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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks for all he reveiws. You guys are awesome!
I let AJ lead me to the bathroom while Howie and Kevin waited in the hall. He pulled off my shirt and wet a cloth. I sat on the edge of the tub. I felt like a child. Tears pricked my eyes but I refused to let them fall. He wiped my face without out a word, and then crouched down in front of me, placing his hand on my knee.
“Don’t touch me!” He quickly recoiled almost falling back. I felt ashamed. Brian hated me and I knew why.
On one hand AJ was right, Brian would never even consider accepting our relationship. On the other hand I thought Howie was right, as my best friend he should want me to be happy. Taking all this out on AJ was wrong but I felt so mixed up.
I got to my feet, he pulled my back down.
“No. Listen to me.” I turned away. “Look at me.” He took my face gently in his hands making me look at him. In a tense moment our eyes met. “You can’t shut me out.” His voice was small, quivering. He gripped the bathtub on either side of me to steady himself. “You can get angry and upset. But, whatever you do, don’t shut me out.” He was begging me now. “Please Nicky?” His eyes darkened. “Please?”
“I won’t.” That was all I could manage to get out.
“We can get through this but to do that we need to stay open with each other. Okay?”
“Okay.” I walked to the sink where I brushed my teeth for a solid ten minutes. Once I was finished I faced AJ again. He came to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. In return I wrapped mine around his middle, resting my forehead against his. I pulled him even closer. Our bodies pressed tightly, he grinned, kissing me softly. He ran his right hand down my naked side sending chills up my spine. He broke the kiss, moving his head to my shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on my ear.
“I love you Nicky.” He whispered. I responded by burying my face in his neck, needing him as close as possible. After another half an hour like this he spoke up. “They’re gonna think we jumped out the window or something.”
“They can wait.” I didn’t want to let go just yet and that’s when I knew I could never let go. We didn’t move for another two hours or so. Finally pulling apart I shivered from the loss of body heat.
“Don’t worry, Okay? If Kev was mad we would know by now.”
“Okay.” With his fingers intertwined tightly with mine I felt confident. He opened the bathroom door and we stepped out into the hall.
Chapter End Notes:
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