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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks again you guys!

The morning is a rude awakening, when the curtains to my room are suddenly opened and the rising sun, glares in my eyes. I groan, unable to really move to any other position. “What the fuck?” I mumble, my eyes still shut tight.

“You have to get up, I have to clean you up. The doctor is going to be here in an hour with Nick.” I thought she was mad at me, but she sounds even giddier than usual. “Jack…come on.” she nudges me.

I smack her hand away “Go away…” I slowly open one eye and then the other one flies open, when I realize how close she is and how blue her eyes are as she stares at me. “Damn! Back up woman.”

She backs up quickly and starts to giggle, her cheeks turning pink “Um…have a good dream last night or this morning?” What the fuck is she talking…oh fuck me beautiful! There is that damn tent that I have every morning, when I have to piss like a race horse.

Quickly I place my hand over it and curse under my breath “Shit…no…I have to piss if you must know.”

She purses her lips, to keep from giggling again and shrugs “If you say so…”

With all the strength and discomfort I strain myself to get up out of the bed and make way to the bathroom, I let out a sigh as I hold my side. I know she’s looking at my backside. Not like I have one, I slam the door and do my business. I stare at myself in the mirror, I have bags under my eyes and I miss my beanie, or my cap. My hair is everywhere, and my beard is seriously growing. I look old.

A soft knock wakes me from my trance “Yeah!” I holler as I walk over to the door, I turn to look at the tub, it’s half full of water and bubbles rest atop like whip cream on a sundae. Why am I thinking of whip cream? Or a sundae?

“I have to do it Jack” she yells through the crack of the door. “I promise I wont look…ok”

Like her looking would cause any problem, I’m confident I’ve got everything in the right place and just the right size. Damn it! She’s talking to me like I’m a little kid, she’s the kid. I unlock the door “Alright just WAIT” I remove my boxers and slowly sit into the tub, the warm water feels good against my aching body. I take a deep breath “Alright” I yell for her to come in.

She walks in smiling widely, I’m not sure why. Maybe she’s a horny teen, but she’s not getting lucky with me. Uh…uh…‘Ok, here” she hands me a soapy rag and she has one in her hand. “You do…the tent maker and I’ll do your wound.” she smirks.

Ha…ha…very funny. Doesn’t she think she’s cute. NOT! So I don’t go directly to junior I just wait to see what she’s going to do. She’s on her knees hovering over the tub and her ti…boo…brea…her chest is rubbing against my arm. I’m praying junior doesn’t wake up, cause that will just be plain out disturbing. I take a deep breath. Mission. Kevin. Kid. Girl, rubbing my back with a wash cloth, while I’m butt naked. Sheeba. It’s working, he’s still sound asleep.

Is this what foreplay is like, cause it feels damn good. I feel my eyes close as her hands and the cloth move slowly over my neck and down my back. Up and down, up and down. Up…up…oh damn it he’s up. I clear my throat and I realize I shouldn’t have done that.

“Are you alright?” she cocks her head to the side and gazes at me.

I nod, unable to speak.

“Ok! Well I’m on to the wound, while you do your hair. See it’s not that bad.” I look straight ahead, unable to look her in the eyes at the moment. I shift to the side as I let out a pain filled moan, she’s digging into my gash. I can’t help it, it’s not like me to keep quiet “Fuck…Crystal do you have to do that so fucking hard. Damn it!”

Her head pops up “You said my name!” Big fucking deal, I said her name. I’m going to give her a brand new name, if she keeps fucking around. “Now would you stop whining. I have to do this” she continues to dig in and I just can’t stay still, with her stuffing some rag into my open flesh.

“Do you fucking mind, are you dumb, that shit hurts. You know what cleaning session is over. You suck at nursing someone.” I place my hands on the side of the tub ready to lift myself up and expose it all. I don’t give a shit if she passes out when she sees my dick. I’m not having her…

I catch her giving me the evil eye, her lips are pinched with anger “Listen JACK!!! If you would FUCKING stay still it wouldn’t FUCKING hurt so much! You aren’t the only one who can FUCKING say FUCK you know!" she’s livid, her cheeks are red, not of embarrassment, but anger. Her eyes are piercing me, if looks could kill, I’d be dead. "So…just FUCKING sit still and let me FUCKING clean your FUCKING wound!"

I’m in shock I don’t say a word, I just sit still. Damn that was a fucking turn on, if only she was older I would pull her in this tub and fuck her. I didn’t just think that. Damn it Jack. I have to stop those thoughts, I feel like a pervert. What's so wrong about those thoughts anyways, she's a woman I'm a man. No, she's a girl and I'm a man. I bet anything that she's still a virgin. 

After what seems like forever, I’m in my room and she’s handing me something “Here, your clothes were all over the street, I guess from the impact. I just bought you some shirts, a sweater, two pair of jeans, socks and these.” she smiles as I take everything from her.

I hold up the boxers with a really odd character, that looks like a piece of cheese, on them. “What in the hell is this?” I say inspecting the boxers in my hand. I usually wear plain white ones and now she’s gone and bought me some unmanly ones. There goes my manhood down the drain. I can see she’s enjoying my reaction too.

After a giggle, she bites her lip “It’s Spongebob Squarepants he’s a very famous cartoon. You’ll have to watch it with me, sometime. Well I hear them pulling up, see you in a bit.”

I watch her run out of the room. Then revert my gaze back to the ridiculous things in my hand, with a light shrug and a groan I pull them on. Not like I have another choice right now. It’s better than free balling. Everything else fits me perfectly, after I change I hop back into the bed. I feel like a underdog just laying here with nothing to do, but stare at the walls or listen to that girl yap.

My thoughts are interrupted by a smiling Crystal and Dr. Bern walking into the room. I get a scowl from Nick, who leans against the door frame. “Hello there Jack! How are you feeling?” the doctor asks me as he removes my brand new gauze.

“Pain wise, it still stings like hell. I’m just tired of laying here and doing shit.” the doctor looks at me and nods, it’s gotta be my language that catches him off guard. “When can I leave?” I ask, catching a frown from Crystal. “I have some shit to do, I need to get up off my ass.”

He inspects the wound once again “I give you one more day in bed, but I wouldn’t be so rushed to go anywhere. You also had a head concussion, doesn’t seem bad, but it’s better safe than sorry. I’ll come back in two days.” he gives me a nod, I nod back and he exits the room.

Crystal motions Nick to walk him out, with a deep disapproving sigh he follows her orders. “So…you wan to leave already? I guess I do annoy you huh?” she is joking, but there is something in her eyes that I can’t quite read.

I shrug “Not much to do here…kid, plus I have some business to finish.” I can’t help, but stare her down. She is wearing a red, low cut long sleeve shirt that reads ‘I’m a treasure’, dark blue jeans that are snug on her body, some brown boots and her blonde curls are up in a messy ponytail.

She nods “Right! Well I’ve got to get to work…I’ll see you later, for lunch.” with that she walks out of the room, closing the door behind her. Against orders, I get up and head to the window. I slowly take a seat in the seal and watch as her, the Nick guy and some other Hispanic guy get to work.

I watch in amazement at the strength in the kid, she’s hauling ass out there. Carrying hay from one barn to the other, rounding up the horses, picking up their shit. I watch her as she wipes her forehead and fans her face, these days it’s been cold, but today the sun is beating down and the sky is as blue as her eyes. Why am I even watching her? There is no purpose, someone like me doesn’t feel like others do or would.

With a deep sigh, I make way back to my worst nightmare, this bed. I sit up and lean my body against the oak headboard, and let my head fall back. I can’t stop picturing her, her smile, those blue eyes and that body that I have so many thoughts about. I should take a nap, that’s what I’m best at lately. I decide to get more comfortable and close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

Chapter End Notes:
Thank you BF for all the help, Kristal helped me come up with some of Jack and Crystal's lines in this one. lol!!