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When awoke in the morning it took me a moment to realize where I was. Then I recalled the night before and a grin spread widely across my face. I threw the blankets off myself then headed for the bathroom. I took a shower thinking of how to approach AJ. I figured I had only two choices: not do anything and let him believe I was really sleeping or go after him and knowing what I do it will an easy task. However, I had to get through the day without letting him know anything. For the time being I had forgotten all about Jenna.
As soon as I was done I went downstairs to the kitchen. Where I found AJ making pancakes, clothed in only a pair of jeans.
“Morning.” He greeted with a warm smile before turning back to the food. I sat down at the table.
“Morning AJ.” I replied glancing in his direction. I did a double take. His hair was a complete mess. The band of his underwear was visible above the line of his jeans. His feet were bare on the hard wood floor. He rubbed the back of his neck while he waited for the batter in the pan to cook. Damn, he was cute. Wait, what the hell am I saying?! CUTE?? But, he’s AJ! My friend, my brother…A GUY!! I can’t think he’s cute. But, I couldn’t help it. He was cute, really cute! He turned to the left looking for the spatula, licking his lips. I had to fight the urge to pounce on him right there. After what he had said the night before I suddenly saw him in a different light. A bright, beautiful light! Not only was he physically attractive he was tender. Warm and welcoming when I was lost, gentle and delicate when I was hurt. How could I be so blind as to not see all this before?
That night while I lay in bed I formulated a plan. I refused to go to sleep. I was going to wait for him, wait for him to come to me. Then and only then would I make my move. I turned off the lamp on the nightstand before snuggle down under the covers. There I awaited his return. It only took a few hours. I closed my eyes when I heard the doorknob twist and took a deep breath. This was it. He sat by my side.
“Nicky, I know we said tomorrow you would leave. But, know this, I really don’t want to you go. I wish you could stay with me forever.” He carefully laced his fingers with mine. “I-I love you, Nicky. I’ve never admitted it but it’s so true.” With his free hand he caressed my cheek gingerly. “But, I know that you can never love me back and as much that sucks I need to accept it and let you go.” He squeezed my hand but before he could get up to leave. I took grip on his hand opening my eyes. He started at me in shock. “Nick, I-“
“No, you’re not leaving and neither am I.” A gorgeous smile appeared on his face and he grasped my hand firmly once again. “Now get in this bed.” I made room for him and he obeyed. We lay on our sides so we could face one another, our fingers still clasped between us.
He cupped his left hand over my cheek, bringing my face closer to his. Our lips met hungrily. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it just might explode. He deepened the kiss. His mouth moved to my neck. I pulled him closer, capturing his lips with mine. When we finally pulled away after a long while, I smiled up at him. He pushed my hair out of my face. I bit my lip.
“I love you, Nicky.” He whispered.
“I can’t say that I love you AJ. But, I can’t say I won’t either.”
“You don’t have to say anything.” He moved onto his back. I rested my head on his chest, falling asleep comfortably wrapped in his arms.