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I try to open my eyes, but I only feel like I’m floating. My head feels heavy as I try to move it and my head is pounding, like someone has taken a hammer to it. The voices I hear are distant, but I can make out what they are saying. It’s more of an argument, than a conversation, and it sounds like I’m the reason for it.

“He needs help Nick, just be considerate.” I hear a female voice whispering, probably thinking I am still passed out.

Then the male voice sounds forceful through the room, sending the pounding in my head into full gear “WHATEVER!! I just don’t trust some STRANGER staying here, but you’re a grown ass woman. Do what you want. I’m out of here”

“Fuck” I mumble, unaware that I’ve said it loud enough to be heard by the unkown female.

I feel warmth next to me and a light caress of a hand over my shoulder “Hi…” the voice is soft and very girly.

I struggle to open my eyes, I see nothing but a blur as I look around. Then they lock with a pair of familiar blue eyes. “What happened?” my vision finally focuses on the girl hovering over me. She’s a kid, I don’t give her a day over eighteen, she’s smiling at me like this is something to smile about. I don’t even know what the hell happened to me. Oh shit! Sheeba! I spring up and let out a loud groan as the pain shoots through my side. “Fuck” I repeat my favorite word.

“Oh, yeah you can’t get up just yet. In case you hadn’t noticed…when you entered the pharmacy you were shot.” I can tell she’s being sarcastic, little shit! I’m in pain and she wants to tell jokes.

Do I look like an idiot, isn’t she the blonde one. “Uh, yeah the reason for going there in the first place and buying what I did.” I snap, adjusting back onto the pillows.

She crosses her arms and glares at me “Well snappy aren’t we. Listen I just had my best friend yell at me, for taking care of you. The least you can do is be nice.” she rolls her eyes.

I’m not being nice, I never have been and I wont be now. Shit, she can kick me out I don’t give a shit. I just want to know where the hell is my Sheeba “Where the hell is my Sheeba?” my eyebrows furrow with anxiousness.

“What’s a Sheeba? Sounds like a lama or some kind of pet. There were no pets in the car.”

I stare at her dumbfounded, I’m hoping it’s another sarcastic remark, because if that’s not the case then the blonde theory is nothing but true. “Listen kid I don’t have time for games…Sheeba is my car. Where is she?” this girl is pissing me off. Wait! My equipment, my new gun. Where is everything. I begin to look around, feeling under the pillow, on my sides, and look around the room. She’s staring at me with confusion the whole time.

“Who names a car?” she raises a brow “Why Sheeba? Your things are in this closet, that bag is really heavy. Nick wanted to go through it, but I didn’t let him. It seems private.”

I take the last comment back, she is smart. A sigh escapes me as I force myself to say the word “Thanks”

Which brings on something I never expected “Oh sure, no problem.” she flops on the end of the bed, crossing her legs Indian style. “So you hit this tree, dented the whole front of…your Sheeba. Nick, whose my best friend and I dragged you out of the car and into my bug, then we called the doctor cause you lost a lot of blood. Your lucky, there was no bullet, it seemed to have grazed your side only.” she smiles after her mile a minute ramble.

I stare at her for a second, tell you the truth I was to busy checking out all her features. She has ivory skin, and a pair of crystal blue eyes, that light up every time she smiles. Her long blonde waves of hair fall over her shoulder, her pink V neck shirt let’s me know she’s got something worth looking at. They are just there and I cant help but stare.

Her eyes lock with mine again. “So where the hell is the car now? Listen I have something important in there, I need it.” If they find it, they could trace the hold up back to me and then I wont get this job done.

She shakes her head, standing up and reaching under the bed for something “This thing?” she holds the pistol like it might go off on it’s own. “I just hate guns…why would you have one?” Is it me or does she ask to many damn questions? This is a ranch there has to be a muzzle somewhere out here. “Earth to…” she stops “Is your name Skullz?”

My stomach summersaults as she asks me the question. My cell phone? I look around the room, and check my pocket. I have no pockets, because my pants are missing, I am only in boxers. “Uh…where is my clothes?” I ask in horror. This is humiliating, I would go back and shoot those three idiots again, just to let out my frustration.

“Your cell phone and wallet are in that drawer right there. So is it Skullz like it says on your arm or is it Jack like it says on your I.D.?” she looks at me with a crooked grin. I would really prefer to ask her to FUCK OFF! I’m pissed right now and I don’t want to hear her any longer. Her giddiness really gets to me. It’s disgusting.

“Listen kid how about you stop asking so many questions?” I say without thinking anything of it, she’ll shut up now and run along and play with a pony or whatever farm kids do.

Maybe not! She stands there her hands on her hips and her mouth open in shock. What did I say? “I am not a kid!!” she retorts “For your information I’m nineteen thank you.” Oh wow. She’s nineteen, so she thinks she’s a grown ass woman. I’ll make her a grown ass woman if she wants. He…he…ok I have to stop it. I can’t stop staring at her, it could be, cause I haven’t gotten laid since my ‘softening’ display the other night.

“Sorry…didn’t mean to offend. Now please, could you busy yourself with something other than pestering me. I think I hear some horses calling your name. Which I don’t know.” Alright, so that was a little shitty of me to say, but really my head is pounding and if I don't send her away, she might ask me more questions and I'll end up shooting her. She's too hot to off.

She begins for the door, then turns around “Its Crystal. I guess I will leave you alone then. Since your so crabby.” she lets out a sigh, “I promised Dr. Bern that I would watch after you and well at 6 o’clock I have to clean your wound. Then I’ll bring you dinner at 7, I’ll leave you alone now.” she exits the room and closes the door.

Ah shit! I hurt the kids feelings, and she’s coming to wash me up later. Sounds kinky. Wait a minute, she’s only nineteen almost a whole decade younger than me. “Down Junior down” I speak to myself, I reach over to the drawer, just to double check my shit is really there. Don would kill me if he knew that I could have blown my cover. I close my eyes to fall back to sleep in peace before the blabbermouth comes back.