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Author's Chapter Notes:
Nick and Howie finally find rooms to sleep in. But Insomniac Nick finds another interesting book to read.
Nick and Howie walked down a hallway and stopped at a few doors. They were relieved to find that they led to bedrooms.

Howie entered a room. The room had a gothic look to it and the bedspread was draped with black silk sheets and the windows were draped with blood-red curtains. Howie peeked out the window and saw that the storm was still going on outside as a flash of lightning sliced through the black and blue sky. He sighed.
I hope this storm goes away soon. I don’t want to be stuck here any longer, he thought.

He made his way to the bed and took off his shoes as he climbed in the sheets. He looked around as he lay in the bed before dozing off to sleep.

In the other room next to Howie’s, Nick set his backpack down on the bed as he looked around the room. The walls were painted with hieroglyphics and there were ancient Egyptian pottery lined across the floor. The bedspread was made out of emu feathers and the headboard was elaborate gold plating.

There was a golden book on a stand against the far wall. Nick walked over to it and examined it with curiosity. There was a layer of dust covering it and he blew on it to clear it off. He coughed as the dust entered his lungs. He ran his hand against the front of the book over the hieroglyphics carvings, tracing each symbol with his finger. The book suddenly opened and revealed pages made of papyrus and the hieroglyphics were written in black ink on the pages. There was an English translation next to the hieroglyphics inscription on the first page. Nick read it out loud:

“The Book of the Dead belongs to the high priest and only he shall read from this book. All others who do shall face his wrath.”

This is better than the Kama Sutra book I stole back from Howie Nick thought gleefully. He had snuck the Kama Sutra book into his backpack when he and Howie left the laboratory.

Nick started to feel sleepy but couldn’t detach himself from the book. There was something eerily haunting about it but then again he was always into paranormal stuff. Nick ignored the inscription on the front page and began reading from the book.

Nick was beginning to get into the book, when he suddenly heard a low groan coming from downstairs. He looked up from his book as he listened carefully. Maybe I should learn to follow instructions, he thought to himself, now regretting he ever opened the book. He heard another groan but this time it was getting louder.

“It’s probably AJ or Howie trying to scare me,” he muttered, but felt the fear slowly creep back. "I hope..."

Usually he’s the one doing the scare, but now someone—or something—was seriously scaring him.

He finally pulled away from the Book of the Dead and made his way to the bed. He probably just needs to rest and this was all in his head. He climbed into the emu-feathered sheets and closed his eyes trying to drift to sleep. He managed to drift into sleep after a few minutes, ignoring the groans he heard and hoping it just one of the guys trying to scare him.