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Author's Chapter Notes:
I know that not much happened in chapter nine. So here's a little something to make up for it.. Enjoy&review. The input you guys give me helps me write the next chapter.. So, suggestions are VERY welcome. =]
I sprawled out across AJ’s couch, my head resting comfortably in his lap as we watched a movie when my cell phone started vibrating from in my pocket.
“’Ello?” I answered as he paused the movie. I could feel his eyes on me but, I didn’t meet his gaze.
“Nick, where have you been? I’ve called your house like, thirty times! I left so many messages on your cell the voicemail is full. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a week!” he was angry.
“Brian?” I shot up away from AJ as though he could see us. “Umm... Sorry. What’s up?” I stammered.
“You’ve been acting weird, man. What’s going on?” Yep, he was definitely angry.
“Nothing, why?”
“Nick, c’mon?” he knew I was lying.
“Seriously!” What else could I say?
“You’re my best friend. Just tell me!” he sounded hurt. I started to feel kind of guilty.
“There’s nothing to tell, Bri.”
“Obviously something’s going on. I know Howie’s covering up for you. We all know he couldn’t lie to save his life and AJ…” he trailed off.
“Wha- what about him?” I attempted to swallow the uneasy lump in my throat, turning to face my boyfriend fearfully. His eyes held only deep concern.
“He’s been acting really strange especially around you.”
“Rok, I gotta go.” Before he could reply I slammed my phone shut. “AJ,” I reached for his hand, “I think we have a big problem.”