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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks for sticking with me guys. Sorry it's been so long.
AJ and I sat on the couch together, not too close of course, trying to prepare ourselves for hell. Howie was on the floor in front of us engrossed in his stocking feet, his face blank. Brian and Kevin sat opposite from us on a larger couch. It was as though a battle line was draw across the living room. Kevin looked deep in thought while Brian seemed irritated.
“Is there any particular reason we’re here?”
I stared intently at my hands in my lap, feeling like my guts were being pushed up into my throat. My palms were sweaty, my fingers numb. My knees were shaking. It was all I could do not to throw up right there.
AJ took in a deep breath.
“Nick and I,” Oh god, I think I’m going to pass out. I could feel the room start to spin and closed my eyes. “Have been dating for a while now.” I felt my stomach churn. Brian was enraged by the news.
“That’s sick!”
Here it comes. I made a run for the bathroom but I didn’t make it and ended up dry heaving all over the hallway in front of the room I had stayed in four months previous. I could hear the argument in the living room.
“I love him!” AJ roared. There was a loud crash and I fell to my knees as another course came up. The sound of glass breaking hit my ears as my whole body begun to tremble.
“Stay the hell away from me you fucking queer!” The front door slammed and the house grew quite.
“Nicky? Babe?”
I felt hands dragging me off the floor.
“Is he alright?”
“He’s really pale.”
“Let’s get him cleaned up.”