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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, it's been a while since I've updated and with school starting next week I'll be updating even less. Sorry.
It's short, I know. But bare with me I like to build the suspense. Lol.
The more time I spent with AJ the harder it became to be away from him. It was weird. I had never felt nearly as strong for anyone. But, everything was fresh and pure so I hesitated to admit these feelings. AJ had told me he loved me and I accepted that but could I really love him too? I mean, we hadn’t even been together six months. I didn’t want to rush things. All I really knew was that AJ loved me, I REALLY liked him and no one would accept us as a couple. Maybe that was it, the fact that people wouldn’t want us together only drove us closer, kind of like Romeo and Juliet hopefully without the suicidal ending.

Glancing at the CallerID of my cell I saw that it was Brian, deciding to ignore it I set it back down on the table. Not five minutes later he called again. I watched mindlessly as the vibrations caused it to move across the wooden surface. I refused to answer and I guess he refused to give up because he called ten more times in the next twenty minutes. I felt anger brewing deep in the pit of my stomach. Why couldn’t he take a hint and leave me the hell alone? I turned the phone off before wondering into the living room. My irritation was quickly replaced with butterflies as I noticed AJ curled up in the corner of the couch. I laid down next to him resting my head on his thigh. He let out a carefree laugh, running the back of his hand over my cheek, “You okay?”

“Mm. Brian called.” I stating quietly, adjusting so that I could look up at him.
“Yeah? What’d he say?”
“I didn’t pick up.”
“Oh.” He said, placing his hand on my chest. I put my hand over his he smiled down at me. Then his face dropped, “We have to tell them.”
“When?” I asked, closing my eyes.
“Like, tomorrow?”
“It doesn’t have to be that soon. Whenever you feel comfortable babe.” He intertwined our fingers. Opening my eyes, I smiled up at him.
“How about the day after tomorrow?”
“Is that what you want Nicky?”
“Yes.” I declared bravely.
“Then it’s settled.”
Chapter End Notes:
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