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Author's Chapter Notes:
Strange things start happening to the Boys, especially to Brian and Howie.
Howie woke up to the sound of a strange tapping at his window. He lifted his head from the pillow and looked toward the window. He saw a bat fluttering against the glass. He turned away from the window and tried to drift back to sleep. He heard the tapping again and this time it became rapid. He sat up in frustration and threw off his covers and walked toward his window and opened it to let the bat inside. The bat fluttered into his bedroom and settled on the ceiling above Howie’s bed. He closed the window and climbed back into bed and drifted back to sleep.

He quickly fell into a dream-like state and dreamt of a beautiful woman in a red dress standing by his bed. She looked down at his sleeping form a smile slowly spread across her face. His gaze seemed to be fixated on her dark brown eyes unable to look away from them. She brushed a hand gently against his cheek and leaned over him. He closed his eyes waiting for a kiss. That’s when he felt a sudden sharp pain on the side of his neck.

Brian awoke abruptly to a loud crack of thunder and a bright flash of lightning from his window. He looked around and was disorientated for a minute. He sat up in his bed and looked around and then remembered where he was. He looked out the window and noticed that the storm was still going on.
Geez, when will this storm ever stop?

Suddenly, a distant howl came from outside his window. He heard another howl but this time it sounded closer. He listened carefully. After a while, the only sound he heard was the thunder and the rain. He turned away from the window as he lay back in his bed to try to go to sleep.

Another howl jolted him and his eyes flew open. The howl sounded much louder, as if whatever was howling was standing right outside his window. He turned around to face the window and saw the silhouette of a wolf on the balcony.

Brian stared at the wolf and wondered how it got up on the balcony, but then he noticed the wolf began to morph into something bigger—almost human, but it wasn’t. Thinking he must be dreaming, he rubbed his eyes. The strange creature was still there. It busted open the window and towered over Brian growling and bearing its long fangs.

Brian couldn’t believe his eyes. Is that a…werewolf?!

AJ woke up to a loud crash and bolted off his pillow. He sat up and looked around disoriented. He sat silently listening to hear where the crash had come from. Instead, he heard the sound of organ music, which seemed to emanate through the walls. He wondered where it came from. The organ was playing some type of ominous music and sounded faint.

Who the hell would be playing the organ this late at night? I hope it’s not Nick. Did he even know how to play an organ? What I would do to that kid if I find out he was behind this! he thought.

He threw off his covers and opened his door. The organ music sounded louder. He grabbed his flashlight on the bedside table and shined it down the hallway. He looked from side to side checking to see if Nick was there. He made his way down the hallway and peered around the corner at where the organ sat in a small vestibule.

He swallowed the lump in his throat when he saw that there was no one playing the organ. The phantom organ continued playing even as AJ walked closer to it and examined the organ carefully.

It might be one of those automatic organs that plays by itself, he thought to himself. Or it could be rats. AJ cringed at the thought of rats and backed away from the organ.

Suddenly, he heard Brian scream from his room. AJ whirled around and ran to Brian’s door.

“Hey Rok, are you alright in there?” he asked, banging rapidly against Brian’s door.

There was no answer from Brian except another scream, but that scream immediately turned into a howl.

“Brian?!” AJ screamed as he broke down the door. He dashed in as he saw the silhouette of Brian hunched over near the window. AJ must have been imagining it but to him it looked as if Brian’s body was changing, like it was getting bigger and…hairier.

“Brian?” AJ moved closer to Brian to get a better look at him. He dropped his flashlight in shock and stared in horror when he saw what Brian had become.

“Oh my God!”

Nick suddenly woke up to a scream. His eyes flew open and his heart began to race. Not again, he thought. He sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes sleepily. Just when he was finally going to sleep, he hears something else to keep him up. He was about to lay back down when he hears Howie scream in his room.

Nick grabbed his flashlight and ran to his door. He peered out his door and looked up and down the hallway. Nick walked over and knocked on his friend’s door. When he didn’t get a response, he pushed the door open.

“Howie?” he called, shining his flashlight on Howie’s bed. The bed was empty and he didn’t see Howie standing anywhere in the room.

“D?” he called again, “Howie? Where you at man?” Nick was beginning to get frustrated.

“This isn’t funny anymore, man. You and AJ can stop now,” he said, still looking around for Howie.

He walked closer to Howie’s bed and checked it again. It was still empty.

Then he heard a strange noise coming from above his head. Nick looked up to see Howie with his hands and feet on the ceiling hissing like a cat at Nick.

“What the Hell? Hey, how are you doing that?” Nick asked. Howie continued hissing at Nick then flipped off the ceiling and stood in front of Nick.

Up close Nick could see Howie’s face had become pale and he had a set of fangs, his eyes were now an eerie glow of violet. Howie continued to hiss at Nick as he grabbed Nick’s arm. Nick yanked his arm away from Howie when Howie tried to bite into it.

“What the Hell is wrong with you?” Nick cried out. “Howie? Dude, this isn’t funny!”

“I vant to suck your blad,” came Howie’s reply in a Transylvanian accent.

Nick backed away slowly from Howie. He shined his flashlight in Howie’s face, causing Howie to hiss angrily and covered his face.

Nick ran out the door before Vampire Howie had time to catch up.

I have to find the other guys, Nick thought desperately. What the hell is wrong with Howie? Was he a vampire? But they’re not real, were they?