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Author's Chapter Notes:
Alrighty, here's a new story I started. It's a supernatural story, because those are my favorites to read, and I thought I'd give it a try. If it seems like I posted too much, well I am because I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow and I just want to post what I've got so far. :) I would like some feedback on it. Welps, enjoy the story!!

Earth… the only planet known to contain life and has the ability to keep living organisms alive and thriving. The Darwin theory helped us to understand this chain, better known as the circle of life, and what it all means. He basically stated each living creature on this planet has a will to survive, how they go about it is a different story. We’re all linked to one another in some way, what is that way might you ask? You have heard the phrase “only the fittest shall survive”, and that phrase derived from Darwin. He started off by studying finches, and from there created a theory of evolution.

Different and various creatures began to increase, and Darwin suggested that somewhere along the way, these creatures had learned to crossbreed, which the results learned to adapt to different habitats and foods. Due to this adaptation, various creatures were able to evolve from one species to another, and each stage of evolution only proved these creatures to be growing bigger, faster, stronger. But no matter how much these species seemed to be evolving, which seemed to often and rapid, there was only one group of species that were dominate, on top of this chain. Humans were the new beasts to roam the earth.

Not only were humans agile, capable and strong, but they were a large group of species, creatures destined to do whatever they needed to do in order to survive. Humans were the complete package, ruling the world with it’s knowledge and power, but for some reason, being a dominant species wasn’t enough. Humans began to turn on each other, fighting and killing each other just to survive… fighting and killing each other just for power. As the world continued to grow, and lands and humans began to divide, that is when war came into affect. Humans would go and attack other humans to claim their land and power. Life on earth somehow turned into a sick game, of who could fight to claim power, of who would dominate in the end.

As time passed, humans became ruthless and hungry; hungry for more, hungry for power. The minds of humans began to evolve, making these species smarter, faster, stronger… increasing their will to do whatever it takes, even if it means ridding the world of your own kind, to survive. Battles no longer consisted of humans fighting humans, but more of man against machines. Planes, bombs, guns, and all sorts of war weaponry were created to use and prove power and domination. It would only be a matter of time for evolution in humans to take one more giant step in order to create something that would seize total and complete power of the world. The first step in that direction was taken by my husband, Dr. William Redford.

He became obsessed with Darwin’s theory, and believed that he could generate humans to become better and more lethal than humans, machines and beasts combined. Instead of going to war with dangerous weapons, send in supernatural humans that would take care of the problem and were agile enough not to be killed in the process. He believed that he could create super humans, and everyone thought he was completely crazy. He wanted to prove these people that doubted him wrong, wanted to show these people that he could create a new set of humans that were supernatural and indestructible, a new form of weapons the government would want and utilize. And like a fool, I stood beside him, every step of the way.