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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another chapter for all my lovely readers. :)
I called Nick when I got home. He said he had news, good or bad I didn't know. Hopefully it was good news. I got home a little after eight, after giving Alexis her bath and putting her to bed I made my way back downstairs to wait for Nick to call. When I called him earlier he was a little busy so he told me that he'd call me back. The phone rang as I walked in the living room, and sure enough it was Nick.

"Hey." I said sitting on the couch getting comfortable

"Hey yourself, sorry about earlier."

"Thats ok, this time..." I teased and I heard him laugh

"Ok then about my news." I heard him shuffling the phone on the other end.

"Where are you?"

"In my hotel room." He said as I heard the door close

"Is it nice?"

"Yeah it's nice but my house is way better though."

"Yeah? And where is that?"


"Sounds nice."

"It is it's near the ocean. Its beautiful and so peaceful, maybe you and Alexis could come down sometime, Haylee even."

"She'd love you forever."

"Yeah but..."

"Your not her favorite I know. Nick...your getting off the subject here."

"Oh yeah sorry my news."

"Good or bad?"

"I'd say it's good, really good. Ok, do you remember me telling you about our managment wanting to add more dates to our tour?"

More dates? This definitely wasen't gonna be good. "Yeah what about it?"

"Well...we all sat down and talked to them about it."


"And we decided that it really wasn't necessary cause there's always another tour. And we do have lives too."

"So that means your coming home?"

"Yup. I'm coming home baby."

"That's great Nick, can't wait to see you." I said sitting back on the couch twirling the phone cord around my finger smiling

I was expecting him to say that they added a TON of dates, but they didn't thank god for that.

"Me too can't wait to see you. Oh and one more thing..."

"Yes Nick?" I asked smiling still twirling the phone cord

"I was wondering, that is if you want, if you and Alexis would come down to my house in Tampa and spend a few days with me."

"Really? That would be nice, it's been a long time since I've actually gotten away since..."

"The divorce?"

"Yeah...the divorce..." I stayed silent for a couple of minutes

"Dee? Sweetie you there?"

"Yeah I'm here sorry, was thinking."

"Oh...I see."

"You know what?" I said sitting up "That sounds like a great idea I need to get out. When do you come home?"

"In a week, thats still too long though, cause I really wanna see you."

"You will in a week." I heard Alexis on the baby monitor crying.

"What was that?"

"Nothing its just Alexis she woke up, look I'm going to have to let you go. Call me tomorrow ok?"

"You know I will."

"Love you Nick."

"Love you more."

I smiled when he said that he was too much sometimes. "Night Nick."

"Night Dee." I hung up the phone and headed upstairs to put Alexis back to sleep.

I walked into Alexis's room to see her standing in her crib crying her little heart out. I walked into the room and picked her up out of the crib.

"What's the matter?" I craddled her as I spoke "Did something scare you?" I asked grabbing her pacifier from the nightstand putting in her mouth.

"Shhh, there there..." I said patting her bottom "Mommy's here."

I stood for a while rocking her back and forth but she didn't seem to want to go to sleep.

"Do you miss Nick? Mommy misses him too." I said sitting in the rocking chair "He's coming home soon, you'd like that wouldn't you?" I started rocking back and forth patting her bottom as I rocked. "You just wanted to be held thats all..." She looked up at me as I rocked. I started humming 'Hush Little Baby' it worked for Haylee when she was a baby, I figured it might work for her too.

And I was right she fell asleep soon afterwards, I sat there rocking a little longer until I was sure she was asleep. I got up from the rocking chair slowly not waking her, put her in her crib and lay a soft kiss on her forehead.

She was my little angel and she was all I had in this world. I looked at her one more time before closing the door. I made my way down to my room, I went in and closed the door behind me. I got into my PJ's and climbed in bed once again thinking of Nick and how things were gonna go once he was home.