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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thank you all once again for all your feedback and for taking the time to read. Sorry this one is a little longer than the rest, but it's worth it. I think!

Once in town, I look around, everything is crammed onto one street. The first thing we pass is the Courthouse, looks like a miniature white house to me, in red brick. A couple of minutes later we hit the main street, to my right there’s a fire station, a Re Max office, an electronics and gift shop, an extreme sports store and a bar. On the right there’s a church, a tall apartment building, furniture store, the famous diner, the pharmacy and what looks like a movie theatre.

There’s a handful of people on the street, staring at the bug, waving at Crystal with smiles. She smiles back and waves, even calls out some names. I watch her as she interacts with the towns folk and it makes my stomach flutter. It must be damn nice to be known, to have people call your name and want to be greeted by you. It must be nice.

She parks in front of a bookstore “Come on I have a book I want to buy. I saw it on the net.” I like her giddiness, it makes me warm inside. That sounds so fucking gay, I nod at my softness. She really makes me mad, its because of her I think stupid shit like that. “Cool” I try to sound collected.

“Good” her smile beams as she takes my hand again and leads me into the bookstore. “I’m looking for Twilight, it’s the hype on the net. So I want to read it, not like I have anything else to do. I can read it to you?” she smiles as if this would make me jump for joy.

“Uh…I don’t know. What’s it about? Funny looking characters and talking fish? Or green eggs? No…about…”

She cuts me off with a groan and then replies “No, I told you I was sorry about those, this is a love story…about a vampire and a mortal who are impossibly in love with each other, but their feelings are so strong that they make it work. Even though in a moment of thoughtlessness he could kill her…” she sighs and squeals as she takes a book with a black cover and two hands holding an apple off the bookshelf.

“Sounds fuck…mmmm” she covers my mouth.

I look at her startled as she stares into my eyes and I ask her ‘What?’ with a shrug, “No cursing in here…the owners are older and well…it would be disrespectful for them to hear your potty mouth. Now I’m going to remove my hand.” She starts to move her hand, then I take a playful bite at it.

“Ouch…that was so uncalled for.” she giggles.

I haven’t smiled or laughed in years, not much to smile about in my life. Unless the smirk on my face when I see my fat checks or who I'm going to screw with count? Maybe. I chuckle and I can tell that she’s as startled as I am to see me bare my teeth, other than when I‘m clenching them in annoyance. I seriously didn’t know I could smile.

While she pays for her book, which I offered to pay for, but she declined. I check out the music section, there isn‘t one fucking CD in sight. Is it weird that they only have vinyl records? I trace them with my finger and come upon one of ‘The Flamingos‘ it’s a single of the song ‘Hey There Lonely Girl’ I chuckle, I had no clue they made singles back then. I place it on the counter and for the first time in days I take out money. Crystal laughs as the older couple look at me a little fearful.

“It’s ok…he doesn’t really bite!” she says, looking at her hand that I just bit. She giggles and takes my hand, making me almost run out of the store. “They all look at you funny, I think it’s the goatee and the tattoos.” she opens the car and takes my album and her book and throws them on her seat, and locks the car back up. “Come on…I have to go to the pharmacy and then you can see your Sheeba” she smiles.

I spot the bar across the street “Hey how about I meet you outside the pharmacy. I have something to do real quick.”

“Jack isn’t it uh…” she looks at her watch “Early to be drinking right now, plus there are no women to pick up in there.”

I raise an eyebrow, nice, she thinks I’m a horny drunk. “Well first of all I don’t crave a drink and second of all…never mind. Just I’ll meet you there alright”

She raises her hands in defeat “Alright, but if you crawl drunk out of there and…” I give her my evil eye and she shuts up and gives me a crooked smile “Sorry…I’ll see you in a bit then.” I watch as she walks away, the dress fluttering around her as she strides to the pharmacy.

I cross the street and enter the bar, with one thing on my mind. The bartender looks up at me, I know it’s because I’m this stranger lingering around their town “Hey man! How’s it going?” I try to sound casual.

He raises an eyebrow, I’m thinking he’s going to pick me up and throw me out, like they do in the movies. Funny how I remember clips of movies, but don’t remember ever seeing an entire one. “Good thanks, what can I get for ya?”

I clear my throat “Actually I just have a quick question if you don’t mind.” he nods for me to proceed “Was there a fight here last night?” I wait with anticipation, this answer can save the Howie guy’s life. Because if there was no fight, he sure as hell has some explaining to do.

“Oh last night” he ponders for a second and then his face shows some recollection. “Yeah broke out in here, about four of them, and then it moved on outside. It was some Hispanic boys fooling around. You know how it is when people get drunk.”

I nod. I sure as hell know how it is when you get drunk, all hell can break loose out of nowhere and for no reason. “Thank you.” my eyebrows furrow, in confusion. Did I just have a decent conversation with someone? I did, no foul words, hostility, threats and definitely no weapons involved.

Crystal is waiting for me at the Pharmacy and has her usual bright smile as she takes my arm and pools me towards the body shop around the corner. I see her, my baby, she’s all smashed up in the front, her hood is up and she’s missing her motor. The mechanic greets us and she introduces me as the owner, he says everyone that sees my baby falls in love with her and that he still has a lot to do, that she should be up and running no later than Sunday.

After running my hands over her smooth exterior I let out a sigh and walk back to the car with Crystal. I find myself walking like a robot next to her, and for some reason I’m really uneasy. I feel like someone is watching us, I start to look up and down the street, through the cracks of buildings, in the windows of the stores, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. If I wasn’t so stubborn or afraid of showing, said emotions I would place an arm over her. Just to be safe.

All my thoughts are blurred when my eyes fall onto the perkiest pair of tits I’ve seen in my life. My gaze continues down to an exposed stomach, with a silver stud tucked in the belly button. If I’m not mistaken I can almost see what I’ve been craving, for days, with her itsy bitsy skirt. I remember that the face has to go with the body. So I look up and I’m blown away by the beautiful brunette that approaches Crystal all smiles. Of course Crystal doesn’t seem as amused as I am, by the sluttish angels presence.

“Oh my god Crystal, I haven’t seen you in like forever. How are you?” she’s talking to her, but looking me up and down and I’m standing there, full of myself. “Who’s your friend?” she gives me a smile. A smile that let’s me know that today is my lucky day.

Crystal nudges me “This is Jack, he’s staying at the ranch. While his car gets fixed.” she explains, but is totally ignored by the spunky brunette.

“No way you’re the owner of the Nova? That car is just hot…” she begins to walk away and now I follow like a faithful puppy. Of course not without letting her walk ahead and checking out her ass. Approved, both of my heads yell at me. “So listen Jack, my friends and I are going to hang out at the bar later on tonight.” she bites the corner of her lip as one of her hands slides over my chest “You should really come…” she says the last word seductively, unless it’s my hormones making me hear things.

I notice Crystal walking to the bug “Oh I gotta go, but I’ll definitely see you later tonight.” I almost trip as I turn back around and head to the car. I can’t get enough of that ass, swaying from side to side as she walks away. When I reach the car, I can tell that the kid is no longer happy. Her eyes look at the ground instead of me and she flings my record and her book to the backseat as she gets in. “Everything ok?”

“Yes, I just hate her. She’s such a hypocrite and a slut. I don’t like her, but I see that you two kicked it off just fine.” she fakes a smile, turning on the radio, but it makes a weird noise and shuts down. “Oh that is just nice…I just bought that last year.” she groans as she backs out of the bookstore with a screech of the tires. “Is there anything else you want to do?” she asks, as we wait at the only intersection light.

I nod, trying to read her eyes, but there expressionless as she stares ahead. “No…so why don’t you buy a new stereo?” I ask with a shrug.

She turns and gives me a glare “I’m not rich Jack, I can’t afford something like that. It doesn’t matter…” she let’s out a heavy sigh and continues to stare ahead.

An idea springs in my head, but I’ll get back to it later on tonight, for now I just want her to smile again. “So, that book of yours…”

She cuts me off “You don’t have to pretend that you want me to read it. I know I’m just a kid to you…” we turn onto the ranches driveway and she parks, takes out the book and hands me the record and then storms into the house. That girl is something else, mood swings galore… I walk up to my room and I stand staring at nothing for a bit.

“Here” she waltzes into my room with an old record player a couple of minutes later “It was in Mason’s room.” she places it on the dresser and walks into her room. I haven’t thought about the Richardson mission for quite a while, it even makes me flinch internally at how much I can forget around her. I dismiss it and tell myself I’ll think about it later.

I wonder what’s crawled up her ass. She was just fine a couple of minutes ago “Hey, you don’t want to hear it?” I yell from my room, as I blow the dust from the player and put the record to play. Why am I even worried? Its better if she’s mad, she’ll leave me the hell alone and I can hear this song in peace on my…I do a double take as I notice the bed is made up. I remove the blanket and there is no more hole. “Hey Crystal…” I hear her sniffling and I can’t help but roll my eyes. Lately it’s like she’s all emotional and shit, all of a sudden she starts bawling. I ignore the waterworks and lean against the wall “Yo…my bed doesn’t…”

“Yeah, I had them replace it for you. While we went to town.” she wipes away the tears.

“Oh!” damn her for being so kind and giving. “Thank you”

She shrugs and looks up at me with her usual puppy eyes, “I just don’t want you to leave yet, so I’m thinking if I keep you comfy you’ll stay as long as you can.”

The good moment without her getting all mushy didn’t last to damn long. What is with her? Maybe she’s lonely, I don’t see much of Nick around, then again it could be me keeping him away. Plus she keeps mentioning her father and…naa…he’s to young to be her dad. There has to be someone older here. I’m being ridiculous.

Her mouth suddenly curves into a smile and she suddenly jumps on to me hanging on to my neck and planting one right on my lips. I see it’s nothing to her, but as for me, there was that electrifying feeling again. I hate it. “I’m so glad that you like it…” she still clings onto me as I walk backwards towards my room.

“Alright that is enough hugging me…don’t do that again.” My record is playing and the song is shaking through the roughed up speakers on the O.G. record player.

The moon maybe high
but I can't see a thing in the sky,
'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I plop onto the bed and stretch out my legs, placing my arms under my head and closing my eyes. All the while I’m ignoring the girl standing by the record player, the nerve of kissing me again. To get rid of the fantasies swimming in my mind I start to sing…I’ve never sung before, but I feel the need to right now. Plus this song sounds so damn familiar. “You are here…So am I…Maybe millions of people go by…
but they all disappear from view….And I Only Have Eyes For…”
I jerk up as I feel a weight on my legs and when I open my eyes there she is straddling my lap and staring at me.

Of course instead of pushing her off of me or yelling like I usually do, I just gaze into her eyes. Watching as her face inches slowly towards mine, my heart is thudding ten times more than normal and my breathing has already elevated. I close my eyes as I feel her lips brush against mine and I can’t help but engulf her mouth. I know I’m kissing her harder than I want to, but my craving for her is growing by the minute.

I’m surprised at myself, my hands usually fly to certain areas that you can already imagine, but instead one cups the back of her head and the other one runs up and down her back. Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone so much like I want her right now. I feel her hands under my shirt, they run slowly over my stomach and up my chest.

Finally my hands catch up with my brain and they start to make their way to my favorite spots. One hand cups one of her breasts, as the other one finds its way up her dress, I squeeze her inner thigh and my fingers slip under the seam of her panties. Usually I know exactly what to do to a woman, if she likes it good and if she doesn’t oh fucking well, but at this exact moment I’m not sure what I’m doing, I’m going on instinct here.

The warmth of her body pressed against me, feels so good. Her mouth joining with mine, makes my whole body, especially junior pulse with eagerness. She suddenly gasps against my mouth and I realize that I’ve slipped a finger inside of her.

Our silence is broken as she whispers “Jack…tell me you want me” it almost sounds like a plea. Damn it, I want her…I need her…if I didn’t love her so much…I would definitely, take full advantage of this hell of a moment. What in the hell did I just think? Love? This isn’t love, its just an irrational urge to fuck her. I need to get laid that’s all, and that’s what I’m going to do. Get laid.

I hesitantly stop my hands from their playing and place them on her hips, abruptly picking her up and flinging her onto the other side of the bed. She looks at me startled and gets up on her knees, she opens her mouth to say something, but I raise my hand. “Don’t even…I told you this is not…going to happen. Look I‘m sorry I didn‘t mean to do what I did. I just need to get laid that‘s all.”

That was smooth Jack, very fucking smooth. I can see the pain in her eyes, and they are most likely to start leaking any moment. So I throw on my sweater and pull on my cap. Stop the record from playing for the third time and begin for the door. “Jack…please don’t leave. I know you feel something for me, I just felt it. You can’t…avoid…”

“How many times do I have to say it…your just a kid! Damn it Crystal the only thing I felt, was the urge to fuck the life out of you…I wont deny it. That’s it, you want more from me, but I don’t’ have shit to offer you. So get me out of your head.”

I storm out, knowing that I’ve definitely hurt her this time. It hurts…my chest literally feels like it’s going to explode with anger, confusion and this unknown, pain in my ass emotion, that I’m imagining is love. Love...for Crystal.