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Author's Chapter Notes:
Finally I got the ending done. I'm sorry if it's not what you expected, this is my first ending...in a while. I struggled a whole lot with it, and I was on a roll this morning. So let me know what you think...

When I open my eyes, I find myself staring directly at the ceiling. My whole body is throbbing, it almost feels numb, but my face is pulsing with pain. After controlling myself, from thinking about the discomfort, I can hear an argument going on, words are being said, and I‘m not sure what the whole issue is. With my eyes, blankly staring above me, I strain myself, to make out the conversation.

“You bastards killed my brother…” I hear Don shout.

“We had too, you know damn well…that he was endangering everyone.” Richardson, speaks up, sternly.

Someone lets out a loud groan, I imagine it’s Richardson, he must have gotten a blow or two, “It doesn’t matter anymore…I finished Detective Mclean off, so many years ago, and I made a great killer out of his son.” I feel a pang of anger, and sadness hit me, as those words echo through the house. Nice to know, I was just a damn experiment, for the pure pleasure of getting back, at my dead father. “Now, as for you, it took me forever to find you. You thought you could hide...”

I stop concentrating on the them and wonder why I can’t hear her voice. Where is she? What have they done with her? I moan, just the attempt to lift my head, makes a current of pain, run through my whole face. My eyes shift from one side to the other, trying to get a glimpse of where everyone is.

“I’m glad you’re awake. We’ve been waiting for you. Get up!” Don hovers over me, giving me an impatient look. “Come on…see, that’s what happens, when you think your invincible. You don’t really know what pain is…now get up kid.”

Gritting my teeth, I sit up and realize I’m right where I landed. Forgetting about the pain, my head snaps up and my eyes dart up the stairs. “What’d you…do with her?” my words are barely audible, with the swelling of my mouth.

“She’s ok, sounds like it’s all over.” Don starts to laugh and yanks me up to my feet. I stumble forward, but catch my balance, with a hand on the wall. “We were just having a conversation with officer Richardson. You didn’t miss much…” he pushes me forward.

I glare at him, I’m still trying to register the fact, that he killed my family. I look over at Richardson who’s eying me with…um…confusion. Where is the kid? That’s all I want to know. Damn it! Is she ok?

“If you’re going to kill me, why don’t you just get it over with, already?” Richardson voices.

“Patience, believe me, you ARE going to die.” Don motions to the men with his head, and they instantly grab Richardson and drag him towards me. They push him to the floor and force him to his knees. “Now, you were always like my kid you know. That’s why I taught you everything I know, and besides I was satisfied that your father, would have hated it. I never thought you would fuck up, this very important task I had for you.”

“I never thought you would be lying to me all these fucking years…or that you had something to do with my family’s death.” I snap at him, wanting to strangle the bastard. He’s grinning like, this whole thing is a god damn joke to him, which it probably is. “I just don’t get why I survived and why you are trying to kill the girl too?”

Don rolls his eyes at me, “You’re a great killer kid, but dumb as fuck. Your father took my brother from me, and he landed me in jail. So, when I escaped I planted a bomb in the family car” he let out a cackle. I couldn’t believe, how calmly he was telling me this, like it was a fucking bedtime story. “You were supposed to die too, but you had to take a god damn leak. So they let you go back into the house, you came back out, just as the car exploded. I found you passed out cold, I thought you were dead, but I was wrong. You didn’t know a damn thing, when you came to. Not the day, where you were, what happened, not even your name, then the idea clicked…and I took you under my wing.”

I stare at the floor, there is so much I want to say, but I can't bring myself to open my mouth, and it's definitely, not the pain keeping me from doing it. When I look back up, I notice Richardson still on his knees, his eyes moving from Don, to me and back to Don. “You made him into a killer?” he shakes his head in disbelief, “Why would you send Mclean’s own son to off one of his partners? His best friend?” He tries to grab at Don, but gets the barrel of the rifle, nudged into the back of his neck.

My dad’s best friend? Fuck, all this information is confusing and frustrating, when I’m only getting, bits and pieces. I finally find my voice, or my balls, to speak, “You gave me information you never did…on this mission. You wanted me to find out! Didn‘t you?”

“I did, but I thought you might catch on, after the deed was done. You’re usually very prompt, discrete, precise, and professional about everything…but it doesn’t matter, now. I’m giving you another chance to redeem yourself…” he hands me a pistol, but I tighten my fist and nudge it away. There is no way, I'm killing someone, who was that important to my dad. “This is your last chance, Jack…or are we going by Alex now? Who gives a shit…do it!”

“I wont do it…I’m not your stupid experiment anymore. I wont do it!”

He glares at me, with narrowed eyes, “You want to play games, with me? Let’s see if you wont do it.” He looks over at the man next to me “Go get the girl…I was going to spare her life...but, since you want to continue fucking with me, Alexander...” I watch, the man storm up the stairs.

"Don't hurt her anymore..." I don't have enough strength to chase after the bastard, and I don't think I would get far with the other four men in the room. "I'm not gonna kill anymore, unless it's you..." I give him a sideways look. The more I try to think of a way out of this, fucking mess, the less options I come up with.

“You were always ballsy! I liked that about you!” he gives me a stupid grin, that I want to knock off his face.

Just then, the man that just ran up the stairs, comes striding down trying to catch his breath. “Boss…the girl…she’s gone! Jones is dead.”

Deep inside I'm laughing. I can't believe it, but another part of me is still worried. Where did she go? What stunt is she going to try and pull off? Don will surely want to kill her now.

"That little bitch!” Don roars, then makes a hand motion. Instantly one of the guys knocks me to the floor, with a hard shove. “I guess you’ll both have to die together, saves me the trouble.” he takes a shot gun from one of the other men, and points it at Richardson. "Any last words?"

"Yeah!" Richardson's green eyes, burn with anger, as he daringly spits at Don's feet "Fuck off!" he says, with emphasis.

"Nice choice of last words..." Don, lifts his knee, letting it connect with Richardson's face, knocking him backwards and onto his back. Don moves the gun, from his chest, to his neck, over his face and back to his chest. "Where should we shoot you? I think the face, so your precious family...can't recognize you. Yeah, decision made!" He cocks the shot gun, and shoves it into Richardson's face.

I'd give anything to have the energy to move, the balls I usually do, to do something about this. Want it or not I'm an assassin, damn it. I eye the guy next to me, although he has a gun aimed at me, his attention is on Don's little show. I notice another pistol hanging from his belt, without giving it much thought, I swiftly reach over and yank it out of it's holder.

He looks at me confused, and I aim right at his leg and pull the trigger...the gunshot startles everyone and all hell breaks loose. Don and Richardson start struggling over the shotgun. While I have a big guy, pick me up, and fling me across the room. I land with a clunk against the already, shattered window, and watch as he storms after me. Looking around, I snatch a long piece of glass in the shards and jab it into his neck, just as he plunges into me. Once is not enough, so I do it, until I don't feel the motherfucker move any longer.

Forgetting my discomfort and the pain, I shoot up and almost crawl towards the backdoor, bullets flying all around me. Amateurs, don't even have good aim. BAM! I feel a hot rush all over my arm, and my leg. I fall to the kitchen floor, and scoot myself towards the door, as fast as I can.

"Don't kill him!" Don shouts, standing over Richardson, again. Damn it, we are back to the same fucking position, so much for a god damn, escape. Taking one of my arms each, the men drag me back to the living room and toss me against the wall.

I notice, the blood soaking my pants and pouring onto the floor, son of a bitch that hurts! The pain, is making my heart race, my ears are drumming, everything has gone silent and in slow motion, for me. I can see the two men, standing with their guns drawn, one watching me, and the other watching Don. My eyes slowly drift over to Don, I can see his mouth moving and the gun digging into the side of Richardson's face. Then, like a crack of thunder, the gunshot echoes throughout the house, bringing me back to the moment and I realize, what just happened.

Defeated I lean against the wall, closing my eyes, I wait for it to be my turn. I let out a groan, as they take me by the arms and lay me out on my back. Three guns are in my face, that's a record. I stare at the ceiling, hating myself, for stooping this low. I could have made this all work out, there was a way I could have stopped this, and I didn't. I wish they would just, hurry the fuck up and pull the fucking trigger.

I'm not afraid, just disappointed in myself. Didn't I say, that fate would catch up with me, well the bitch is here...and she's taking me, finally. "Just do it already! Fucking do it!" I yell, looking at each one of them.

"My pleasure, kid. It was nice knowing ya!" just as he cocks the gun, guy number one goes down, kicking, and squirming, making his gun go off. The bullet hits the guy next to him, his hand flies to his neck, as he cries out in pain. Then number three, silently comes tumbling down onto me. Don looks around confused, aiming his gun at anything and everything around him. "What the fuck was that...? I guess, the princess isn't as stupid as I thought. That little bitch...she thinks, she's going to save your ass."

He pushes the guy off of me, giving me free access to grab the shot gun with my good hand and yank it, making him come crashing down next to me. We start to wrestle around for a couple of minutes, he's pretty strong for an hold man, for every blow I give him, he gives me three. Although I put up a fight, he wins me over, with blow after blow. "Get up!" he shouts, picking up the shot gun from the floor, he pins me to the wall and aims the gun right at my chest.

"Let him go..." I hear her voice, looking past Don, I see her standing there, holding my rifle in her hands. The emotions on her face, are almost unreadable, there is pain, fear, anger and many more "NOW!!" she screams.

"You don't have the guts to shoot anything...your like your father...damn coward. He had Mclean shoot my brother first, cause he didn't have the balls to. " Don grins, still staring me down. "You can join your family, kid. Goodbye...son!" Out of the blue, his head cocks to the side, and tiny warm drops scatter onto my face. I feel my body jolt, and watch as he falls to the floor, on his face.

Ain't that a damn shame, I didn't even get to shoot him and a woman just saved my sorry ass!

With the little strength I have left, I push myself off the wall and limp over to her. She’s knelt down over Richardson, hugging his chest, and sobbing. “I’m sorry…” I mumble, feeling her pain, and a bit guilty about his outcome. As much as I tell myself, there wasn’t much, he nor I could have done, I can’t stop the feeling from eating at me.

I let out a groan, as a sudden current of pain rushes through my whole body. Damn arm and leg wounds. Where else am I going to get shot? “Come on…you need to get out of here?” I pull her gently to her feet.

“Jack!” she wraps her arms around my neck, and squeezes me tight.

My hands instinctively wrap around her waist “You‘re alright? They didn‘t hurt you?” I whisper in her ear.

Pulling away, she nods “No, he didn’t!” she puts my arm around her shoulder, and helps me out of the house, through the front door and down the porch stairs.

I stop, as I feel everything spin around me “I gotta stop…” drowsily I slump onto the stairs and lean against the brick wall.

“Holy shit, Jack!” her eyes, widen in horror.

I can’t help but to grin, women are so exaggerated. “Eh, they are only small wounds, I’m just losing a lot of blood…”

Her eyebrows furrow with worry, as her hand shakily pulls at my shirt and she lets out a gasp “Jack, your hit…really bad.”

Hazily I look at her, then down at myself. What the fuck? Where in the hell did that come from? Son of a bitch! No wonder, I’m about to lose consciousness here. Damn it I’m dying! Great, so this is what it feels like. “That’s great! The bastard did shoot me!” I’m panting now, and I struggle to keep my eyes on her.

I can see her swallowing hard, and the tears are nestled in the corners of her eyes. “Jack…you can’t leave me…ok? The cops are on their way. Can you hear them? Please…” her bottom lip is trembling as she speaks.

Where is the white gate? The bright light? I don’t see one. Oh, I get it, that’s not where I’m going. That’s fine, but I thought people say, you see your life flash before your eyes, as you’re dying. Nothing is flashing, but the distant police lights.

“Jack!” I howl in pain, as she squeezes my bad arm “I’m so sorry, but I have to keep you awake…” she runs a hand over my face, and scoots hers small frame in-between my legs “You can’t leave me all alone Jack…you can’t.” the tears are streaming down her face.

“I’m…sorry…I got…you into…this mess.” I swallow the knot in my throat, as I feel my legs slowly going numb.

Cupping my face in her hands, she brushes her lips against mine. “It’s ok, it’s not your fault. Stop talking like you’re going to leave me.” I lick my dry lips, and struggle to keep my eyes open, I have no more feeling in my lower body and I can feel myself wanting to fall asleep. “I love you, Jack. I know you love me too, and even if it’s just a little. Can you at least say it? Let me know.”

I force my mind to memorize every single thing about her, her crystal blue eyes, her plump lips, her blonde hair and the way she says those three words. With whatever strength I have in me, I raise my arm, to brush her cheek with the tip of my fingers and open my mouth. I can feel the words are on the tip of my tongue, but I don’t have the guts or the strength to speak anymore. My mind screams them 'I love you too’ but they don't make it out of my mouth. My head falls back, and my eyes get a glimpse of the orange glow in the sky, my last sunset.

So this is how all those people, whose life I took away felt. Hell, I didn’t even give them a chance to feel anything. They should be thankful, it might be the best way to go, no last thoughts, no yearning, or worse, no regrets. It’s not like I’m a fucking sissy or afraid of death. I’m just not ready for it, and I don't want to leave her alone. Of course, fate doesn’t give a shit if your ready or not, so let’s do this.

Focusing on her again, I can hear her voice floating in and out, “Jack…keep your eyes open. Please don’t leave me…I don’t have anyone else, Jack. JACK!” she’s what I’m going to miss the most…

My eyes fight to keep seeing her, but the darkness slowly distorts my vision as it steadily…takes over me.

Chapter End Notes:
I have one last suprise for you guys...so keep checking for another update!