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Author's Chapter Notes:
Next to the last chapter on this one. And before you ask, yes there is a sequel but it's still in the works. I will start posting it once this one is finished. Enjoy. :)
Just as I said Matt tracked Nick down and headed to Tampa. He was a little pissed to find out I was with somebody else.

"So pretty boy thinks he can just take my daughter from me?" He muttered to himself as his hands grip the steering wheel "Well he's got another thing coming."

Meanwhile back in Tampa Nick and I had no idea that he was coming. It was a beautiful day so we decided to take advantage of it. We packed a picnic basket, and all three of us headed to the beach. The same beach Nick took us when we first got here. It was so peaceful.

"Haylee would love this," I said as Nick lay the blanket down on the sand

"I told you she's welcome here anytime." He said sitting down with Alexis, he pulled me down to sit with him

"I know." I said sitting next to him

"Come here..." He said holding out his hand as I scooted closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me as I leaned into him.


I turned and looked at him "Very."

I brought my hand to his head pulling him down kissing him. My hand massaged his hair as he tightened his hold. He broke the kiss pushing my hair aside kissing my neck

We hadn't noticed that Alexis had crawled into my lap until she pulled herself up holding onto my shirt "Hey baby..." I said looking down at her which made Nick stop what he was doing "Mommy's sorry honey blame Nick." I said laughing as she smiled at him.

We had lunch and headed back to the house. When we got there there was a car parked in the driveway, as we got closer I froze up. He looked over at me and took my hand in his.

"He's here."

"Who's here...?" Nick stopped himself when he saw a man sitting on his porch "You weren't kidding." He said as we pulled into the driveway. Matt stood up and walked towards the car.

"Nick do something."

"Just go into the house." He said giving me the key "I'll take care of him." He kissed me on the cheek and got out of the car

Matt looked at the man walking towards him. 'This must be pretty boy' he thought to himself as Nick got closer to him

"The fuck are you doing here?" Nick said crossing his arms over his chest as I got out of the car with Alexis

"I came here to see my daughter." He looked past Nick and saw me with Alexis "Hey baby come to Daddy." He said walking towards me as I hurried to the house "At least let me hold her."

"No...stay away from me." I said backing up towards the front door

Nick put his hand on his arm stopping him from coming near me "You heard her now go."

"Oh you must be the pretty boy."

"Who you calling pretty boy? I have a name it's Nick." He said gripping his arm tighter

"Damn you got a grip." He said trying to break away from him

"Oh you aren't going anywhere."

"You must have a lot of money to be living out here, what do you do Nick?"

"That's none of your business." Nick said starting to get mad that he wouldn't leave. I went into the house and put Alexis in her playpen, I went back to the door and stood there watching Nick and Matt. I was hoping this wasn't going to get ugly but from the looks of it, it was.

"Oh you won't tell me huh? You must be a drug dealer then."

"What? I don't do that shit!" Nick yelled getting pissed by the second. I closed the door and walked towards Nick.

"Nick let him go he's not worth it." I looked him up and down as I said it and Nick let go of his arm

"Why are you protecting him?"

"I have nothing to protect him from he has bodyguards for that."

"Bodyguards? Him? The fuck does he need them for?"

"It comes with the job."

"And what job would that be pretty boy?"

"I don't think that's any of your damn business, and don't call me pretty boy. It's Nick, you got it?"

"Ok fine whatever you say Nick." He said putting his hands up in defeat walking backwards towards his car

"Come near here again and I'll put a restraining order on your ass!" Nick shouted at him wrapping his arm around me helping me back to the house. He got in his car and drove off as Nick and I went inside.