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Author's Chapter Notes:
I wanna thank everyone who reviewed this one. So far this story has the most reviews of any of my stories. So thanks and here's a new chapter for you to enjoy. :)
Nick said that he would call me before he left and said that when he wanted to see me again when he was in town. I had to admit I did like him, I liked him alot. He was unlike any guy I've ever met.

Nick met Alexis and she took to him instantly, surprisingly. She has never taken to anyone like that before. He had said he was great with kids, and he was. He played with her for a good while before he left to go back to the hotel.

He went back up to his room but was stopped by AJ who wanted to know how his night went.

"Heya Nicky, So how'd it go?"

"How did what go?"

"Your so called 'date'."


"I've known you for a long time and you've never ever been on a date a one night stand maybe but never a date. What gives?"

"What do you mean?" Nick said opening the door to his suite as AJ followed him in

"You know what I mean, I want details." AJ said as he took a seat in a chair by the window

"There's nothing to tell."

"Uh huh, Come on Nick don't hold out on me."

"I'm not seriously there's nothing to tell. We talked that's all."

"Is that what you call it now?"

"AJ!" Nick screamed getting mad that AJ was all up in his business "Why do you need to meedle in my love life huh?"

"Cause it's fun and you have such interesting stories to tell."

"Well this time there is no story we talked, and I really like her."

"Really?" AJ asked leaning forward

"Yeah....," Nick said sitting on the edge of the bed

"So does this mystery woman have a name?"

"Yeah she does."

"What is it?"

"Her name's Deanna but she prefers Dee, and let me tell ya she's hot." Nick said leaning forward the same as AJ

"Really? Like J-Lo hot or Mariah Carey hot?"

"J-Lo hot definitely." Nick said with a huge grin

"What does she look like?"

"Well...," Nick said leaning back on his hands "She's got brown hair, beautiful turquiose blue eyes, a body to die for, and a radiant smile." He said the whole time looking at AJ

"Wow! She does sound hot. Does she have a sister?"

"Yeah she does but she's married sorry bro."


"Oh and another thing she's got a daughter."

"I'm sorry, What?"

"You heard me shes got a 6 month old daughter."

"That's what I thought you said. You know your getting in way over your head here?"

"I am?"

"Yeah why you wanna go out with a girl who has a kid?"

"Because I like her and I want to make more of this."

"You do, may I ask why?"

"Do you need to know? Look...I really like her and her daughter is so cute you should see her. She just got out of a bad marriage tqo months ago and she needs someone she can depend on, someone who won't leave her, ya know?"

"Damn this is coming from you? Ok who are you and what did you do with Nick?"

"Nothing." Nick said laughing at AJ "I want to see where this goes."

"Ok it's your ass not mine, look I gotta go I got a lady friend coming."

"And you talk about me." Nick said as AJ got up and headed to the door

"Yeah, Yeah. Nick just be careful ok?"

"I will be don't worry. Night AJ." Nick said as AJ left

"Night lover boy."

"Ha Ha very funny." Nick said closing the door

'I'm gonna make this work.' Nick thought outloud as he got ready for bed.


Nick had kept his word. He called me a little while after they took off. I was home when he called, I had just picked up Alexis from the babysitters. We were sitting on the floor playing when the phone rang. I grabbed Alexis and answered the phone.

"Hey Beautiful."

"Hey yourself." I said smiling

"Where are you?"

"On the plane headed to god knows where."

"Oh." I said sitting on the couch with Alexis on my lap "Must be nice."

"It's ok but I hate flying on planes."

AJ had snuck up behind Nick listening as he talked. Nick turned around and saw AJ.

"Do you mind?" He asked as AJ looked at him

"Not really, I just want to say hi."

"No leave me alone." Nick said waving his hand at AJ as to tell him to leave

"Who;s that?" I asked wanting to know who he was talking to

"Just AJ, he's being an ass."

"Oh I see, I could say hi I don't mind."

"Ok, here." Nick said giving the phone to AJ

"Hey babe, So this is the famous Dee that Nicky Boy can't stop talking about?"

"Yeah." I said laughing "That's me."

"How are you?"

"I'm good, and you?"

"I'm a backstreet boy, how do you think I'm doing?"

"Oh I'm sorry forget I asked."

"No I'm playing. I'm doing good."

"That's good could I talk to Nick?"

"Sure." He handed the phone to Nick "Here ya go lover boy." AJ said patting him on the shoulder as Nick took the phone

"Hey again, sorry about him."

"It's ok. So when will you be back in town?"

"Not sure but I'll definitley let you know."

"You better."

"Oh I will trust me." he said smiling "Dee?"


"I know this is sudden but do you think we could give us a try?"


"Yeah us, I mean its going to be long distance for a while but we can make it work."

"Nick I don't know..."

"I know you've been through alot lately and you need someone you can trust, and I wanna be that someone that is if you'll let me."

"Can you give me some time? I don't want to rush into things, ya know?"

"I understand it's ok, it's going to take while before you can trust anybody again. I just really like you and your a great listener."

"Oh thanks."

"No problem hey listen I gotta go. I'll call you tomorrow?"

"Sure you do that, bye Nick."

"Bye Dee."

I sighed as I hung up the phone. I wasn't sure of what to do. I liked him but like I said before I don't want to get hurt again. Alexis seems to like him though, that should be a sign right? I loved my husband very much, even after what he did to me a part of me still loved him. I never dreamed we would get a divorce, ever. But everything happens for a reason, maybe it was a sign telling me we weren't meant to be.

Meanwhile, AJ was reassuring Nick that I would come around.

"Don't worry Nick, just give her time."

"Yeah, thanks J." Nick said looking up at his friend before looking back out the window

They stayed silent for a while before Nick spoke up while thinking about what I said 'give me time'.

"No woman has ever made me wait before."

Brian looked at Nick then at AJ who was sitting next to him. "What's going on AJ? Give who time?" Brian asked curiously wanting to know what was going on with his younger friend

"Nothing Rok, just talking to Nick about his new lady friend." AJ said looking at Brian

"Lady friend? You never told us of a lady friend."

"Yeah, well I just met her a few days ago and you never asked." Nick said looking at his best friend

"Oh ok. So whats the problem?"

"I asked her if we could give us a try and she told me she'd have to think about it."

"Uh huh...," Brian said shaking his head "Is it a problem for you?"

"Not really I like her and I'm willing to wait as long as she needs me to." Nick sighed "It's just, I don't know."

"No woman has ever made you wait, is that it?"

"Yeah but I'm not gonna rush her, shes been through alot."

"She has?"

"She just got out of a bad marriage two months ago. Her husband left her and their daughter for another woman." Nick slunk back in his seat arms crossed mumbling to himself "Bastard."

"He left her? But how did you two meet?" Brian asked

"Remember that little girl named Haylee?"


"That's her neice."

"Oh that girl."

"Yeah that's her."

Nick sat in silence the rest of the plane ride. He was waken up by Brian gently shaking him.

"Nick? Come on man." He said as Nick opened his eyes and looked at him "We're here."

Nick yawned and stretched as the plane landed. They all grabbed their carryons and made their way to the van that was waiting for them. Nick said goodnight to the guys before heading up to his suite. He turned the key and heard the door click, he opened the door and put his bags on the table by the window. He sat on the edge of the bed grabbing the phone. he dialed my number and waited till he got my machine.

"Hey Dee it's me Nick, just got to the hotel. Just wanted to let you know I got here ok and that I thought about what you said. I'm willing to wait as long as you need me to. Look I'm going to bed it was a long flight, I'll call you tomorrow. Night."

He hung up the phone falling back on the bed. Did he mean what he said? Yeah he did he cared about me more than he wanted to admit. He lay there a while longer, then got up closed the door and stripped down to his boxers. He climbed under the covers closing his eyes.