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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm sorry about the font change in the middle of the chapter, i have no idea what the heck that is about. I tried to fix it over and over and it just wouldn't budge. Thanks again for reading and reviewing ladies.

I open up my laptop, that has been charging since Don called. Quickly the program comes up and there is the picture of my mission…he’s an older man, with salt and pepper hair and a clean cut shave, his name flashes at the bottom and the instructions on how to get rid of him. He can’t be any older than forty five. I start to scan my compilation of photos, I stare at them one by one, knowing that I’ve taken their lives. I roll my eyes I’m not sure why it slightly frustrates me lately, the fact that I’m a killer.

My stomach flips as I come upon the Richardson’s photo, he’s holding the little boy in his arms. Why would anyone want to kill a child, is beside me. I don’t get it, and quite frankly it’s fucking sick. The disturbing part is, that I'm the sick fuck that’s going to do it. Then again, it’s why I get paid and well if I want that damn vacation I've been dreaming of, away from this life. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I haven’t decided where the hell I’m headed, but it sure as fuck is far away from here.

My bag is a mess, my shit is scattered everywhere it’s still a little odd that she didn’t take a peek. Maybe she did, then again she wouldn’t act so normal with me. I take my time to place everything back in order, although I don’t need any weapons, I’m not taking chances and I’m taking them with me. I pull on a clean pair of jeans, and black T-shirt and my boots. I pull on my beanie, then place my laptop back in it’s silver case, with skulls imprinted all over it, the only real gift I’ve ever received. Katy gave it to me for one of my birthdays, the girl was infatuated with me.

That was until I screwed both of her sisters and then all hell broke loose. She went nuts on me, crying and cursing up a storm, I thought I was a dead man. I don’t think Don would appreciate, me screwing with all three of his daughters, we all swore to secrecy. So far I think they’ve kept the secret, no, I’m still breathing, I know they kept the secret.

Just as I open the door, Crystal looks up at me with her bag in hand. Although she sounded fine a while ago, she has a sour look on her face. I knew she would still be mad at me about last night, I just hope she doesn’t bring anything up, I’m seriously not in the mood to deal with her melofuckingdrama.

“I’m ready…” I can tell her smile is forced, and suddenly I’m stuck with this pang of curiosity in my stomach. I’ll just have to fight the urge to ask her, I know damn well what the problem is.

I pull my bag over my shoulders, and give her a nod “Let’s go then…“ I walk past her and stride down the stairs, I can hear her right behind me.

As we exit the door, the big white truck pulls up and the cowboy hops out and runs up to her “Holy shit Crys…what the hell happened to you? Are you alright?” he says hugging her and running a hand over her bruised eye. He looks at me quickly “What did you do?” he towers over me.

I hate the fact that he’s taller than me and it makes me look inferior to have to look up at his gay cowboy ass. I furrow my brows in annoyance “What the fuck are you insinuating that I did that? Pfft…” I look over at her “Get him out of my face…”

“Come here…” she grabs him by the arm and drags him into the house, as I continue my way to the car. I can hear his voice thundering from inside, he sounds pretty pissed that she is leaving with me. I can’t help the smirk on my face as I throw my shit in the back seat. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep her from prying.

In the distance I can see a police cruiser coming into the driveway. Oh fuck, I sprint my ass up the porch stairs and enter the house, interrupting the twosomes light argument. I'm out of fucking breath, didn't realize how far...nevermind. “You gotta say you don’t know me…I’m not here…I don’t exist…you got it.”

Nick and Crystal look at me confused “What the fuck are you talking about shit head?” Did that blonde fucker just call me shit head? Ok, I don’t have time to worry about that right now, I’ll get him back later.

“Jack…what is going on?” she turns to look out the door and notices the cruiser parking next to her bug, she rolls her eyes and groans with annoyance. She turns to look at me, I think my panic stricken face causes her humor, because she is smiling. “Oh Jack, Holly forgot to tell you that her father is the sheriff.” she covers her mouth to muffle the laughter.

“What? Oh motherfucker!” now they are both laughing as someone knocks on the door, “I don’t exist” I whisper starting up the stairs.

“It’s just me…guys!” Holly’s voice drifts, from the porch “Jack left something in my car and my dad brought me to drop it off.”

I slowly walk towards the door “Hey…” I say, peeking my head out and looking around. I see the man sitting in the driver seat, I hate cops “My gun…is that what you brought me?” I whisper.

She pushes me in and follows “Yes you idiot…what the hell are you doing with a gun?” she raises an eyebrow, shoving the gun to my chest, I grip it tight and put it in it's usual spot.

“Hey I come from a really bad area…and you always have to carry something to defend yourself with. It’s a habit” Oh man, if her father would have even tried to trace this shit I’d be going to jail just about now. For something I didn’t really do, ok, so I shot them, but I did NOT hold up the place and that’s what I’d get busted for.

She nods annoyed by me, “Whatever…two little tips for your dumb ass…” I nod, hoping my anticipation will hurry her up, so she can get the fuck out. “Number one keep your gun to yourself and number two, don’t call another girls name…out while screwing someone.” she slams the door in my face and I hear snickers behind me.

Well ain’t that a bitch, she just burned me. I can’t even turn to face those two right now. “I’ll be in the car…” I mutter, as I drag my ass back to the car.

After a long and boring hour of the twosome going at it, we start our journey. I’m not sure at all how this is going to turn out, but it better be fucking hazardous free. I’m tired of being knocked over the head. I know that I told the kid to be quiet, but she’s being extremely quiet. I turn to look at her and she’s just looking out the window, her face unreadable, I can see her eyes moving about, checking out everything around her, her hands rest neatly on her lap.

“I can‘t believe my radio burned out?” she huffs, talking to herself, then turns to look at me with her beautiful blue eyes, my eyes slowly lock with hers, they trace every single detail of her face. She’s going to start talking my ear off now…ok she’s not, her hands rest on her lap again, I think she wishes it worked so the silence wasn’t so awkward.

“Your really quiet” I roll my eyes at my stupidity, wasn’t I the one that demanded she not talk or ask questions. Although a part of me needs to hear her voice, plus I want to know what she’s thinking.

She clears her throat “Weren’t you the one that told me to stay quiet, I’m just trying to stay out of your way. That’s all.“ she goes back to looking out the window.

“Yeah I guess I did, I just forgot that the damn radio was burned out. So what did your faggot ass friend say?”

I look over at her and catch a glare “He’s not a faggot first of all, I’ll have you know that he also rode the Holly express once and many other girls in town.” Ouch! I guess I deserve that. “Which means you had sex with Nick already.” she snickers.


Now her snicker is a full blown laugh “Yeah, you have sex with someone, that means you have sex with all the people that person has been with. Oh come on didn’t you have sex ed or just think about it in general.” she raises a brow, and right about now I feel like an idiot, cause I’ve never really thought about shit like that.

“Sex ed? Um, no I…well I…” My sex ed, was hands on experience and my teacher was one of Don's housekeepers, I don't remember her name, but she was a hot older woman. She let me explore and returned the favor, then by fifiteen I knew everything there was to know about getting laid. Hey that was my sex ed, but I'll keep the story and details to myself.

School? I never went to schooI. just about now, I find it embarrassing that I didn’t go to school, not one day since Don took me in. I usually went to the shop with him, hung out fixing up cars, and when I turned thirteen he bought a warehouse that he turned into an underground office, his employees were three older men that always wore suits. I never asked what it was they did. I just remember Don handing them laptop cases and a duffel bag each, just like mine. Never knew I'd end up being part of the staff, not to mention one of his most prized employees. “I didn’t go to school.” I mumble.

She looks at me puzzled, “You didn’t go to school, as of when? EVERYONE goes to school.” she shifts her body towards me, leaning the side of her back on the door.

Oh that is just great, now the chatter begins. I’m debating on what is better, utter silence or her voice bombarding me with stupid questions. “I didn’t go to school since I was rescued from the accident. The man that took me in…well…he never sent me.”

I turn to glance at her again and her eyes are trying to read me, I know they are. I hate that shit, then her mouth is slightly open, I can imagine in shock. I may not be school smart, but I’m street smart…that comes more in handy than math and biology. “I can’t believe that you never went to school, I mean how do you know so much then. Your not an idiot, well most of the time”

“Yeah thanks” I smirk, I love it when she’s a smart ass, it something I don’t see often. Then again I’m happy to see her softer side most of the time, even if I act like it annoys the shit out of me. Which I times it does. “Alright you can laugh now and get it out of your system” I’ve never told anyone that I’m an illiterate son of a bitch, but then again, I don’t think anyone can tell.

“Why would I laugh…” she shrugs, crossing her arms, she sits back and proceeds to continue with her looking out the window. We still have four more hours to go and I have a feeling the silence is going to remain the rest of the way. Maybe I’ll just hum a tune to myself, no that might be to gay. I’ll just drive…stare at nothing, maybe glance over at her a couple of times and drive.