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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another chapter for you all to enjoy. It's getting good. :)
We arrived at Nick's house hours later and he helped me out then grabbed Alexis's carseat.

"Nick your house, it's beautiful."

"Wait till you see the inside." He said coming up behind me making me smile "Come on..." He said putting his hand on my lower back as we walked to the door

Nick sat the carseat down so he could unlock the door. He picked up the carseat and went inside with me trailing behind him.

"I'll show you your room in a bit, tour first." He said kneeling down unstrapping Alexis from her carseat. "Your lucky my dogs aren't here."

"You have dogs?"

"Yeah my neighbor keeps an eye on them for me while I'm gone. Come on I'll give you the grand tour. This is the living room."

"Wow! it's big. And you live here by yourself?"

"Yup just me and my dogs." He said as I followed him into the next room. He took me through each room, his house was so big for just one person.

"Now..." He said sliding open the patio doors "For the outside."

"You have a pool too?"

"Yeah doesn't everybody?" He asked putting Alexis on his hip. I looked at the pool then back at him "Would you mind if I went for a swim?"

"No not at all, I have to make a phone call anyway."

"You want me to take Alexis?"

"Nah I got her, come on Alexis." Nick said disappearing into the house

I went in making my way upsatirs to get my suit. I changed and headed back outside. I sat on the edge with my feet in the water for a while before jumping in. I came back up smoothing my now wet hair back. Nick came out as I swam to the edge of the pool to be where he was.

"I just got off the phone with AJ."


"How does a cookout sound? Me, you, Alexis, and the guys?"

"That sounds great but I thought we were gonna take this time to spend together?"

"We will, and this way you can get to know the guys a little better."

"Ok." I said smiling at him

"I'm glad you decided to come down here with me." He said bouncing Alexis on his lap

"I am too, it's nice to get away from everything."

"What do you want to do tonight?" He asked as I got out of the pool sitting in the chair next to him wrapping the towel around me

"I dn't know it doesn't matter to me."

"How about a movie?"

"Sure that sounds good."

"Actually I got another idea." He said standing up with Alexis

"What?" I asked looking up at him

"Get dressed we're gonna go somewhere."

"Ok give me 20 minutes."

I got up and made my way into the house and up to my room to change, with Nick watching me every step of the way.

"I love your mom kiddo." Nick said as Alexis looked at him giving him a smile

I got out of my bathing suit and slipped into a light blue sundress with white sandals and pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I went back downstairs seeing that Nick was ready.

"Come on beautiful." He said grabbing the carseat and holding open the door. We got in the car and drove off. We pulled up to the beach a little while later.

Nick got out and opened the back door taking Alexis out. Nick took my hand putting Alexis on his hip.

"The beach Nick?" I asked looking up at him closing the car door

"Yeah I love the ocean it's relaxing." He said taking my hand in his leading me on the beach "Don't you think so?"

"Yes very" I said wrapping my arm around him, leaning into him

Nick smiled wrapping his arm around me also. Alexis's father never did these kind of things with me. Nick was nothing like him he was sweet and caring.

'I could get used to this' I thought leaning into him even more as we continued walking.

We were halfway down when Nick stopped putting Alexis down.

"Wait here I'll be back." He said leaving Alexis and me on the beach

He came back minutes later with a blanket in hand. I picked up Alexis as he layed it down on the sand. He sat down holding out his hand to help me. I sat in between his legs as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Look." He said pointing out to the horizon. The sun was setting and it was so beautiful. "I love the ocean it's so peaceful." He said resting his chin on my shoulder.

We stayed that way watching the sun set Nick, Me, and Alexis.