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Author's Chapter Notes:
20 reviews and counting, thanks to everyone who is reading this story. It really means alot that you told me what you think, I LOVE getting feedback. Well here's the next chapter, ENJOY! :D
Nick and I have talked on the phone almost everyday since then. I still wasn't sure about this long distance thing but Nick assured me that it was going to work out. That was easy for him to say he's done that before I haven't, this was going to take some getting used to.

Haylee's birthday was today and I was on my way over to her house for the party when my cell rang. I picked it up off of the seat next to me, I knew who it was right away.

"Hey." I said still keeping my eyes on the road and one hand on the steering wheel
"Right back at ya. How are you?"

"I'm doing good, Alexis is doing good too."

"That's good." He said laughing like he knew what I was going to say

"You know what today is right?"

"Of course I do it's Haylee's birthday right?"

"Yeah shes 11 today, you know she's been telling her friends that her aunt is dating a Backstreet Boy?"

"She has has she?"

"Yeah she has she's really excited about it, she really likes you ya know?"

"Yeah I could tell but I'm not her favorite remember?Brian is."

"Yeah..." I paused for a minute "Nick?"

"Yeah Dee?"

"Do you think, well if its not too much trouble if you guys could sing Happy Birthday to her on the phone? It would really make her day." I said pulling into the driveway parking the car

"Sure we could do that right guys?" I heard him ask the others

"Do what?" Brian asked

"Dee's on the phone and she wants to know if we could sing happy birthday to her neice."

"The cute little girl who gave me the nice poster?"

"Yeah that little girl, todays her birthday."

"Sure we can do that."

Nick brought his ear back to the phone "Yeah we can do that."

"Really? Aww you guys are just too sweet."

"Not as sweet as you." I blushed when he said that "Your too much." I said getting out of the car opening the passenger door grabbing Alexis's carseat out of the back

"Yeah but you love me." "Yes I do." I said making my way to the door

"Look, Nick? I'm going to let you go but don't go anywhere, I'll call you from my sisters phone so I can put you on speaker so you can sing to her ok?"

"Ok I'll be here." I hung up and opened the door

"Aunt Dee!" Haylee yelled as I walked in putting Alexis down closing the door

"Hey Haylee, Happy birthday." I said kneeling down to hug her

"Thanks." She broke the hug and held out her wrist "Mommy gave me a gift early, look."


"Not just any bracelets they're bracelets from Brians Heathly Heart Club."

I smiled as I took Alexis out of her carseat and made my way to the room where the kids were.

"Here is your gift, But I have something else for you too." I said handing it to her and stood up

"Really, what is it?" She asked eagerly

"Sit here I'll be back ok?"

"Ok." She said sitting in the chair I just got up from

I came back in with the phone and placed it on the table in front of her (It had a long cord. lol). I dialed a number and it started ringing

"Someone wants to say Happy Birthday."


"Hey baby, Haylee's here isn't there something you want to tell her?"

"Yeah hold up." I heard him put the phone down and then I heard singing

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Haylee, Happy Birthday to you..."

Haylee just looked at me and smiled, she wasn't expecting that.

Nick came back to the phone "Happy Birthday girl."

"Thank you Nick." Haylee said as her friends all stared at her

"I gotta go baby, love you."

"Love you too."

"Bye Bye."

"Bye." I hung up the phone and Haylee jumped off the chair and hugged me

"Thank you Aunt Dee, that was the best gift ever!"

"Your welcome anything for my favorite neice." I said as I hugged her with my free arm

Haylee turned to her friends and said "I told you she was dating Nick."


The party was over about an hour and a half later, all Haylee's friends were gone and I was holding Alexis as I helped her mother clean up.

"Did you like all your gifts?"

"Yeah Mommy, thanks." Haylee said looking up at her mother

"Anytime sweetie."

"That was really sweet of Nick and the guys to sing to her." Haylee's Mother said looking at me as she put some plates in the trash

"Yeah I asked him if he would and he said yeah."

"So how are things with you two?"

"Things are good, for now."

"For now?"

"Yeah...but I really hate this long distance thing, but thats the price you pray for dating a popstar I guess." I shrugged as Autumn laughed. "I can't wait till he comes home, we'll finally get to spend some time together."

"Yeah just you and Nicky..." She teased clearing the last of the plates from the table

"You want me to stay and help you clean the rest of this up?"

"No, you go." She gave me a nudge towards the living room "Lover boy might call ya."

"Alright, your sure?"

"Yeah yeah I'm sure, go." She said as Haylee got up and hugged me goodbye

"Bye Hay-Hay Happy Birthday." I said returning her hug

"Thanks Aunt Dee."

I put Alexis in her carseat and made my way out the door. I checked my cell phone before getting in the car. I had a message from Nick he must have tried calling me when I had my phone off.

"Hey Dee, how are you honey? Listen...call me when you get this I have some news for you. Love you."

I closed my phone and smiled as I got in the car. I drove off and made my way to the main road. I turned on the radio, going through the stations till I came to a song I recognized. It was a BSB song, one that Haylee would listen to many times on end. I smiled when I heard Nick's voice, he really had a beautiful voice. I hummed the song in my head as I drove, I didn't really know the words but the beat was easy to learn.