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“I love you too.”

“Oh really?”  Roxie smirked when she heard Nick tell her that he loved her.  She didn’t wait for a response from her boyfriend and instead rolled over onto him and kissed him softly.  Nick gave into her kiss at first and opened his mouth to allow access for her to deepen the kiss.  Roxie’s tongue dueled with Nick’s and one of her hands traveled down his body slowly.  Nick started to pull away, realizing what direction they were moving in.

 “Wait.”  Nick said.

 “Nick…  It’s okay…”  Roxie whispered.

 “But what if…”

 “Ariel’s asleep.”  Roxie nodded.

 “But - ”  Nick started to protest, but Roxie placed a firm kiss on his lips to cut him off.  She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and Nick’s mouth once again opened.  He shut his eyes and let himself give into her again, so much wanting the physical attention from the one he loved.  Nick’s hands moved to Roxie’s hips and held her there close to his body.  

 Roxie’s hand moved up to Nick’s chin and held him there as they made out fiercely.  Their noses were pressing up against each other as their lips and tongues connected.  All of a sudden, Nick took control and began to pull Roxie’s pants down.  Roxie smirked against Nick’s lips, half in excitement and half in surprise, as she felt Nick remove her pants and panties simultaneously.  

 “Guess you changed your mind…”  Roxie muttered as she kicked her bottoms to the end of the bed.

 “You could say that.”  Nick smiled.  He placed a kiss on her lips and then rolled her over onto her back so that he was on top of her.  He sat up and knelt over her legs, his on either side of her.  He pulled his shirt over his head as Roxie reached down to his boxers.  Her fingers briefly grazed the bulge under the cotton fabric and Nick groaned in response.  He wasn’t used to feeling anyone’s touch, much less hers.  Roxie giggled quietly when she saw his reaction.  “What?”  Nick asked.

“Just…  You.”  Roxie muttered.  

 “Oh.”  Nick smiled and leaned down.  He kissed her gently.  “You…  Ready?”  He whispered and played with the bottom of her shirt.

 “Mmhmm.”  Roxie responded against his lips as she felt his fingers go up her shirt.  Nick sat up again and Roxie leaned up to allow Nick to pull her shirt off.  When it was off, Nick looked down at her body longingly.

 “You’re beautiful.”  He told her softly and Roxie could tell that he truly meant it.  Roxie reacted to his words by reaching down and tugging at the last piece of clothing either of them had on.  Nick wasted no time in pulling his boxers off.  Roxie glanced down momentarily and Nick caught her gaze.  “Like what you see?”  He whispered and leaned down to kiss her neck.  Roxie leaned her head back and moaned quietly in response.  Both of them were being quiet so they wouldn’t wake Ariel.

One of Nick’s hands reached down to spread Roxie’s legs as he continued to kiss her neck.  He stopped abruptly at one spot and began to suck on her tender skin.  Roxie sighed out in pleasure and one of Nick’s fingers gently grazed the sensitive area between her legs.  Roxie whimpered when she felt a bolt of electricity run through her body.  She could feel his hardened manhood against her thigh.

 “Nick…”  Roxie said pleadingly, letting him know that she had had enough foreplay.  Nick pulled away from her neck and looked up at her face.  Roxie gave him a look and Nick instantly read her mind.  He moved up her body, positioning himself between her legs.  Nick reached down with one of his hands and rubbed her opening gently, making sure that she was ready to be entered.  When he felt how moist her center was, he was definitely more encouraged that he had been doing something right.  His eyes focused on Roxie’s as he slowly moved into her.  Roxie opened her mouth and spread her legs wider to accommodate his size.

He pushed into her deeply before he filled her completely.  Roxie broke eye contact when Nick began to pull out of her.  It had been so long for both of them and they somehow knew that they were together in their happiness.  Nick continued to move in and out of Roxie.  He went slowly at first, getting them both used to each other, and then he picked up speed and became more rhythmic.  She started to match his thrusts and in no time, they were matching each other’s movements.  Roxie reached over and intertwined their fingers and Nick pressed their hands against the mattress.

 Nick knew that he had never experienced anything like that before.  Usually, sex to him was rough and dirty.  With Roxie, however, he honestly felt a strong connection between the two of them.  Not only was it physical, but emotional and spiritual as well.  As their eyes locked, Nick felt his climax approaching.  

 “Nick, I’m almost…”  Roxie breathed, apparently getting there before him.  She leaned her head back and shut her eyes gently.  She bit down on her bottom lip as she came.  Nick felt her body react to the pleasure it was feeling and he groaned as ecstasy overcame his own being.  He thrust into her once more as deeply as he could.

 “Oh Roxie…”  He whispered against her neck.  He stopped moving and the two of them lay there contentedly for a few moments before either of them spoke.

“Wow.”  Roxie said as she got her breathing under control.

Nick looked over at her, “Really?”

Roxie smiled at him and moved closer to him.  She felt herself falling asleep as Nick wrapped his arms her. 

“Hand me my boxers?”  He said and it was apparent that he was falling asleep.

Roxie crawled out of his embrace so she could grab his boxers.  Nick smirked to himself enjoying the view.  She threw his boxers at him hitting him in the face.

“Hey, you blocked my view.”  He grabbed his boxers and scowled playfully when he realized that she already had clothes on.  She had she put on her panties and Nick’s shirt and crawled back to him.  By the time she got back to him, he already had his boxers back on.  He wrapped his arms around her one more time and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Hours later when Nick and Roxie were fast asleep, Ariel walked into the room.  She was clutching her stuffed dog and looking to climb into bed to cuddle with her daddy.  She was in for a surprise when she saw Roxie wrapped up in Nick's arms instead.  Feeling annoyed she made her way over to Nick and smacked him in the arm with her stuffed dog.

Nick woke up and smiled at Roxie.  Then he noticed Ariel standing above him.  “What’s up Ariel?  Is something wrong?”

“She’s in my spot.”


“Roxie is in my spot.  You’re only supposed to hold me.”

Nick looked at his daughter, slightly confused.  "I thought you wanted me and Roxie to be together."

“But I wanted to cuddle with you.”  She said with a slight whine.

Roxie woke up.  “What’s going on?”  She asked groggily.

"You're in my spot."  Ariel informed her.

 Roxie looked at her.  "C'mon.  You can come up and lay next to me."  She offered, not wanting to leave Nick's warm embrace.

“No, I want to cuddle with my daddy and you’re in the way.  Now move.”

“Ariel Elizabeth Carter, apologize right now.”

“No.  I want my spot.”  Nick got out of bed and picked up Ariel, carrying her under his arm.  She giggled.  “Where are we going?”

“You’re going back to bed.”  He entered her room and placed her on her bed.  “Go back to sleep.”

“But Daddy, I wanted to cuddle with you.”  She said on the verge of tears.

“You’re going to have to learn that you won’t always get what you want.  And if you’re going to disrespect me or Roxie, you won’t get what you want.  Now go back to sleep.”  Ariel started crying.  Nick sighed.  "Ariel, go to sleep..."  He said.

 Ariel turned off her tears.  "Will you let me sleep with you?"

 "No."  Nick said.  "Sleep in your own room.  You aren’t going to get rewarded for the way you acted."  He told her.  He walked back to his room and Roxie glanced at him.

 "Nick, I can - "

 "No."  Nick said.  "She's being disrespectful.  We're not doing anything wrong.  She's going to have to learn to share me with you."  He told her and kissed Roxie gently.

Roxie moved back into Nick’s embrace.  “It’s not going to be easy, you know.”

“I know, but she’s the one who pushed us together.” He realized how that sounded.  “Well, I mean, that I’m sure it would have happened eventually, but, she um, sped the process along.”

Roxie giggled.  “Lets go back to sleep.”

“I like that idea.”  He said and kissed her.  “You should be warned.  Ariel will be a walking terror tomorrow.”

Roxie smiled.  "We can manage her."  She said as they drifted off to sleep.