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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry for the late update I've just been busy lately. Here's the new chapter, enjoy!
That week seemed to just fly by and before I knew it I was packing to go home. I didn't really want to, I'd rather stay there with Nick. But we can't always get what we want now can we? I was putting the last of my things in my suitcase when Nick came behind me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I wish you didn't have to leave."

"Me too but I have to and you'll be going back on tour soon."

"Yeah I know, it's been great having you here."

"Thanks for inviting me." I said turning around to face him

"You and Alexis are welcome here anytime."

"Thanks." I said smiling

"Your taking Little Nicky with you right?"

"Of course I am where is he." I said looking around "Oh I'm sure he's around here somewhere." As if on cue he came running in the room barking. "Hey Little Nicky...," I said picking him up "Are you sure you want me to take him?"

"He's all yours something to remember me by, when I'm not with you."

"How could I forget a sweet guy like you." I said touching his face as he put his hand over mine

"You can't, ok enough talk about you leaving I'm missing you already. Let's go do something before you have to leave."

"Like what?" I asked scratching Little Nicky behind his ear

"I don't know whatever you want just you, me and Alexis."

Nick took me and Alexis out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants. We were seated and we placed our order. I'm guessing Alexis didn't want to be in that seat because she kept trying to climb out.

"Alexis..." Nick said putting her back in "You sit there and be a good girl ok?"

She didn't listen and climbed out again after Nick put her back in.

"Hold on." He said reaching in his pocket pulling out his keys giving them to her "There we go, that should keep her occupied for a while."

Our food came and we started eating. There was a little girl with her mother a couple of tables down from us. She looked down and noticed who it was.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look it's Nick." The little girl said to her mother

"I know baby I see."

"I wanna go say hi." She said getting out of her seat walking to our table before her mother could protest. She got up to our table and tapped Nick on his shoulder. He turned to look at her and smiled.

"Hi Nick." She said with a big smile. She must have only been 11 or 12, the same age as my neice, she was so cute.

"Hello there." He said turning around all the way to face her. She smiled again. "What's your name?"


"It's nice to meet you, I'm Nick."

"I know." She said giggling "Your my favorite Backstreet Boy."

"Aren't you sweet."

She smiled once again as Nick grabbed a napkin and signed it for her then kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you Nick."

"Your very welcome."

"That was very sweet of you." I said as she walked back to the table to show her mother.

"Like I said the fans make it all worth it."

We finished our meal and headed back to the house. I still had some time before my flight left. We got in the house and I put Alexis in her playpen, and I made my way to the couch sitting next to Nick. I cuddled next to him and fell asleep shortly after. I fell asleep with my head in Nick's lap. I was asleep but I could feel his hand running through my hair. It was so relaxing. I opened my eyes and turned so I was looking up at him.

"Hey." He said looking down at me "Have a good nap?"

"Yeah..." I said sitting up stretching "What time is it?"

"It's almost three."

"What time does your flight leave?"


"Oh ok you still have some time left, you wanna lay down for a while longer?"

"Yeah." I said laying back down with my head in Nick's lap "I'm sorry I'm just tired."

"It's ok." He said running his hand through my hair again "It's been a long day."

I woke up and realized what time it was. "Nick, Nick!" I said shaking him

"What? what's wrong?"

"It's six thirty, I missed my flight!"

"It's ok honey." He said holding me in place calming me down "Look why don't you stay here for another week, you really don't have anything to go home to, except Haylee."

"Yeah your right." I said taking a deep breath "Ok I'll stay. I'll call in the morning and book another flight."

"Ok." He said kissing my forehead "Are you hungry? I'm gonna make dinner."

"You don't have to just cause I'm here."

"No it's fine I've cooked before." He said laughing "Although the guys don't think I can."

I followed him as he went in the kitchen. I sat on one of the stools leaning on the counter watching him.