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While Aaron was waiting for Nick to open the door he already suspected the worst. It took Nick way too long to open up.

When his older brother finally stood in front of him he could see that he was more than right with how he expected Nick to look like.

He was definetely not looking like someone who was about to marry in an hour. He was wearing a long, dirty looking, shirt and shorts that were even dirtier. His hair was a mess and there was a strong smell of alcohol in the air.

„Hey bro. Nice to see you.“ Nick grinned.

Aaron shook his head. „Why didn't I expect it to be different. We have to go now. Your wedding!“ he said, not showing a reaction to what Nick had said before.

Nick began to laugh. Not a real laugh at all. It sounded more like he was laughing only to avert crying. „My wedding? I don't want to marry.“ he responded.

Aaron sighed. It seemed to be harder than expected. He has to convince Nick to come with him and he has to get him sober and in some clean clothers. He really didn't even want to think about Angel's reaction when he returned without Nick.

Angel did her best to get everything ready for the marriage within one week. The papers for Joanna, the application for the green card and the wedding date. The only thing that was left for him was to get Nick there.

Aaron pulled Nick inside the house.

„Hey, what the hell are you doing?“ He started to stumble.

„You'll find out in a minute.“ Aaron mumbled, pushing Nick further.

It took him some effort to get him to the bathroom where he turned on the shower and pushed Nick's head under the cold water.

„Ahhhhhh, are you crazy?“ Nick yelled.

Instead of turning the water off, Aaron pushed him further into the shower. „No, I think that you are the one that is crazy. We are talking about saving the life of a very nice and beautiful young woman. I feel so sorry that it has to be you that should save her. Nick, open your eyes. She really needs you. And Angel counts on you!“

After a few minutes Aaron took Nick out of the shower. It seemed like the cold water had make his mind clearer and he didn't fight against Aaron any longer who took him into his bedroom, taking a jeans and a white shirt out of his wardrobe.

„Get this on.“ he shortly insctructed.

Nick started to protest but when he saw the serious expression of his brother, he kept silence. He started to ask himself what was so special about Joanna that they all wanted to help her so bad. He took the clothes and quickly put them on.

„Okay now?“

„Almost. Your hair need to be done.“

Nick went through his hair with this hands, straightend them and gave Aaron a questionend look.

Aaron nodded. „Don't blow this up, Nick. Please do me just this favour and don't blow this up.“ he said in a small was, completely aware that Nick could unterstand him.

Ten minutes later Nick and Aaron arrived at the registrar's office where the marriage was to be held.

Angel and Joanna were already inside. The moment that they went in, was the moment that Joanna's dream clompletely was fading away.

It was a small, uniform office and all that she and Nick had to do was to say yes and sign the documents to get married.

She sat down to one of the chairs while Angel was looking at the clock again. She really couldn't imagine that he dare to not come.

When Nick and Aaron finally entered the room, Aaron gave Joanna a friendy smile. Her sister did a good job and he thought that Joanna looked really beautiful.

Nick did not even looked at her. All he was doing was staring to the floor, sat down on the other chair and mumbled: „We can start with it now.“