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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sadly this is the end. I wanna thank the few people who followed this story and gave reviews, it is very much appreciated. The sequel will be up soon. See ya'll soon! :)

Quick Note: I'd also like to thank a good friend of mine kevinschickadee for helping me with this story, it never would have gotten finished without her. So thanks girl!
I closed the door and rested my hand against it looking down "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Standing up to Matt for me I never could have done that."

"Well I have to protect you, your my girl right?"

I turned around to be met with those gorgeous blue eyes of his. I knew I was falling for him and hard. He made me feel special, wanted, loved. Something Matt had never done, to him I was just the trophy wife and I didn't want to be that anymore.

Matt didn't show up again, Nick made it perfectly clear that if Matt messed with me then he messed with him. Now this I could get used to. He walked to me and embraced me as I snuggled against him. I snuggled further into his embrace forgetting all about Matt.

Nick thought that Matt had really taken his message to stay away. But little did Nick and I know that he would be back, and causing even more trouble. When Matt got home he called his lawyer, he wanted Alexis. Why I have no idea. I'm guessing he didn't want her around Nick whatever the case Nick was a way better father to her than he ever was. And I was going to see that he never got her. Cause Nick has lawyers too, damn good ones. If he comes and starts trouble we'll win this. Nick loves me and will do anything to protect me and Alexis.

"Babe...?" Nick said knocking me out of my thoughts


"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine was just thinking."

"About what?"

"What if Matt comes back and starts more trouble? I don't want you getting in the middle of it."

"Don't worry about him, I know people that can take care of him if he becomes a problem ok?"

"Ok." I smiled at him "I won't worry about it."


"So Steve you think I can win this?" Matt asked sitting back in the chair as he watched his lawyer scan over the papers.

"I honestly don't know...this boyfriend of hers seems to have some of the best lawyers in the state. There might be a good chance you won't."

The hell? What the hell did that boy do?! Matt just couldn't figure it out. "How is that possible? I'm one of the most respected lawyers in the state, you know that. For all we know he could be some kind of drug dealer and I don't want that around my kid."

Steve sighed and took his glasses off rubbing his eyes. He knew the deal with Matt and his ex-wife. "Look...you have to look at the real facts here, Matt...This case isn't all fuckin' hunky dory, and I think you know that."

Matt sighed heavily he had to win this, he had to get Deanna and Aelxis back no matter what it took. Steve looked over the papers once more, then looked up at Matt.

"Even though you are a 'respected lawyer', respect in the courtroom doesn't mean a goddamn thing. I'm sure that you had to kiss so much ass to get to where you are today."

Matt sneered at the man when it came to matters reguarding his marriage Steve always took HER side. She wasn't the victim here he was and that goddamn pretty boy was gonna pay. He sat back in the chair thinking over everything Steve told him, this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. But he didn't care whatever it takes to get his wife and daughter back.