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Author's Chapter Notes:
Let's see how Nick is going to react!
Angel shook her head and gave her brother an angry look. She was really into her idea so she did not want to hear that it would'n work.

"No, Nick would never do that."

Aaron raised his eyebrows. "How do you know that? Nick loves to do what he wants to do. I think, the last thing that he needs in his life is to marry a woman." he continued to tell his sister that the idea wouldn't work.

"Nick has a heart and because of that he would want to help Joanna too."

"Oh my god, Angel, wake up! When have you seen Nick the last time? He never showed his heart. That is if he has one. He didn't get to manage his own life. What makes you think that he would get to manage a life with Joanna in it?"

"I'm going to ask him. He wouldn't have a choice after he saw Joanna once. Actually the two of them would make a nice couple."

Angel began to like the idea to find the perfect woman for her older brother.

"Says whow? She is still very young and I seriously doubt that she and Nick would make a nice couple." Aaron stayed at his opinion.

"So, could you marry her? No! Do you know someone else who could do that? No! I'm going to visiti Nick now. Stay here and take care of Joanna when she wakes up. Call me if you need me."

Aaron couldn't believe that Angel was so resolved to do that. He had a very bad feeling about the the whole thing because he could alredy see Nick's reaction infront of his eyes. It just seemed like Angel had to try it on her own to see that it could never work.

30 Minutes later Angel arrived at Nick's house. She still couldn't believe what Aaron said earlier. She really trusted Nick and kept her faith in him that he would help her.

It toolk a long time till Nick opened the door. Angel's very first reaction was to make a few steps back. Nick looked like he hadn't sleep for days. He wore a casual shorts and a shirt which seemed to be sweaty and dirty. The smell of alcohol took Angel's breath off for a few seconds. Nevertheless a small grin formed on Nick's lips as he regognised Angel standing in front of him.

"Hey sis, very nice of you to visit me."

Angel swallowed hard but gave Nick a short hug. "Hey Nick. I have to talk to you.

„Come in.“ Nick mumbled and pulled his sister with him.
His living-room was a complete mess. It looked like a bomb just dropped into it. Empty dishes, empty pizza boxes, bottles, glases were placed everywhere in the room. It seemed that Nick didn't care about that at all and let himselp drop down to the couch with a bottle of beer in his hands. „So what's the matter?“

For a short moment Angel thought about admitting to herself that probably Aaron was right looking at his older brother and the chaos in the room. It was just that she stilll refused to believe it.

„Nick, if I told you that a friend of mine needed your help, you would help her, right?“ she carefully started to ask him.

Nick had to grin immediatelly. „I'd say it depends. I could help them change their clothes.“

Angel hit his arm. „Damn, Nick, it was a serious question.“

„Okay okay, I just couln't help but try. You could introduce me to some of your modelling friends anyway.“ he laughed, taking a gulp of his beer.

„It is something very important to me. I have no idea who I could ask instead. If you said no she could not stay in the country. Would you marry her?“

Nick stared at Angel, graped his bear again and emptied the whole bottle just to fetch a new one. „Have you been drinking?“ he asked.

Angel grasped. „No, not to talk about you, obviously. Nick, believe me, you would understand it if you saw her.“

He shook his head in disbelief. „I don't care a pap for it. I only want to have fun. If it helped you... I could show her how it feels if I took her real hard. You could ask me about that one again.“

Jerkily Angel jumped off the couch, took the bottle from his hands and poured the beer over his head. „How could you be so cold? You disgust me! You know what your problem is? That no one would ever marry you the way that you are. That no one could love you.“ she screamed at him, being in a rage.

Usually his sister's word would have hit Nick hard but it was like the alcohol was his protection that nothing could really touch him. He just shrugged his shoulders and told her to get lost without any emotion.

„I can't believe that I used to think that you wanted to set a good example for us.“ she mumbled, not even trying to hide that she was disappointed about his behaviour. She turned away from him, did not say another word and left his house.

Nick looked after her for a short moment but shrugged his shoulders and got up to grasp another beer regarding the fact that the other one was empty now that Angel had tipped over his head. He didn't even care about the fact that his shirt stunk of beer. He let himself fall back to the couch and openend the new bottle.

Whatever his sister was thinking now... it was nothing to care about.