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Author's Chapter Notes:
I worked really hard. I hope you like this.
I looked in the mirror, what I saw disgusted me. A bruise decorated the right side of face starting at my temple leading all the way down to my jaw, dried blood painted my bottom lip. I leaned in, gripping the cool marble sink. Dark circles rimmed my eyes. It had been weeks since I had gotten a decent night’s sleep. I was pathetic. A six-foot, muscular man getting the shit beat out of him on the daily basis by a petite nineteen-year-old woman. Pretty sad, huh? For a split second I wanted to cry, instead I grabbed the nearest object, an empty soap dish; I threw it with all the strength I could possibly muster. The mirror shattered instantly sending shards and bits in all directions. Staggering backward, the glass crunched under my feet, nipping and biting at the callused flesh. When I finally hit the wall I slid down onto the floor. I grabbed one of the larger pieces laying inches away and pressed my thumb to the edge sliding it downward. It pierced my skin, blood dripped across my palm. I tossed the make-shift-razor aside, pressing my thumb to the icy white tiled floor I drew I straight line, a trail of wine red followed. I retracted my hand and studied it, glistening with sweat and blood. I wiped it on my pants then stood. Pulling off my belt then stripping completely. I stepped over the mess of glass, approaching the shower. I adjusted the temperature before getting in. The hot water stung on my rapidly swelling face.
Clad in only a fresh pair of boxers I walked out of the bathroom, again ignoring the mess. Knowing full well I just didn’t have the patience to deal with it. My bedroom was dark and for some strange reason it was rather comforting. I pulled back the blankets on my king size bed and lied down. It had been an extremely long day and all I wanted was some rest.