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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yet another chapter, hope you all enjoy this one. Please R&R!
Those 7 days flew by so fast and before I knew it I was headed to the airport to meet up with Nick and the guys. Autumn got me to the airport in record time, I there just as their plane landed. I stood by the gate holding Alexis.

Nick wanted me to bring her. He had called me the day before they left and asked me if I would meet him at the airport. I said yes of course. Fans were there too, quite a few of them. I expected that because the last time Nick and I had been together the fans were there waiting for him.

"Look Alexis." I said pointing to the gate "You'll see Nick soon."

She looked at me and smiled big, I knew she remembered him, who could forget someone like Nick?

"You remember Nick don't you?" I asked bouncing her on my side causing her to giggle

The guys got off the plane as I was doing that, I didn't know it was them till I heard the fans screaming. I looked up as Nick got off, there he was. I smiled as I watched him sign autographs and pose for pictures, they really loved their fans.

Nick looked over the crowd and spotted me. It's been months since the last time I had seen him. Nick finished signing atuographs and made his way to me, as his bodyguard noticing where he was going held the fans back. As Nick got closer the more nervous I got, what was I going to say to him? I've only talked to him on the phone and now here he was walking towards me with a big grin on his face. I hadn't realized how much I missed him.

"Hey beautiful." He said dropping his carryon embracing me in a tight hug "I missed you,." He whispered

"Hey youself." I said smiling as he pulled away

Alexis was looking at him like she knew him, but maybe didn't. Nick leant down so he could see her.

"Alexis..." He said as she buried her face in my shirt "Remember me?"

"Oh now your shy." I said trying to get her to look at Nick

"Look, who is that?" I asked pointing at Nick as she pulled her face away from my shirt to look at him. She made a baby noise pointing at Nick. "Who is that? Is that Nick?"

She smiled again as Nick held out his arms, she held out her arms as Nick took her from me.

"Hey you." He said as she put her hand on his face. He laughed as he grabbed her hand pretending to bite it as she giggled. "You do remember me." He tickled her making her giggle more.

"How was your flight?"

"It was good but like I said before I hate flying."

"You want to go to the hotel with me and guys? We have some catching up to do." He said still playing with Alexis

"I'd love too, and I'd love to meet the rest of the guys."

"Did you drive here?"

"No my sister drove me, I don't drive."

"Did you want to ride with me then?"


"Wait here." He said giving Alexis back to me "Let me go tell Steve whats going on ok?"

"Steve? Who's Steve?"

"My bodyguard." He said pointing to the big man trying to keep the fans at bay

"Ok, I'll be here."

Nick walked over to him as the fans screamed louder. He whispered to Steve as he nodded and smiled at me. Nick walked back over to me, telling me it was ok. The guys got on their own buses and Steve escorted me to Nick's bus so I wouldn't get attacked by angry fans.

"It's good to see you again...Dee is it?" He asked looking back at me

"Yeah, its good to see you too." I said as we got to Nick's bus

"Here we are." He said knocking on the bus door as Nick opened it, he smiled as he held out his hand helping me on.

We arrived at the hotel about an hour later. They parked the buses around back so noone would see them and so I could get off without getting hurt.

"I'll meet you up there, you know your way up right?"

"Yeah I do Steve gave me the room number."

"Ok see ya soon." Nick said getting off the bus

I made my way into the hotel and to the elevator with Alexis. The elevator dinged letting me know this was my floor. I got off and walked to Nick's hotel room.

"Go on in Nick is waiting for you." Steve said stepping aside so I could go in

"Thanks." I opened the door and went in

"Can we help you?" I heard someone say from behind me

I turned around and was met by four pairs of eyes staring at me.

"I'm here to see Nick."

As soon as I said that Nick came out of the bathroom and saw me. He walked to me resting his hands on my shoulders.

"Introductions...ok thats AJ, and thats Brian, Kevin, and Howie." He said pointing each one out "Guys?"

They all stopped talking and looked at him.

"This is Dee and this little cutie is her daughter Alexis."

"Dee? The one your always talking about?" AJ asked

"Yeah, the only one."

"It's nice to finally meet you." Brian said shaking my hand

"Same here, Brian right?"

"Yup thats me, and this must be Alexis." He said letting go of my hand to look at her "You were right Nick she is cute." He said looking up at Nick then back at Alexis

"May I?"

"Sure. That is if she'll go to you." I said waiting to see if she would

"I don't bite." He said playfully as she looked at me, then at Nick, then back at Brian

"See I'm friendly. I remember when Baylee was this little." Brian said walking around the room with her

After Brian took Alexis I felt arms go around my waist, I tilted my head to see Nick with his chin resting on my shoulder. I placed my hands over his leaning into him.

'This is nice' I thought to myself.
It's been a while since anyone has held me like this.

"How's Haylee?" Brian spoke up breaking the silence

"She's fine, thanks again for singing to her it really made her day."

"Anything for a fan."

"Hello I'm Howie, but you can call me D."

"Ok D."

"Kevin." He said shaking my hand

"Nice to meet you."

"I was beginning to think Nick had made you up." Kevin said

"Nope I'm real." I said as I felt Nick's hold on me go tighter

"Yeah, she's real alright." Nick said from behind me

"The names AJ."

"Your the one I talked to on the phone, right?"

"Yup thats me babe."

I giggled. These guys I could learn to like very quickly.