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Damn it! How could I have lagged it so long to even take a peek at what was on that first page. I had gotten as far as reading my name again and I had freaked out, when I heard the kid coming out of the bathroom. That’s all I need is for her to ask me what those papers are.

I let out a moan, as I feel the warmth of the water hit my aching body. This past two weeks have been hell. Never in my life, have I been through such a fucking emotional rollercoaster or had so many body injuries. Before this I could count the injuries I had gotten.

I had broken an arm, thankfully not my shooting one, in a motorcycle accident, for being a stunt man, of course that was when I was about twenty. Then I had been attacked by another hired gun, I know it sounds weird, but that’s what Don calls…I mean called…us. Somehow, and I still don’t understand how we ended up assigned to the same target. He was so pissed off, that without warning he had let me have one right in the jaw, making me fall backwards and then he shot me in the arm. I’m guessing he didn’t kill me cause of my rep, and he knew he’d be in for some shit.

So there you are, two different occasions of being injured and they were about eight years apart. Here I was with a bullet hole on my side, a head injury or two, all bruised and banged up, and it had only been in a span of two fucking weeks. Just fucking great!

I wrap a towel around my waist and stare at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes. I can’t believe that I’m not Jack anymore, I’m Alex. I guess that’s what I would have everyone that I meet call me, Alexander is long and well would make me sound a little on the gay side. I pull on my beanie over my mess of hair, I need a hair cut sometime soon.

I dry off and pull on a pair of clean pants, I grab my shirt and start to pull it over my head as I open the door. Walking out of the bathroom I find Crystal sitting on the bed, staring into space. She still looks a little pale, only this, it’s as if she’s seen a ghost. “You ok?” I ask, startling her.

She looks at me with wide eyes and hops off the bed, holding the towel around her waist. “I’m…uh…” the look in her eyes is almost sorrowful and confused. “The lady came and brought you some extra blankets…” she points at the folded blankets on the bed.

I nod, looking her over, she’s only wearing one of my tshirts and being able to see her headlights on, I can tell she’s not wearing a bra. “Oh…that’s good.” My eyes dart at the side of her white, towel that’s stained red “Holy shit Crystal! Are you hurt?” I blurt, taking two steps towards her.

She jumps back “What?” she looks around “No, I’m fine…”

“Bullshit!” I wrap my hand around her thigh, letting her see the blood stain on the towel “Here…sit down” I try taking her arm, but she moves away. Ok, at first it bothered me that she was afraid, now it’s just starting to hurt. Yes, I said hurt. “God damn it Crystal, will you stop trying to be a bad ass. Now I know your hurt, so let me see.”

I furrow my brows, I have to let her know I mean business damn it, otherwise she’ll keep being stubborn. I step closer and she backs into the bedside table. Ha…now she doesn’t have anywhere to go, I reach out to take a peak of the wound, but she let’s me have a slap on the hand. OW!

“Don’t Jack, please…I’m fine.” I roll my eyes, ok so she is still stubborn, and it’s really pissing me off. She walks past me and puts her hand on the doorknob. “I’ll just tell the lady to come back and take a look at it. She must have a first--”

I cut her off quickly, slamming against the door “NO! That lady, will think I beat you…or even worse that we are in some kind of trouble and she’ll call the cops.” I shake my head. The hell I will let them call the cops and come take me away, first of all I’ve never…ever been caught and second, I’m not about to be anybody’s bitch. “Now sit the fuck down.” I look her straight in the eye, with the meanest look, I’ve probably got.

It seems to be working. Without turning her back to me, her eyes never leave mine, as she stumbles over and takes a seat on the bed. “Fine you want to see…knock yourself out…” she angrily removes the towel, as my mouth slowly falls open.

Yeah that was really damn smooth Jack, I swallow hard, my eyes fall upon her pink cotton bikini, to her bare legs, and finally the awful gash on her upper thigh. It takes me a minute or two to even find my voice, but I do “Tha…that’s really deep Crystal.” I run a finger over the bleeding gash, making her let out a yelp as she flinches.

“Yeah…well I have no idea what it was that cut me. Plus I’m not to fond of blood if you…” she gags.

I can’t help it, as the smirk grows on my face “Blood? Your grossed out by blood?” she shakes her head as she covers her mouth. “Ok, just look away, I’m going to find a first aid kit.” I leave her sitting there as I rummage the bathroom for a familiar white box. Moving cleaning supplies and other crap that’s left under a bathroom sink cabinet, I finally come upon the first aid kit and a bottle of alcohol. I wet a couple of gauzes that are in the kit and dash back to her side, she’s still looking away from the blood.

My hands are shaking, as I run the rag over her leg. I’m not exactly sure, if it’s because she’s hurt or the fact that she’s sitting only in her underwear and my shirt. Now that I’ve cleaned that shit up, I dribble some alcohol onto the gauze. Don't want to have to carry around a girl with an infected leg, that would be, dead weight.

Crystal must have heard the liquid slosh in the bottle because her head whips my way and she backs up onto the bed. "Oh no...you are NOT coming NEAR me with that shit! Do you have any idea how bad that will sting?!?" She shakes her head as she covers herself with the towel, again.

"Well quite frankly you have no other fucking choice, I have to do it. You don't even have a clue, how the hell you got it. Do you want that shit to get infected? Now come here!"

"No Jack...it's fine...really!" she nods again. I let out a groan. Ok...screw this shit. She wants to play hardball...well then let's fucking play hard ball. I re-soak the gauze and crawl onto the bed, I've got a pretty damn good idea on how to keep her still. I run my tongue over my bottom lip slowly, as I pull her leg, making her slide right under me. "Jack...do not even dare...put tha--"

I cut her off once again, only this time, by letting my lips cover hers. Although I can easily be distracted by the intensity of the kiss. I hold the gauze firmly in my hand as it finds the wound. Oh yeah...I'm fucking good!

I hold my other hand behind her head, to keep her lips locked with mine, as I slowly run the alcohol soaked gauze over her gash. She squeals, against my lips, until I let her go. "All done. see? that wasn't so bad!" I stand back up, and look for a clean gauze and tape. I bend down to cover the wound as she glares at me.

After patching the gash, I look back up at her. That's when she lets me have one right on the arm. "JACK! How could you? That was so mean! do you have any idea how much that stung?" She continues swatting at my arm, "Your tactic was so lame...I should really be pissed at you...for even..." I just stand there, rolling my eyes. The kid is still rambling. Hey...if it worked to quiet her screaming then it will work to quiet her bitching. I tackle her to the bed and press my lips to hers again.

After a couple of seconds I see her eyes spring open and she gently pushes me away. Her eyes are boring into mine, one of her hands cups around my face as we stay frozen in place. "Jack..." I see her swallow hard, I'm in a daze so I don't say anything, but nod my head. "I love you" my eyes go wide.

Chapter End Notes:
Thank you to Kristal that actually came up with half of this chapter...thank you love!