

OK that made me frown, and suddenly I heard the silence around me. Nick stopped snoring, AJ was still not recovering from Howie’s words, and I couldn’t take my breath because I was afraid that they would realize I was awake.

“She reminds me of my cousin” AJ replied simply, and I was able to catch my breath again.

“What?” I heard Howie ask, surprised.

“What?” I heard Nick whisper under his breath. Oh, so he was awake!. “What bullshit” He continued, still whispering.

“What? You didn’t hear me? She reminds me of my cousin Sally. You saw her once” AJ said

“She doesn’t look like her at all, AJ” Howie shot back

“She’s got the same character”

“Yeah right” I heard Howie say. Then I heard it like an echo from the bunk above mine.

“I swear Howie, besides she is so much younger than me”

“Seven years aren’t that much”

“It is to me, I’m not Nick, and I don’t sleep with underage girls” AJ snapped.

“Son of a bitch” Again that came from the bunk above mine.

“She is not underage” Howie reminded AJ.

“She is to me. Besides I grew up Howie, you know that. I flirt, I joke, but that’s it. She needs someone on tour with her. It will be good if at least one of us was nice to her and tries to be friends with her” AJ always me savior.

I heard the silence again. Way to go AJ, you shut them up. Then I heard muffled laughter from the bunk above me. “Bullshit. And Howie believes that crap. Man!”

I didn’t want to believe Nick at all. Because I know AJ won’t try to do anything. If he would, he would have tried already.

I heard Howie mumble something. Then they turned the TV on. Five minutes later, the symphony from the bunk above me started again. Great, I couldn’t sleep till we reached the next town.


“Julie, try not to forget your session with Nick today” Kevin said giving me my Key card.

“I won’t. Don’t worry” I replied.

“Thank you”

OK, something is fishy. He was nice, which is sooo not Kevin, at least not with me. I frowned then glanced at Brian; he shot me a weak smile then stepped into the elevator. Those boys never listen. Yet, he still needed a " thank you"  for wanting to helping.

I stepped in the elevator after him, and whispered the “thank you” close to his ear. He leaned and shot a “welcome” at me, whispering as well. I smiled then the corner of my eye caught Nick’s face. That same annoying smirk on his mouth. He licked his lips seductively, and on purpose, then winked. I frowned. What is wrong with him?

When we reached our floor, I went straight to my room. I took a shower, and then started to get down to bussiness.

If Kevin wanted me to give Nick his session today, then he would have to take it in my room. My territory.

I made up the whole room. The messaging table setting in the middle of the room. The oil burner was on, giving the whole room sweet aroma. The music was on, with some CD made especially for work and relaxation. When I was sure that everything was the way I planned, I went to Nick’s room.

“I knew one day you would come and knock” He said grinning, stupidly in my opinion.

“It’s my job. Time for your session” I replied trying not to show any expression.

His grin became a frown, then he said “You don’t have your stuff with you”

“Because this session will be in my room, everything is set up there” I answered him.

“Why?” he asked

“Well, I guess it is better this way. For me and you both”

He looked skeptic at first, but finally he agreed.

When we stepped in my room, he looked surprised at first, and then he stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. I told him to go into the bathroom to take of his clothes, where I set the towels for him.

Minutes later, he came out with his bottom half wrapped in a big fluffy towel. He laid down and I started to warm the oil in my hands.

As usual I started at his feet, going up. Trying to work in total silence.

Five minutes later he raised his head to look at me and asked “Where is Kevin?”

“He is not coming to this session” I answered not looking up from what i was doing.

“What about AJ?”

“He won’t either”


“Aren’t you comfortable?” Then I looked at him “Do you want me to bring one of them?”

“No. It’s ok” He answered, then laid back down.

And I worked in silence, until i was done.



Chapter End Notes:

Sorry for not updating all this time. Today is my birthday, so i thought i should come with a big update. Another chapter will be added shortly after i edit it.

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