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Kevin and Howie were in the kitchen eating leftovers from the night before. Kevin smiled in my direction then took a bite of his dinner. AJ squeezed my hand. We looked to our oldest brother, awaiting his input. He swallowed his mouth full and finished his milk then looked up at us.
“Are you happy?” It was a simple question with a simple answer.
“Very happy.”
“Well, okay then.” He was being so causal. “I better get going now. Love ya guys.” He gave each of us a hug. “I’ll see you later.” He was on his way out.
“Wait. That’s it?”
“What were you expecting Nick? As long as you guys are happy, I don’t really see a problem with it.” He was out the door and in his car before I could say another word.
“Well, it’s been interesting but I gotta go too.” Howie grabbed his coat off the back of his chair and followed Kevin’s path. “G’night!” he called and he was gone.
“Yeah, Nicky?”
“I’m tired.”
“C’mon. We’ll go lay down.”
My body ached and my head hurt. It had been a long day.
Lying in bed curled up next to AJ as he played with my hair, I was completely at peace. I had almost forgotten about Brian. My eyelids grew heavy. When I awoke several hours later he hadn’t moved a bit. He smiled at me.
“What?” I asked bashfully.
“Just watching you.” He whispered.
“Watching me sleep, huh? Sounds boring.”
“Not at all.” He brought his hand up to my face, sliding his fingertips over my cheek. I caught his hand with my now cast-free arm and smiled.
“I love you Alex.” The words had come out so naturally that I was practically unaware I had said them. I leaned in, kissing him tenderly. In that moment we were the only two people in the entire world.
Chapter End Notes:
Well, that's it kiddies. I hoped you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it. It's been fun. =]
Ryann. ** If I can find an interested co-writer, I will write a sequel. If anyone is interested they can contact me at PureChaos92@hotmail.com.