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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another chapter for all my wonderful readers on here. :)
When I got home I checked my messages. I had another one from Nick. I held Alexis on my hip as I listened.

"Hey Dee it's me Nick, I just got out of an interview and I wanted to talk to you and hear your voice. But I guess your not home so I'll talk to you later or tomorrow. Whichever comes first. Talk to ya soon. Bye."

I know I just met him yesterday but I was starting to look forward to hearing his voice. I smiled as I walked further into the living room sitting on the sofa with Alexis on my lap.

"What do you think? Should I go out with him?" I asked as she played with her rattle

"Look at me." I said leaning back on the couch "Talking to you like you can understand me. He's gonna love you, of course who wouldn't."

I tickled her sides making her giggle. I sighed "Then again...what if I'm making a mistake. I don't want you getting too attached and then he leaves. You've been through enough havn't you?"

She looked up at me smiling, I knew that she didn't understand a word I said. "Mommy just needs to lighten up, all men aren't like that. And I hope and pray that Nick isn't." I sighed again standing up turning Alexis around in my arms.


Wednesday was here which meant my date with Nick. Now don't get me wrong I have looked forward to this for the past two days I just wasn't sure if I should. I liked him I did he was sweet, funny, and cute as hell. I know that there is no perfect guy out there but for my sake let him be almost perfect. I had dropped Alexis off at my sisters and went back home to change. I must have spent an hour looking for the right outfit. Before I finally settled on a frilly, black lace, dress. I was a gift from a friend of mine and I haven't worn it till now. I pulled my hair up in a bun letting some strands hang down on either side of my face.

"Ok." I said smoothing out the dress "This is it."

I took one last look in the mirror before heading downstairs. Nick had sent his bodyguard to get me seeing as the fans outside the hotel weren't going anywhere. I walked outside and was met by Nick's bodyguard.

"Dee I presume?"

"Yes that's me."

"Right this way." He led me to the car as I followed behind him

The ride to the hotel was rather long. I stared out the window into the night as we drove. We got closer to the hotel and I could hear the screams of the fans outside.

'How does he put up with this?' I asked myself looking at the fans crowded at the entrance.

"We'll take the back way so they won't see you, is that ok with you?"

"Sure...that's fine."

He pulled in the parking lot around back and parked. He opened the door for me as I got out. I walked in the hotel trailing behind him. I'm hoping Nick told them I was coming cause I didn't want to cause any trouble. But unfortunately for me some of their fans spotted me, and I got some really nasty looks. I never knew how crazy their fans were. Me and Nick's bodyguard made it up to his floor in one piece, thank god. He showed me to Nick's room and stood at the end of the hall.

I knocked once, no answer. I knocked again, no answer. I knocked a third time and was met with a 'Hold on!'

Nick came rushing to the door moments later. "Oh hey Dee, sorry to keep you waiting, come on in." He said stepping aside to let me in

His room was amazing, it was so beautiful. I walked in looking around in awe.

"I'm guessing you like?" I heard him say as he walked behind me

"Like it I love it Nick, it's amazing."

"Just one of the perks that comes with being famous. I really wanted to go out but seeing the fans out there I knew I was stuck so is it ok if we stay here, we can order room service, they have great food."

"Sure that sounds good." I said giving him a smile

"You look really nice by the way."

"Thank you." I blushed I haven't heard that since god knows when, it was nice to know somebody liked the way I looked

"Your very welcome. Ok so what do you want?" He asked picking up the room service menu.

We picked out what we wanted and ordered, while we waited for our food we talked.

"So hows it feel being a Backstreet Boy?"

"Oh its great seeing the fans and making music but its not all that great."

"No? why no?"

"Well I'm the youngest one I started when I was 12. I never had a real childhood I missed out on a lot of things."

"Oh." I felt really sorry for him it must've been hard going into that so young

"But like I said seeing the fans reactions makes it all worth it." He said giving me a smile. That same smile he was famous for.

"So what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Well how is your daughter?"

"Shes doing good, wanna see a picture?"

"Sure." He said moving closer to me as I pulled a picture out of my purse to show him

"This is her she's 6 months in this picture."

"Aww shes cute and I can see where she gets her looks from." He said smiling at me as I blushed

"Yeah that's my baby she's all I got." I said putting it back in my purse

"Your ex-husband must have been crazy. If I had a woman like you I would never leave you."

"Yeah you could say that." I said ignoring the last part. We heard someone knocking and Nick got up to get it. He came back with the cart of food.

"Dinner is served."

We ate and talked about things. He was a great listener. We talked about me and he told me all about the ups and downs of being famous. After dinner we settled for a movie, since he was always on the road he brought movies with him. I sat next to him kicking my shoes off. He would glance over at me while I focused on the movie.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie he pulled me closer to him wrapping his arm around me and I layed my head on his shoulder. It was nice he was made just for cuddling. We sat and watched the movie in silence as he kept his arm around me rubbing my arm every now and then. When it was time for me to go he walked me to the door and kissed my cheek, I smiled at the gesture then turned to leave walking down the hallway.