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Author's Chapter Notes:
That's right another chapter, hope you enjoy this one. This story is just about finished. :)
Back at my sister's house...

Haylee was home with her mother when the phone rang. She ran to grab it because her mother was busy.


"Hey girl, how's my favorite neice?"

"Uncle Matt! Hi."

"Listen kiddo, where's your Aunt Dee?"

"She's not here."

"She's not I thought she was coming home today?"

"She was but Nick wanted her to stay longer."

"Oh. Who's Nick?"

"Her boyfriend."

"Boyfriend, huh? Let me talk to your mom."

"Ok." She covered the phone "MOMMY PHONE!"

"Who is it?" She asked as Haylee handed her the phone


"Hey Autumn, where's Deanna?"

"How should I know I don't keep tabs on her."

"You do know don't you? Haylee said she was at her boyfriends house."

"Yeah so? you expect her to hang on to you and not move on."

"Well no but when she takes my daughter to some guys house I think I have the right to know."

"Your daughter? I can't believe you just said that."

"She is my daughter."

"Bullshit Matt, you didn't want anything to do with her since you left her and Deanna for another woman."

"Are you gonna lecture me about that?"

"Damn right I am, that was fucked up what you did!" She screamed into the phone getting pissed by the second

"Look when she gets back have her call me."

"Yeah whatever..." She said hanging up before he got the chance to get another word in "What an asshole..." She muttered under her breath

"Mommy whats going on?" Haylee asked coming into the room

"Nothing honey Uncle Matt just made mommy mad that's all."

"Oh ok, did Aunt Dee say when she was coming home?"

"No she didn't, but I'm sure she'll call you."

The next day I called the airline and made my flight for a week later. I never wanted to leave in the first place and Nick knew it. Nick was in his studio working on some things, and I was in the living room with Alexis. My cell rang and I reached to answer it. I flipped it open and answered it.


"Hey sis, hows Florida?"

"Oh hey Aut, Florida is great."

"That's good hey listen I have something to tell you."


"Matt called here yesterday for you."

"What did he want?"
"He wanted to know why you weren't home and where you were."

"Did you tell him?"

"No it's none of his business where you are, I told him that I don't keep tabs on you."




"Haylee kind of slipped and told him about Nick. He got all pissed that you took Alexis with you to another mans house."

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah you should have heard him."

"I can just imagine."

"So did he say anything else?"

"Not really just that he wanted to see his daughter."

"His daughter? You have got to be kidding."

"No I'm not, I brought up the fact that he gave her rights over to you that he didn't want anything to do with her."

"Yeah he did, his bitch ass girlfriend probably told him to see about Alexis."

"Probably, I just wanted to call and let you know."

"Thanks I appreciate it."

"So how's Blondie?"

"Oh he's great."

"Uh huh I bet he is."


"What, now don't tell me that you haven't done the nasty with him."

"No I haven't, I'm not quite ready for that yet."

"Uh huh and how long till your ready. You know he's got a reputation for that."

"Yes I know thanks for the reminder. Not for a while and he hasen't pressured me about it, so I'm guessing it's not bothering him."

"Who knows, look I gotta go. Gotta pick up Haylee from school talk to you soon."

"Ok bye and tell Haylee I said hi."

"I will, bye sis."

Nick came out of his studio after I ended my call. He walked down the hall to the top of the stairs. He saw Alexis, she looked up at him and smiled starting to crawl her way up. Nick got down to where she was and picked her up.

"Hey you." He said tickling her as she laughed

"Ok Nick I can hear you."

"Really now?" He asked coming down all the way

"Yeah well I heard Alexis."

"Who was that?" Nick asked sitting next to me with Alexis on his lap

"Just my sister."

"Is it something bad?"

"No Matt called the house looking for me."

"He did? What did he want?"

"He wants to see Alexis, but I don't want him to" I said taking Alexis from him

"Then don't."

"Why did he change his mind all of a sudden, she doesn't even know who he is. Your the only thing close to a father she has."

He smiled putting his hand on my back smoothing my hair. Nick was the only father figure in her life and I was hoping it would stay that way.

Nick leaned in and kissed me as I deepened the kiss the house phone rang. He pulled away touching my face.

"Hold that thought." I just smiled as he got up to answer the phone.

"Hey Frick, whats up?"

"Nothing much. Leighanne was wondering if Deanna wanted to go shopping. That way we could hang out and the kids can have a play date."

"Hold on let me ask her." He said pulling the phone away from his ear



"Leighanne wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping with her?"

"Sure I'd love to, sounds like fun."

Nick brought his ear back to the phone "She said she'd love to."

"Great so see you in a few Frack."

"Ok see you then."

Nick hung up and came back in the living room and took Alexis off of my lap and carried her to her playpen, putting her in it. He came back and sat down next to me. He curled his finger under my chin kissing me softly as I brought my hands to his face. I stood up not breaking the kiss and climbed on his lap as he wrapped his arms around my waist. We sat there kissing in the heat of the moment until we heard laughter behind us. Nick never made Brian knock he always had a key to the house. We both looked back and saw Brian holding Baylee with Leighanne standing next to him.

"Did we interrupt something?" Brian asked putting Baylee down

"Nope." Nick said tightening his hold "Just a kiss."

"Uh huh..."

I laughed burying my face in Nick's neck, from the look on brian's face it didn't look like he believed us.

"Don't worry Deanna we've walked into much worst, like this one time when we..."

Leighanne nudged him "Brian I'm sure Deanna does not wanna hear about Nick's past girlfriends."

"Your right sorry honey, it was funny at the time."

"Yes it was, so Deanna we're going shopping right?"

"Yeah." I turned back to Nick kissing him and got off his lap

"Come on Dee let's let the boys play."

"Hold on a minute." Nick said reaching into his pocket pulling out his wallet taking out a card handing it to me "Here."

"What's this?" I asked looking down at the credit card he had given me

"Nick I..."

"No." He said standing up so he was in front of me "Dee you go and buy yourself something nice ok?"

"You better take his offer he never gave out his card to his exs." I let Leighanne drag me out of the house leaving the boys alone.