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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another chapter, enjoy! :)
It was raining when we left the arena and Haylee was all smiles when we drove home. She knew something was up.

I glanced over at her "Haylee?"

"Yeah Aunt Dee?"

"What were you talking to Nick about?" I asked still looking at the road

"Nothing." She said looking out the window watching the rain fall

"Nothing huh?"


"Ok if you say so, did you have fun tonight?"

"Yes the best time ever thanks for coming with me."

"Your welcome." I said as I turned back to the road, the rain was coming down harder as I drove.

Haylee was asleep when I pulled up to the babysitters to get Alexis. I rushed in and back out putting a sleeping Alexis in the car. When we got home I shook Haylee so she could go in the house, I grabbed the carseat and headed in. Dropping my keys on the table in the hall, I saw I had a message on the machine.

"Haylee sweetie could you take Alexis upstairs for me?"

"Sure Aunt Dee." She said grabbing her out of the carseat going upstairs

"Thank you." I said returning my attention to the machine I pushed the button 'you have one new message from...' A guys voice replaced the computerized one momentarilty, long enough to say his name 'Nick'.


"Hi Dee it's me Nick remember from the concert? Anyway I asked Haylee for your number I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to talk to you. I'm in town for a few more days and I was hoping we could get together. That is if you want." He said his number and I quickly grabbed a piece of paper to jot it down. "Well hey I gotta go. Talk to you soon."

"So thats what they were talking about."

"Should I or shouldn't I?" I asked outloud reaching for the phone picking it up

With the phone in hand I dialed the number I wrote down. He picked up right away.


"Yeah that's me, this is Dee right?"

"Yeah how'd you know?"

"Got caller ID on my phone, so I take it you got my message?"

"Yeah I did." I said taking the phone with me sitting on the couch

"Would you like to do that? That is go out with me?"

"I don't know I just got out of a bad marriage a while back."

"Oh..." I could hear his voice drop "I see uh, you want me to let you go?"

"No that's ok, listen, this idea of yours we could do that. I haven't been out in a while."

"Really? Great, so when?"

I started thinking about when I'd be available then realized I didn't have a babysitter for Alexis "Oh shit..." I said smacking my hand against my head


"I totally forgot I have no babysitter." "For Haylee?"

"Yeah her and my baby, Alexis."

"Baby?" "Yeah I should have told you, I'm...."

"It's ok I love kids. I helped take care of my brother and sisters when I was younger. How old is she?"

"She's six months."

"Awww I'd love to meet her."

"Really you would?"

"Yeah it could be cool."

"You know most guys wouldn't go out with a woman who has a baby."

"Well I'm not most guys."

"I can see that you seem very sweet."

"Ok, so when?"

"Let's see...How about Wednesday are you free then? I know how busy you are."

"Hey guys?" He said taking the phone from his ear "Are we free Wednesday?"

"Yeah." I heard another man shout

"Yeah I'm free." He said returning it to his ear

"Ok great so I'll see you Wednesday."

"Wednesday it is, till then."

"Till then bye Nick."

"Bye Dee."

I sat there for a while with the phone still in my hand. I couldn't believe it, I had a date and not just with anybody but a Backstreet Boy. It's been two months since I've even gone out, taking care of Alexis was a full time job. And he said he would like to meet her. There's not many guys out there that are willing to date a girl who has a baby, but he said he's not most guys.

I sure hoped not I had to get back into the game somehow, and maybe this was the way. I put the phone back on the table and headed upstairs. I walked past Alexis's room, she was sound asleep. Then I walked past Haylee's room and whispered 'thank you.' Because if it wasen't for her Nick never would have called me. I made it to my room and shut the door. I got into my PJ's and climbed into bed thinking of Nick as I drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I woke up bright and early, Haylee's mom was coming home today. And she couldn't wait to tell her mom about the concert. I dressed Alexis and Haylee grabbed her things as we headed out the door. We made it to Haylee's house and the door opened as Haylee ran to her.


"Hey sweetie..." She said hugging her "Did you have fun with Aunt Dee?"

"Yeah mom the best. The concert was great, Brian was great, the boys were great!" She told her nother excitedly

Haylee told her mother everything about the concert and how she met them. Haylee took Alexis to her room so me and her mother could talk.

"What's up Dee?" She asked as I sat down next to her on the sofa

"Nothing really, actually I've never been better."

"You don't say?"

"Thanks to your daughter I have a date tomorrow."

"A date? really? And what does Haylee have to do with this?"

"Well you know I went to the concert with her right?"


"Well one of guys asked Haylee to give him my number."

"Really? A Backstreet Boy asked for your number?"

"Yeah and Haylee gave it to him, but wait it gets better."

"Oh I bet..."

"He called me and left a message, I found out when I got home and I called him back. I told him I had a baby and he said he wanted to meet her that it would be cool."

"Really? That's great Dee." She smiled obvisouly a sign that she was happy for me

"Yeah I know so thanks to your daughter I have a date."

"You know I'm free I could watch Alexis if you want."

"That would be great are you sure you don't mind?"

"No not at all and that will give Haylee someone to play with while I get some things done."

"Thank you, this really means alot."

"No problem at all, what are sisters for? So...if you don't mind my asking, which one?"


"Nick? the blonde one?"

"Yeah that's him."

"Oh wow every fan is going to be so jealous."

"Oh hush, hey I gotta go." I said getting up heading for the door as Haylee's mom called for her to bring out Alexis. I took Alexis and was out the door.