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Author's Chapter Notes:
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My neices birthday was steadily approaching. Her favorite band was coming to our city and shes been bugging her mom for weeks to get her tickets. Her mother finally gave in and bought two tickets one for Haylee and one for herself. She wasn't about to let her 10 year old daughter go to a concert by herself. I guess you could call it an early birthday present. Haylee was so excited she was going to see her Brian and the boys live and meet them too. But at the last minute her mom was called out of town on a business call.

"Mommy," Haylee pouted "Do you really have to go?"

"Yes baby I do, I'm sorry."

"But if your going out of town who will take me to the concert?"

"Why don't you ask your Aunt Dee, I'm sure she'd love to go with you."

"Aunt Dee? really? you think she would go with me?"

"Why not? You are her favorite neice."

"I'm her only neice mommy."

"Yeah, Now go and call her so I'll know before I leave ok?"

"Ok." Haylee said quickly running to the phone on her moms nightstand

She dialed my number and waited.

"Hi Aunt Dee."


"Mommy told me to call you before she left."

"Oh she did? What's up?"

"She can't go to the concert with me and I was hoping you could go."

"I don't know Haylee. I don't have a babysitter..."

"Please Aunt Dee. If not I can't go."

I sighed "Ok I'll see what I can do."

"Yay! Thank you!"

"Your welcome. I'm only doing this cause I know how long you've been waiting to see your boys."

"Thank you Aunt Dee, your the greatest I love you."

"I love you too."

She took the phone away from her ear to tell her mom that I said yes. Her mom got on the phone and thanked me before she hung up.


The concert was still a few days away. And Haylee couldn't contain her excitement. She was staying with me till her mom got back from her trip. The day of the concert was here and Haylee was running through the house screaming "I'm gonna see my boys! I'm gonna see my boys!"

I watched her as I sat on the sofa bouncing Alexis on my lap. She was so goofy. She finally settled on the floor drawing on a posterboard.

"What are you doing?" I asked leaning a little to look

"Making a poster for Brian." She said not looking up from her artwork.

"Oh ok." I sat back and just watched her

She sat there for a good while working on that. Some glitter here, hearts there.

"What do you think?" she asked standing up to show me

"Oh Haylee that's beautiful, Brian is going to love it."

"Yeah he would, wouldn't he?" She took a few steps back to get a good look at her masterpiece, I put Alexis down on the floor and watched as she headed towards Haylee's poster. She went to grab it and Haylee snatched it away.

"No Alex, bad!"

Alexis looked up at Haylee, her face crumped and she started crying.

"I'm sorry Alex." She said looking around till she found her rattle "Here." She shook it as Alexis took it and laughed.

"She forgot about that." I said laughing

Haylee put the posterboard on the table to dry, and came back in the living room sitting next to Alexis on the floor where she was playing.

"What time does it start?" She asked playing with Alexis

"I think your mom said 8:00 and its..." I paused to look at my watch "6:15."

"Oh ok."

I sat there watching Alex and Haylee play till it was time to go. I dropped Alexis off at the babysitters then headed to the arena. Haylee put in a CD as we pulled out of the driveway. As the music filled the car Haylee sang along knowing every word.

"Who is this?" I joked not taking my eyes off of the road

"Aunt Dee, you know who this is its the Backstreet Boys."

"I know I was just playing. This is the new one right?"

"Yeah Never Gone." she said changing the song.

"Empty spaces fill me up with holes distant faces with no place left to go, without you within me I can't find no rest where I'm going is anybodys guess."

I glanced over at her smiling as she sang the song word for word. We listened to that CD all the way to the arena. When we pulled up Haylee looked out the window at all the people.

"Wow there sure are alot of people."

"Yeah but from what I hear they are one of the big bands, right?"

"No Aunt Dee."


"They aren't one of the big bands they are the BIGGEST band."

We found a spot and parked, then walked up to the arena.

"This is so cool!" Haylee exclaimed as she looked around the huge arena.

The concert was amazing, they are so talented. And they were really great with their fans. Haylee's mom also scored her backstage passes, and she was having the time of her life. When we got backstage there were lots of girls there all different ages. As I looked around I didn't notice that one of the members had come up and starting talking to Haylee. I looked down at them as he talked.

"Hey there cutie, what's your name?" I heard him ask kneeling down to her level.


"Oh thats pretty, you want me to sign this?" He asked taking the CD out of her hand

"Yes, please Nick?"

"You got it." He signed it for her and gave it back.

"Look Aunt Dee." she said showing it to me

"Oh I see..." I leaned down and whispered "Haylee is this Brian?"

He was looking up at me now. "No Aunt Dee, thats Nick." She giggled and pointed to the man that was still knelt down in front of her.

"Dee?" He stood up to get a better look at her

"Yeah it's short for Deanna." I said as I was met with the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen

"Nick." He said holding out his hand to shake mine. I smiled at him making him smile back. He had the prettiest smile.

"Nice to meet you." He said letting go of my hand.

"Same here." I said wrapping my arm around Haylee "My neice just loves you guys."

"Yeah you rock."

"Well thanks little lady."

"Oh my god...it's Brian." Haylee walked up to him holding out her posterboard "Hi Brian I made this for you."

"For me? aww isn't that sweet, thank you."

"Your welcome your my favorite." She said as he knelt down and kissed her cheek

"Can you sign this?" She asked holding out the CD Nick had signed earlier

"I sure can." He said signing it and gave it back

The other guys came over and met with Haylee and me and signed her CD before they were gone, all except Nick.

"Haylee can I talk to you?" Nick asked so I couldn't hear

"Ok." She said as Nick led her away as I looked on

"Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure Nick anything."

"Do you think you could give me your Aunt Dee's number?"

"You want her number?"

"Yeah...I'll be your friend."

She giggled at what he said "Ok it's..." she whispered it in his ear as he smiled looking at me

'What are they talking about?' I thought to myself as I watched them

"Thanks." He said kissing her cheek before he brought her back over to me

I looked down at her and smiled "Ready to go?"

"Yeah...bye Nick, bye guys." Haylee waved at all of them

"Bye." all the guys said one after the other

"Hey Nick?" AJ asked bringing Nick back to the real world


"What were you saying to that little girl?"


"Nothing huh?"

"Yeah J, nothing."

He smiled as he watched Haylee and her aunt leave.