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Just as I reach Texarkana, Arkansas. Who the fuck named these cities? That is the most fucked up city name, I’ve ever heard of. Just then, I receive another call from Don, he wants me to off some high school teacher. It’s a female and for the first time he tells me the reason, behind it. Never in all the years I’ve worked for him, have I ever asked such a question. I’m confused as to why he would even share the information with me. Oh well! I gotta do, what I gotta do.

I get out of the car, and head into a diner, all I want is to order a cup of coffee. All those sleepless nights, have finally caught up with me, because I’m suddenly feeling sleepy and sluggish. I need a pick me up, of course I quit that shit a while back. It did nothing, but land me in some fucked up rehab, but I shouldn’t complain, it worked out just fine. Here I am almost two years sober. A sniper, sure as hell can’t aim when high on dope and drunk off his ass, believe me, your bound to miss your target.

The waitress is a spunky red head, she’s chewing her gum, like a cow. She could be a grandma, but she’s good on roller skates. “Hey there, what can I get for ya?” she holds her pen ready to scribble.

I look up at her “Just a cup of coffee…”

“That’s it hot stuff.” she smiles flirtatiously, and gives me a wink.

I feel the bile rise to my throat, is this lady for real. It would never work out, she’d probably go into cardiac arrest as soon, as I whip it out. “That’s it…” I mumbled. Damn, now I’m traumatized. I look around the place, everyone is eating peacefully, with exception of two kids screaming at each other, over French fries. Where's the mother? Aha, she's busy checking herself out in a compact mirror, ignoring the ruckus. That irritates me. Why disturb us, with such little fucking pest?

Quickly the green eyed kid comes back to mind. Damn it! I curse myself, for even thinking about it, I’ve never thought about anything, so much. I just get assigned to whichever mission, head out to the place and do the job. Fuck, then again, how am I not supposed to think about it, it’s a kid…no, it’s a baby. I don’t have any little fuckers, but if I did. I would never let a motherfucker touch them.

I don’t even notice, that my coffee has been sitting in front of me. It’s warm, as I drink it down in two gulps. That was shitty! Well I got to get back on the road. Got that teacher to off in Little Rock, another one to do in person. Which means that I have to find her, drag her to an isolated spot and put a knife to her throat. The reason…because she cheated on her husband, with his best friend. Whatever, it’s not my problem. I hop into Sheeba, rev her engine and get back onto highway 40.

Two hours later I’m pulling up to Cloverdale Elementary school, where Allison Gibbs is a fourth grade, English teacher. Its fucking freezing, I head over to the trunk, take out my leather jacket and pull it on. I take out the instrument needed and head out to the teachers parking. It’s about five minutes, before the bell rings announcing the end of their day. I stride over to the car, quickly pop the lock and lay flat down in the back seat, by the time she comes out, it will be dark and she wont even notice me. Women do that, they just hop into the car, never bother to look in the backseat for some damn psycho. Not that I’m one.

I wait for what seems like an eternity, finally I hear the door being unlocked and feel the car move as she takes a seat. I wait for her to start the engine, then I sit up. She let’s out a yelp as her eyes lock with mine, through the rear view mirror. “Don’t even think about it” I utter menacingly, as I wrap my hand over her mouth. Her fingers slip from the door handle, onto my hand, struggling to pry it from her mouth. Damn she’s fucking good looking, green eyes, silky red hair, she can’t be any older than me. No wonder she cheated, who wouldn’t want a piece of her. I wouldn’t mind.

Our heads are touching and my mouth is right at her ear, I know she can hear me breathing. I usually don’t beat around the bush, but for a split second I stare into her terrified eyes, through the mirror. I wonder what is going through her mind. If she has a clue of why I’m doing this to her. Probably not, she most likely thinks I’m fucking mugging her. Wrong! I pull out the knife and put it to her throat, letting the tip dig into her neck. The vibration of her screaming, tickles my hand, as I close my eyes, hearing the sound of her skin ripping, as the knife slides over her neck. When the strong smell of blood, hits my nose, it makes my stomach churn and for a split second I hold my breath. A carefully let go of her head, and watch as it falls limply to the side. The motor still runs and John Lennon’s “Imagine” plays on the radio.

I think I’m losing my tactics here. Was it me or was that actually troublesome? I look around, as I walk back to the car, and hop in. I turn on the radio and drive, I have plenty of time, before I reach my next target. I’ve been thinking, that I’m going to retire after I off this Kevin guy. I think it‘s time for a well deserved vacation, even killing is tiring. I have enough money stashed away to live off of for a while, I’ll just go somewhere were no one knows me. Oh wait, no one knows me now. That was my attempt at a joke, by the way.

I must’ve been in a trance, because when I check the sign I’m only an hour away from Greenville. I haven’t slept, eaten or even taken a piss. Speaking of piss, I guess both my heads are in sync, cause NOW I have to piss. I pull up to a gas station and go do my business. Then head in to grab a coke, that should wake my ass up. Just as I’m walking over to the counter, three masked fuckers come storming in, two with shot guns aimed and another with a 457 pistol, to his side. “Alright give me all the money” one shouts, his voice muffled by the mask.

“There isn’t much here” the girl at the counter screeches, as she pulls the register open. I look around, there’s an older man to the side of the register, a kid frozen in the candy section and then, there's me. Just my fucking luck, seriously. I usually don‘t go around killing or hurting people just for the hell of it, but I classify this as my body being in harms way and I’m plain pissed. Why choose this day to hold up the god damn gas station, out of all days?

I’m so deep in thought, I haven’t noticed that I’m being pointed at the by the 457. Damn, that gun is pretty nice. I’m not afraid, more like fucking pissed. He’s got to be an idiot, pointing a gun at me. With one swift movement, I knock the gun out of his hand, it soars through the air, landing with a clack and skidding a couple of feet from us. I jump towards it and he does the same, making us crash into each other. We roll around, our hands fighting to get the damn thing first, from the corner of my eye, I see the other two just standing there frozen, watching us in our wrestling match. What kind of robbers, just stand there like assholes? Damn amatuers!

Then the bitch goes off. Fuck me beautiful, the little bastard just clipped me, in my damn side. God damn it that shit stings! He had no intention to hurt anybody, I’m guessing. Because as soon as he notices that he’s shot me, he lets go of the gun and backs away. It’s a little to late for that shit.

So I point the gun and without hesitation pull the trigger, hitting the fucker right in the forehead. I hear a scream come from the girl at the register, then, just as I turn to look up at her, a hear a loud bang and something buzzes right past my ear, shattering the glass doors behind me. Oh hell no! I crawl on my hands and knees, and hide in an aisle, as the idiots shoot all over the place. Son of a bitch, this is not my day. Hell, it's not theirs either! Anger rushes through me, as I get up and start shooting, aiming at one, then the other pulling the trigger, until the gun clicks over and over.

I stand there, my chest is heaving and my side is burning. “Give me the video!” I demand the shaky girl “Don’t fuck around” I wave the newly acquired gun around. I have to be stern or she might do something stupid, like push the alarm button, which she probably did already. The tape shakes as she hands it to me, “Thanks” I give her a smile and I walk out like nothing. I drive off. Now, I have two missions to accomplish, and my priorities have changed. First I need to get this piece of shit bullet out of my body. Then, I can find Richardson and off his ass. Of course, before that, I have to reach Greenville.

I can feel the warmth of the blood oozing out of my wound and on to my pants and my seat. I let out a groan, not so much of physical pain, but of disappointment, that Sheeba is gonna get stained. Motherfuckers! I think I’m losing a shit load of blood, cause I’m starting to feel dizzy. I will admit that this hurts like a bitch, once the shock wears off. I’m good with pain though, so I just ignore it, and focus on my driving. A sense of relief comes over me, when I enter the secluded town. I notice a pharmacy in the corner and park quickly.

There are some people sitting on a bench, staring me down in horror, like I’m some kind of monster. Then again, my whole side is covered in blood, it must be a scary sight. Damn! Must have gotten all over my white seats too, ain’t that some shit. I stumble into the pharmacy, holding my side. The lady at the register, is gawking me as I grab gauze, alcohol and…I hear the little bell ring. Looking up I notice a chipper blonde enter the place, she glances over at me with her crystal blue eyes and gives me a worried look. Fuck! In a split second my vision blurs and I lose my balance, knocking over a couple of things. One hand flies to the wall for balance and the other holds my side.

“Are you alright?” I feel a pair of soft hands, holding onto my good side. Who told her I needed help? I pull away from her grip, and look into her big blue eyes.

“I’m good” I straighten up and grab my things, almost dragging myself towards the counter. The lady just stares at me, while I give her this 'hurry the fuck up’ look. She rings me up, her eyes on me the whole time, as she‘s throwing everything in a bag. Anxiously I snatch the bag, throw a twenty on the counter, not bothering to hear the total, and walk out of the place. I hop into Sheeba and haul ass, leaving a cloud of dust behind me.

This is a shithole in the middle of nowhere, there ain’t a damn thing in sight, just land and trees. After a ten minute drive, I can finally see a two story brick house, in the distance. That has got to be my destination. I should clean myself up, it wouldn’t look nice to show up, looking like a murderer. I ease the car onto the gravel, hearing the rocks pop under the pressure of my tires, everything starts to blur. Struggling to keep myself focused, I can feel my eyelids getting heavier, by the second. The next thing I know, my forehead hit’s the steering wheel, and everything goes black